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ARIES (21.03. – 20.04.)

WIFE:  It is easy to fall in love, but they quickly cool down. However, if you really love, then it’s for life. Ambitious, moving their husbands to success. In dealing with them, tact is necessary, they tend to be offended by rudeness and inattention to themselves.

 HUSBAND : Gain wisdom only in adulthood, after 30 years, while attractive and sociable. Meanwhile, they raise their wives on a pedestal, rarely criticize them. However, they often lack hardness, although they cannot be called henpecked, just slightly inconsistent and impulsive in actions and words.

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TAURUS (21.04. – 21.05.)

WIFE:  Advertising. They have a light character, but at the same time, very practical. Can offer her husband as a good housewife, care, home comfort, but also in return require material and moral satisfaction. To divorce them is very difficult, as a matter of fact, to quarrel if they don’t want it (in a very rare case) and deliberately do not provoke their husbands. The institution of marriage is very important for them as a status, therefore they are not divorced.

HUSBAND:  Marriage is more important to them than just success in love. Good husbands: reliable, faithful, true owners in their own home. At the same time, they are laconic and suspicious, which, however, with the right approach, wives are easily removable. Slightly tedious, but thorough in everything.

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TWINS (May 22 – June 21)

WIFE:  Feminine, inventive, beauty and love come first, and only in the second house. Good mothers. For the sake of the children can extinguish their emotions. Demanding on the material component of their marriage. May give the impression of frivolous, but it is not. It is easy and with pleasure to receive guests and friends, very hospitable hostesses.

HUSBAND:  Their motto: “Love is a game.” Developed intelligence and impressionability. They love to flirt, and in general, go to the side, but physical betrayal means nothing to them, – a change of impressions, nothing more, but spiritually always very attached to their wives. Do not tolerate cavils, controls, and any restrictions on their freedom.

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CANCER (June 22 – July 22.)

WIFE:  Perfect, faithful wives and mothers. More often love more children than husband. Excellent housewives, passionate lovers, but very jealous and proprietress. They cook superbly, their home is always filled with comfort and the smell of delicious food. Charming and intelligent companion with guests and colleagues husband. In short, the face will never hit the dirt. Economical hostess.

HUSBAND:  For them, life has no meaning without love. Fully devoted to passion and feelings. A changeable mood (from coldness to “explosion”) can spread to both wives and children. But more often these are domestic and exemplary husbands. Favorite wives always inspire them to work actively and high earnings, which are always brought to the family. Very dedicated, but can be overly economical.

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LION (July 23 – August 23)

WIFE:  Very attractive and passionate. Good housewives and cooks, responsible, but require constant attention. Increased demand for its material content. If the relationship with her husband does not add up, they can fully devote themselves to caring for children. Great in companies and talented educators not only their children, but also their husbands.

HUSBAND:  Romantic, but craving adoration from the wife. Generous, love to make gifts. They can trade home coziness for the sake of society, which they often do, but homeopathy is not peculiar to them. Generous, but very jealous. Often sentimental. Always adore their children, even if there is no harmonious relationship with my wife.

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VIRGO (Aug 24 – Sep 23)

WIFE:  Analytics prevail over emotions. Excessive care about their health and cleanliness of the home. Very attentive to their husbands and children, caring and economical mistress. Rational in everything, so my husband may get the impression that his wife treats him coolly, but this is not so, just a devotion of cynicism is characteristic of Virgos.

HUSBAND:  Advertising Dual and contradictory natures: coldness combined with sentimentality. Very afraid of criticism. Optimists often idolize their wives. If they meet a complete understanding of their nature, they are given to the family without a trace. Always economic and caring, the entire salary – in the house. Very fond of children. Often tinker with them.

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SCALES (24.09. – 23.10.)

WIFE:  Sentimental, feminine and in love when they are exalted. If this does not happen, depression may develop. Jealous, can often put in the first place home comfort and only the second love. They always dream of a rich husband, and they will never marry an unpromising subject in this respect.

HUSBAND:  Probably the most faithful husbands. They are happy when their feelings are valued, but at the same time they make too high demands on family life, as well as on life in general. From time to time they need to be given rest and attention. Very ambitious, sometimes to vanity.

SCORPIO (24.10. – 22.11.)

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WIFE:  Dynamic, they are contraindicated monotony of life and a smooth flow through it. Passionate, sensual, do not forgive adultery. Children are considered as the continuation of love. Very devoted to both children and husband, provided that he does not change. They can monitor the cleanliness of the house, but they are unlikely to indulge in culinary delights.

HUSBAND: A  sign that has become a symbol of sexuality. Powerful Love given overwhelmingly. When an unhappy marriage is cruel. Owners and jealous. However, they can exchange all the pleasures of life for a family, are willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the wife and children. They are very attached to children almost always, and almost always provide a family with material well.

SAGITTARIUS (23.11. – 21.12.)

WIFE:  Less than other signs to romance. For husbands, first of all, they are good friends and comrades. Hospitable hostess. From her husband also require the provision of freedom. Appreciate home comfort. Do not tolerate jealousy in any manifestations.

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HUSBAND:  Good-natured and sociable. In love, sincere, but the family hearth for them is often not in the first place (as opposed to work). Require the wives to provide freedom and the separation of its interests. Great fathers. Often take children with them to rest, especially if they are engaged in active recreation.

CAPRICORN (22.12 – 20.01.)

WIFE:  Strive to have powerful and practical husbands. But at the same time, very faithful wives. Critics do not stand, they themselves criticize. Often, home comfort is considered as the main proof of love. Somewhat aggressive to pets.

HUSBAND:  Very practical, can not stand loneliness. Reliable, strive for leadership in the house. They are laconic, they express their feelings through actions, not words. Often share their love between wife and children, everyone gets a little. In the family, they seek leadership, especially if they are not at work. They can cook well, especially if circumstances compel it.

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AQUARIUSS (21.01. – 19.02.)

WIFE:  High inquiries to his chosen one, a great need for stability. Loving mothers and housewives appreciate good food. Great attention to the spiritual component. Lack of suspicion, but big claims to the material side of life. If the husband earns a little, they will not feel very happy with him. Paradise in a hut is not for them. 

HUSBAND:  Often turn out to be idealists. In love, faithful and constant. Easy to compromise, not jealous. A wife is often required to have similar interests with hers. But love for them is not the only outlet, but only a component of their life, due to the diversity of their interests.

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FISH (20.02. – 20.03.)

WIFE:  The main advantage is the ability to fully surrender to love and understand the husband. True and loyal. Often flattering. Home and children for them are no less important than passionate love. And yet, for them above all peace and happiness of her husband and children. As a rule, they cook well and love to eat.

HUSBAND:  Passionate, great demands on physical and spiritual love. Often indecisive. Generous, idolize their wives. They never command wives, but rather see them as a support in life. Without rich sex, harmony in family relationships is often impossible. Everything else for these husbands is secondary, although who does not like comfort and delicious dinner.

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