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Everybody likes tasty food. Each of us has our own preferences: spicy or spicy, meat or fish, chicken or seafood, simple dishes or complex ones. Some people like to eat exclusively in restaurants, while others do not imagine lunch without my mother’s pickle.

Find out what addictions in food are different zodiac signs.


Aries loves to travel and readily tastes the national cuisine. He willingly eats exotic dishes that he had previously tried during trips abroad.
Aries loves Italian cuisine: pasta, generously sprinkled with parmesan cheese, risotto, bruschetta and a glass of red wine. Having swallowed it, Aries loses its stubbornness and becomes a meek lamb.


Taurus loves traditional dishes, the taste of which was once recognized at home. The top lines in the list of his favorite dishes are taken by young potatoes with dill, a slice of still warm bread spread with real butter, cottage cheese and buckwheat porridge from the oven. Adherence to traditions does not mean that Taurus will not try something new.
They are sure to try, but only to satisfy curiosity and return to their usual food. As a rule, exotic food is not included in the Taurus menu for a long time.


The twins love fish dishes, seafood in any form, as well as dumplings and pasta. Addiction to these products is due to the fact that there are countless options for their preparation, and for people who are prone to change, this is of great importance. The twins β€œfall” on ice cream, and their favorite dessert is cheesecake.


Cancer’s favorite dishes are those whose taste he remembers from childhood. It can be a borsch (such as his mother cooked), or a stuffed fish (aunt’s specialty), or buns (just like a granny used to bake). Cancer is attached to dishes as well as to people, and, as a rule, is generally true to its habits. He is devoted to what he loves, and such food never bothers him.

a lion

People of this zodiac sign love to eat a lot and tasty, preferring well cooked meat to all dishes. All kinds of patties, chops, steaks the size of a plate – this is the element of Leo. They are not thrilled with vegetable salads or snacks, and they will eat fish, unless they can find anything else within reach. Of course, business is not complete without dessert, because sweets are another lion’s weakness.


People born under the sign of Virgo do not like change and are more likely to eat simple food and what is familiar to them. Virgins taste all tomato-based dishes: tomato soups, gravy, and they prefer tomato juice to any other. Virgos are rather indifferent to sweets and other sweet delicacies, and if they eat something like that, then, rather, dark chocolate.


Those born under this sign will not be able to pass by a pastry shop or bakery. For fresh pastries, an appetizing dessert or ice cream, they are ready to give their soul. The main criterion for them: to make it tasty. Therefore, both tender salad and well-cooked meat can be loved. Frequently, Libra likes mushroom dishes, especially if these mushrooms are picked by them personally.


Scorpio cuisine should be well seasoned, savory and spicy. In the matter of food, he is inclined to adhere to traditional views: he likes fried meat with a crisp crust, potatoes, thick borscht, Olivier and herring under a fur coat. On the Scorpion preference line you can also find good alcohol and expensive chocolate


Streltsov’s favorite dishes have a bright taste, and the most popular seasonings are ketchup and mustard. They are delighted to try new dishes in foreign travel, but most of all they love Italian, Hungarian cuisine, they will never give up pizza, goulash with potatoes and risotto with white mushrooms. Among the Sagittarius can often be found completely indifferent to sweets. Favorite snacks for them may not exist, but if something came to your taste, then this is love for life.


A person born under the sign of Capricorn appreciates good cuisine, is attached to tastes and is usually faithful to dishes that he once loved. However, Capricorn will never give up culinary experiences and with pleasure tries exotic novelties. When curiosity is satisfied, Capricorns return to what they already know well. However, they do not like to eat even the most favorite dish too often – diversity is required.


Curious Aquarius care about dishes that they have never tried before. The more rare or surprising a delicacy is, the longer Aquarius will savor it and, finally, ask for a recipe to create something similar at home. Aquarians like to talk at a table filled with various dishes, to which, however, they may not pay attention at all.


Fish are not too picky and picky about food. They are happy to eat even not so exquisite dish, like bread with bacon and garlic. But never for anything Pisces will not be able to refuse sweets, trying more and more new products. They are able to absorb desserts, ice cream and sweets in any quantities, sometimes forgetting about common sense.

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