We all have our secrets. Some of us might like to claim that we’re an open book, but the truth is, everyone is hiding something! This doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily a shady person, because honestly, every single person has a few secrets that they would rather not reveal to the world. Maybe you have a lot of insecurities when it comes to relationships. Maybe you had a really wild past and you only trust a few people with those stories today. Maybe you’re had some major screw ups before and you feel like the best way to move on from them is to simply leave them in the past and never tell anyone. You don’t have to tell everything about yourself to everyone!

So, what kind of secrets are the people in your life keeping? Sometimes we forget that we’re not the only ones who hold on to our secrets—you may think that you know someone very well, but chances are they’re hiding something, too! How can you figure out what someone might be keeping from you? Look no further than their zodiac sign—the stars tell all! Here is your deepest, darkest secret, based on your sign.

24Aries Girl: You Cheat to Get What You Want

Aries girls are not always honest about their motives or their methods. The girl who used to cheat off your tests in sophomore year biology and then tell everyone that she was a straight A student? Yup, there’s a good chance that she was an Aries. The girl who promises to pay you back and then waits until the last possible minute, making excuses even though you know she has the money? Hmmm, well, there’s a pretty strong chance that she’s an Aries as well. Aries girls like to get what they want, and they are extremely stubborn about it. If they feel that there is an obstacle in their way, they will do anything they can to get around it, even if that means cheating.

23Aries Guy: You Cut People Off With No Explanation

Aries guys simply live life on their own terms. Honestly, these guys often have trouble forming deep friendships and relationships because they struggle to connect with others. Why is this? Well, they simply hate the idea of compromising. They don’t want to lower their standards for anyone, and they do not want to meet anyone in the middle. Nope, with an Aries guy, it’s his way or the highway, so if you’re not coming along with him, why are you still hanging around? Aries guys are not upfront about this quality, but they will drop people with no explanation. The minute someone shows signs that they will disagree with an Aries guy, he will slowly start cutting them out of his life, and he will not tell them why.

22Taurus Girl: You’re A Hoarder

Taurus girls look like they have it all together. And in many ways, they do, but let’s be honest here—no sign is perfect, and Taurus is not an exception! This means that Taurus girls still have their secrets, even if they are not open about them. So, what do Taurus girls really have to hide? All of the useless things they hold on to! You might assume that since Taurus girls tend to be mindful and spiritual, they would not hold on to useless possessions. But the truth is that Taurus girls can often be hoarders. They feel a lot of pressure to be perfect—just like any other earth sign—and their anxiety often leads them to hoard sentimental objects or even objects they don’t really need.

21Taurus Guy: You Would Almost Always Prefer To Be Alone

Taurus guys often have a few close friends, but for the most part, they are not a very social sign. In fact, Taurus guys are genuinely much happier by themselves, and any time they are in a social situation, they are usually faking their happiness. Taurus guys would truly love it if they could just spend 99{33a457c6865cc334f55c5749a1dfc96f7e4e401181b8d729f7e15dc6e74d29cf} of their time alone. Sure, they enjoy spending some time with their family and two to three good friends, but other than that, they’re really uninterested in hanging out with anyone else or meeting new people. That’s just not who they are. Their hearts aren’t in it. So if you can’t figure out why that Taurus guy won’t text you back, he’s probably not that into you—or anyone else!

20Gemini Girl: You Use Men For Their Money

Now, we all know that Gemini girls are huge flirts who always have several boys on the backburner! Even if they are talking to one guy, they will probably have a few others who are interested if they get dropped. But what’s the real dark side of this? Gemini girls like to look cultured, independent, and self sufficient, but truthfully, many Gemini girls use men for their money! If you have any female Gemini friends, this “secret” may not even come as a shock to you. Gemini girls have no shame in using men for their money, and they think that if a guy wants to spend money on them, pretending to be interested in him just to get some cash and gifts really isn’t a big deal.

19Gemini Guy: You Have Never Been Loyal In A Relationship

Gemini guys are possible the worst boyfriends in the zodiac—sorry, boys, but we’re just here to expose the truth! Girls, take this as a warning—we’re sounding the alarm. In fact, here’s the secret that most Gemini guys are hiding: many of them cheat in every single relationship they get into. Yup, that’s right, every single one. No matter how many times he insists that he loves you and only you, don’t fall for it, because he is probably saying that to several other girls on the side. You’re never the only one, so don’t get tricked and end up with a broken heart! But if he does cheat on you, don’t feel too bad, because you’re never alone. Gemini guys will do this over and over again.

18Cancer Girl: You Can’t Stand Most Of The People Who Come To You For Help

Cancer, you are known for being a very sweet and compassionate sign—so how one earth could you be hiding a major secret? What in the world could we be referring to here? Well, since everyone knows that you’re a total sweetheart, many people come to you seeking help and advice. In fact, your friends think of you as the first person they call when they are sad or in trouble. You’re basically a therapy hotline for some people. Many people think you’re happy with this, but the truth is, most of the people who come to you for help are simply using you, and you know it. And guess what? You’re sick of it and you can’t stand it. But you know that admitting this would ruin their good impression of you, so you keep quiet.

17Cancer Guy: You Keep All Of Your Anger Inside

Cancer guys, it should come as no surprise that your secret is actually quite similar to Cancer girls. People always think of you as kind and easygoing, but deep down, you actually harbor a lot of anger. You just don’t feel comfortable expressing it because you know that you would disappoint a lot of people if you revealed that you were not the person they always thought you were. So you just bottle it all up and shove it down inside, hoping that it won’t bubble up and explode at the wrong moment. But this is not a healthy way to live. You are much better off telling people how you feel than trying to keep your emotions as a secret. Otherwise, you’ll face serious consequences.

16Leo Girl: Money Is Your Main Motivation In Life

Leo girls, you work extremely hard, and you make sure that everyone knows it! You have never been a slacker—even back in elementary school, you were probably the first one to finish your tests and turn in your homework, with all of the correct answers, of course. You would never dream of putting in less than 100{33a457c6865cc334f55c5749a1dfc96f7e4e401181b8d729f7e15dc6e74d29cf} effort to everything you do. Many people think that you are simply a very goal oriented person, but the truth is that you are actually motivated by something else—money. Yup, that’s right, your main goal in life is to be wealthy above all else. You have big dreams, it’s true, but you only go after the goals that could land you with a lucrative career, and you don’t waste time with other objectives.

15Leo Guy: You Honestly Believe You’re Better Than Everyone

Leo guys, everyone knows that you’re super confident, but as we all know, there is a fine line between being confident and being cocky. You may think that you’re on the right side of it, but chances are, you’re probably not. In fact, every Leo guy is most likely on the wrong side. Sound harsh? Well, we’re here to expose your dark side, so we’re not holding back! Look, Leo guys, it’s time for you to just admit it—you really do think that you are better than almost anyone else. When you walk into a room, your first move is often to judge everyone else. You instantly try to figure out how you measure up to anyone you meet, and if you’re worried they’re more successful, you put them down in some way.

14Virgo Girl: You Had A Wild Past

Virgo girls, you know are known for being “good girls.” You get good grades, you study hard, you probably have a pretty good job, and you try to stay organized and on track in all areas of your life. So, do you really have any big secrets? We must be joking, right? Nope, Virgo, just like everyone else in the zodiac, you’re hiding something! In this case, it’s your wild past. When you grew up, you calmed down and left those days behind, and you really got your life together—but almost every Virgo girl has a wild past. You know that it does not fit your image nowadays, so you do your best to hide it. But at the end of the day, you can’t hide from yourself!

13Virgo Guy: You’re Not So Sweet Below The Surface

Virgo guys, you always seem very sweet and low maintenance on the surface. But how are you really feeling deep down inside? Sometimes the truth is not really so sweet! The truth is that Virgo guys are highly critical. Someone may think that you’re being a good friend to them, while deep down, you’re actually judging them very harshly and trying to figure out how to get them to leave you alone! Yup, you’re one of the harshest critics around. And frankly, you see this as an advantage over other people, so it’s not really a quality that you’re interested in changing. You feel that being critical helps you to hold yourself to a higher standard than others, so this is actually a trait that you see as positive.

12Libra Girl: You Only Want To Hang Out With Beautiful People

Libra girls, you may hate hearing that you can be superficial, but just like all other stereotypes, there is definitely a grain of truth to this. But some Libra girls take this far beyond a love of shopping and caring about their appearances a little too much. Honestly, some Libra women only want to hang out with beautiful people. They will seriously ditch people if they don’t think they are attractive enough. Yup, they’ll never admit it, but there’s a reason that you never see them with average-looking friends. They always want to improve their image, and they figure that hanging out with normal looking people will somehow cause others to judge them negatively. It is definitely a shallow mindset, so they try to keep it a secret.

11Libra Guy: You Are A Serial Manipulator

Libra guys, you know that you manipulate people. You do your best to keep it a secret, but you actually have no problem admitting it if you are called out on your behavior. Why? Well, the fact of the matter is that you’re not really ashamed of this trait. You are one of those signs who will do whatever it takes to get ahead in life, and you don’t really care if that means taking advantage of other people. You think that the ends justify the means, and that those who can’t keep up will just get left behind—so why not do everything in your power to secure your status? That’s how you see the world. Still, you would prefer to keep that side of your personality hidden.

10Scorpio Girl: You Have A Long List Of Grudges

A Scorpio girl scorned does not forget easily. In fact, one might say that she NEVER forgets. A Scorpio girl will never let go of the grudges against the people who hurt her. She will honestly remember the way that she was treated forever. And yes, this means that Scorpio women carry around a lot of negativity and hurt feelings deep down inside. They have a very hard time letting go. Now, here’s the thing—if you hurt a Scorpio girl, she will probably pretend that she has forgiven you. But chances are this is not 100{33a457c6865cc334f55c5749a1dfc96f7e4e401181b8d729f7e15dc6e74d29cf} true. If you do something to annoy her again, she will bring up all of your old faults all over again, and you will be right back where you started.

9Scorpio Guy: You Are Always Faking A Smile

Many Scorpio guys are actually deeply unhappy. This is a sad side of life as a Scorpio. We live in a cruel world, and this sign is extremely emotional and sensitive, so they often have trouble finding their way. Now, add in the fact that men are told that they should not be emotional or admit when they’re feeling sad, and you have a recipe for disaster. Scorpio guys are often faking a smile. That’s their big secret—even when they seem happy on the surface, they are often very upset or angry on the inside. They find it very difficult to express themselves and be honest about how they are feeling, and they often have to pretend they are happier than they really are.

8Sagittarius Girl: You’ll Do Something Crazy Just For The Story

Sagittarius girls definitely live wild lifestyles. An outsider might assume that they partake in all of these crazy activities and make these strange choices because they genuinely want to. But sometimes, Sagittarius girls have a habit of doing crazy things just so they’ll have a good story to tell later—not because it’s what they really want in their hearts. They always want to be able to show off and be the most interesting person in the room. They like to impress people will of their stories and antics from over the years. But the truth is that they are not always doing these things because they want to. They often just do things so that they will get a funny story out of it that will shock people at parties.

7Sagittarius Guy: You Don’t Care Who You Hurt

Sagittarius guys move through life like a rolling stone—they do what they want and go where the wind takes them. If you happen to be going their way, great, if not, they won’t be waiting around for you—they’re just going to keep moving and see who else they meet. This type of lifestyle means that Sagittarius guys often do not care who they hurt by leaving them behind or cutting them off. Sure, they might act like a sincere friend or loving boyfriend at first, but if spending time with you is getting in the way of having adventures, moving somewhere new, or going out partying, they will probably just leave you in the past without feeling bad about it. They have a habit of disappointing their friends.

6Capricorn Girl: You Will Get Revenge On Anyone Who Crosses You

People often think that Capricorn girls are total goody two shoes. But this could not be further from the truth. Yes, Capricorn girls do tend to be more well behaved than other girls while young. But as they get older, Capricorn girls often reveal that they will stop at nothing to get what they want, and if you just so happen to get in their way, they will totally take you down. If you get the promotion at work that a Capricorn girl wanted, beware, because she’s probably now sitting in her cubicle plotting how she can get you fired before you can claim the title. If you get the guy she wanted, keep an eye on his phone, because she’ll be hitting him up before you know it.

5Capricorn Guy: You Lie, Cheat, And Steal

Capricorn guys, your dirty little secret—or should we say secrets?—is quite similar to Capricorn girls. The truth is that you guys aren’t big fans of the truth. You may look super successful on the outside, but in all honesty, you probably lied, cheated, and even stole to get where you are today. You value success so highly that you will anything to achieve your version of success, which typically involves lots of money and fancy job titles. You don’t care too much about playing by the rules or building real relationships when it comes to business. You would rather get down and dirty and do things your way, and if that means screwing everyone over and burning bridges with other people, then so be it.

4Aquarius Girl: You’ll Hook Up With Your Friend’s Boyfriends

Aquarius girls do not always approach relationships in the traditional way. They are more likely to be in an open relationship or “friends with benefits” situation than other signs, and they feel happiest this way. But this means that they have a dirty little secret when it comes to dating. Since Aquarius does not care too much about boundaries in their own relationships, they do not always respect other people’s boundaries. They treat everyone else’s relationships as if they are open, too! Well, that’s obviously not true. Aquarius girls will literally hook up with their friends’ boyfriends if they really want to—labels and commitment and loyalty doesn’t mean much to them if they are interested in a guy. They’ll just go for it and worry about consequences later.

3Aquarius Guy: You Constantly Lie To Women

Aquarius guys are masters of dishonesty. But they don’t treat their male friends this way, or even their female friends—nope, this treatment is reserved for women they are romantically involved with. If you tell an Aquarius guy that you love him, he will have no problem saying it back even if he doesn’t feel the same way, just because he wants someone to hook up with. If he’s texting his ex behind your back and you ask him to his face what’s going on, he’ll just spit out a lie and go right back to texting her. And even if you catch him cheating on you with someone else, we guarantee that he will have some kind of fake excuse ready to go! Aquarius guys just don’t value trust.

2Pisces Girl: Your Obsessions Run Deep

Pisces girls are very emotional, and they feel everything so deeply. In fact, when they like something, they will basically latch on to it. Pisces girls don’t casually like or dislike anything. They either hate something or someone, or they’re head over heels obsessed—there is truly no in between with these women. If you happen to be the object of a Pisces woman’s affections, she will begin planning your wedding the first time you text her “goodnight.” She’ll try to play it cool, but she can’t always hide it. Yup, Pisces women get obsessed very easily, and it can definitely freak guys out. That’s why they try to conceal their true feelings and act like they’re actually laid back, but they get in too deep, too quickly.

1Pisces Guy: You’re A Stalker

We just discussed how Pisces women can become creepily obsessed with guys way too fast, and why they would rather keep that secret under wraps, but what about Pisces guys? Are they the same way? Well, basically, except they have a tendency to take things even further! If you’ve ever been involved with a guy who was on the verge of stalking you…let’s just say there was a good chance that he was probably a Pisces. Pisces guys let their obsessions get too far. They are hopeless romantics, and because of this, they might cross a line. They feel embarrassed about this behavior, but they don’t know how to change. They think that if they don’t come on strong, girls will simply ignore and overlook them .

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