What kind of person are you? Do you have your heart on your tongue and can you see what you’re thinking at all times? Can’t you hide your thoughts and feelings, but are you an open book for anyone who looks at you?

Or are you more the type of person who hides his innermost from the world? Someone to whom the description “hard shell and soft core” applies? Perhaps you are one of those personalities who don’t trust others and who prefers to keep what she feels to herself, where no one can see and judge it.

It is not easy to know how best to deal with your emotions. Maybe it’s your way to express them and act on them. But maybe it is your way and better for you if you make it out with yourself and don’t give anyone the chance to interfere.

Astrologers have now determined the six zodiac signs, which tend to close their innermost and hide their emotions from others. Find out today which group you belong to and whether you are one of the zodiac signs that appear hard and strong on the outside, but look completely different from the inside.


Not all people who hide their innermost being are disinterested in their environment or even imagined. On the contrary, many of them are extremely sensitive in reality. The ram is one of those signs of the zodiac that this negative description does not apply at all. He is very devoted to his friends and people who are close to him.

The ram needs other people as much as the kind of person who talks to everyone about their secrets and has no problem turning their innermost outward.

The only difference is that he prefers to use his energy on others rather than on himself. He has many feelings, but prefers to keep them to himself. The selfless way of ram is the real reason why he prefers to hide the topics that really concern him. Follow us here on Instagram.


When a lion enters the room, everything stops. It takes over the whole atmosphere and everyone freezes with awe and respect. From the outside it often looks cool and hard. He scares you when you face him.

Others admire him and consider him incredibly strong. And it is, only in a completely different way than expected: its strength lies in the fact that it does not address anyone with problems that burden it, but tries to deal with them alone.

He has a lot of strength in him and uses it to keep his suffering to himself. But should you have the chance to get to know a lion better because you have won his trust, you will notice that he is actually completely different: he is insanely turned when he realizes that you are really interested in him and not going to betray him. Follow us here on Instagram.


She is an ice-cold angel from the outside and often frightens the people around her. It acts like a robot on others – cold and heartless and, above all, low in emotion.

The people she meets prefer to keep her distance, because they never know what she really thinks. After all, she is an absolute career person and centers everything in her life on the goals that she wants to achieve. The virgin is incredibly successful.

This reinforces the assumption that it is a cold and calculating machine only more. But on the inside it looks very different: it even has a lot of impressions and feelings to process. She often feels overwhelmed by them, which is why she hides them.

She is afraid of being overwhelmed by her emotions and losing control. Therefore, she hides them from the outside world. Only the people who really know them and whom they trust receive a valuable insight into their secret inner self. Follow us here on Instagram.


The scorpion is very intense in what it does. He looks as if he has everything under control. When he turns to something, it is assumed that he is not concerned with anything else and is completely satisfied with what he is doing.

But he has a secret that he hides from all the world and hardly anyone knows what is really slumbering in him. As is the case with many people, he is also underestimated.

However, his inner being is deep and there is a lot going on in him. In truth, he is not showing his true self because he suspects that he will not be accepted. The scorpion wants to be accepted and loved.

He is very concerned about being rejected and marginalized. That’s why he prefers to put on a mask than to show his feelings. Very few and select people really get to know him. Follow us here on Instagram.


The Sagittarius is a zodiac sign that often seals itself off and acts as if it is not interested in the things that happen around it. In fact, he distinguishes himself from many people, because he sometimes needs it and is simply a person who likes to remain alone.

But he is not completely indifferent to everything. On the contrary: he too has areas in his life that are extremely important to him and people that he would never let go of.

He is always there for your business and your problems and concerns affect him too. He can be really compassionate and his real friends and family know how warm he is.

But they too have to put up with the fact that he is busy with himself from time to time. His sensitive inner being, however, cannot be denied, even if he does not always show it to everyone. Follow us here on Instagram.


People with the star fish are sensitive and sensitive beings. But that doesn’t mean that they always show it to the outside. In fact, they often show exactly the opposite: from the outside, they look hard and not very sensitive.

They protect their sensitive interior from the world. They carry a lot of injuries from earlier times and feel a lot of pain through the emotions that keep coming up in them.

This causes them to wear out because, on the one hand, they are unable to cope with the whole burden and, on the other hand, they are very concerned about getting cruel people who poison their lives again and hurt them again.

Too bad, because the fish stay alone and their attitude that the world is bad will not change. Your only chance is to meet a trustworthy person who gives them time and understanding and shows them that they and their emotions are okay. Follow us here on Instagram.

All these six signs of the zodiac have one thing in common: They close their true thoughts and feelings from the world because they do not trust them and the people in them. They have often been injured and experienced bad things. Sometimes their own requirements stand in the way.

They are often overwhelmed with the amount of feelings that come over them. The mask they put on every day shields them from others and if they don’t allow it, no one will ever know what is really going on in the deep world inside.

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