Love is not when your partner keeps saying “I Love You”, but when it’s apparent at a single glance at them that they love you.
Which feeling has been considered divine and holy since ancient times? What feeling has always been a central theme in songs and poems? What feeling has each of us experienced at least once in a lifetime? That’s right, it’s love! Everyone sees and understands it differently, though. BetterMe App helps women achieve their body goals with ease and efficiency by helping to choose proper meal plans and effective workouts. Start using our app and you will see good results in a short time.

#1. Capricorns consider their mind as a master over their emotions and instincts. A Capricorn often finds himself or herself in a self-made trap. A Capricorn resists the feeling of love for fear of pain and loss. But when love pierces their heart, a Capricorn sets another task for himself or herself: not to show emotions, no matter what. A Capricorn puts on a mask of icy indifference to cover the burning passion suppressed in order to avoid enslavement by feelings. A Capricorn can live half his lifetime without ever experiencing love, and then suddenly open up and surrender to love, the very feeling he always rejected and fought against. Basically, Capricorns – people of conservative views – want to find a reliable life partner to make a family with. They cannot stand flippant people.

#2. In the life of a Leo, love plays a primary role. A Leo is romantic, sentimental, he expects adoration and worship. He loves flowers, gifts, love letters. And although Leo is partial to public opinion, for the sake of love, he is willing to do anything. A Leo lady seeks to marry a person who is financially independent. A Leo guy would look for a girl who was made to be with him, his second half. Love, for Leos, is a celebration. Theirs partners are adored. Leos will try to overcome their vanity in the name of love.

#3. Libras don’t usually experience love at first sight, but at the same time they are gentle and sentimental. A Libra cannot stay alone for long, a Libra needs communication. A Libra needs to forge a romantic alliance with a partner to feel perfect. Libras are able adapt to their beloved ones, but without extremes. Libras are not conquerors but prefer to be the ones to be chosen. Otherwise, they will say “Not this time” and go looking for happiness elsewhere.

#4. An Aquarius is inclined to idealize the object of their love and even surround them with a mystical halo (which, we think, seldom corresponds to reality). An Aquarius’ love is light and pleasant. This zodiac sign will not tolerate being placed in cage, even if the cage is made from gold. The freedom-loving soul of Aquarius will require a breath of fresh air, and if that is not allowed, will wave you goodbye.

#5. A Virgo analyzes their feelings by sorting through them, tries to get over love with the help of reason, doubt, and attributing all sorts of shortcomings to the object of their desire. Sometimes such savage attempts lead Virgo to the desired goal to feel disappointed. But often, a Virgo would find himself or herself tied to a person more than expected. A Virgo is not a talkative person, so will not confess their love, preferring to show, not tell. Virgos are very demanding. A Virgo wants a relationship that is honest, pure and affectionate.

#6. The heart of a Pisces is incomprehensible and mysterious, it contains the intricacies of various subtle shades of sensations, feelings and emotions. Under the influence of what’s currently on their mind and heart, a Pisces can behave quite differently, from being a Don Juan to a suffering victim of tragic love. Girls range from being romantic, fatal, mystical, to devoted, soft, and loyal partners. For many Pisces, love is synonymous with help. They must feel welcome and understood, and then they are faithful.

#7. Aries is impressionable, impulsive, flashing like fire. Easily fascinated with beauty, an Aries person easily falls in love at first sight at any age. An Aries’ passion sweeps everything in its path, but the passion can also go out as quickly as it appeared if Aries is bored by monotony. An Aries is attracted by everything new, interesting and unusual, is fond of a bright, spectacular appearance. The ambitions of an Aries are great and they hates if someone unceremoniously breaks into their life and begins restricting freedom. While in a relationship, an Aries tries to get what they want, and if disappointed, they run away.

#8. Taurus is a very passionate Zodiac sign and not impulsive at all. Feelings do not erupt immediately, they grow gradually. A Taurus would do anything the object of their adoration desires. A Taurus will not be stopped by criticism or discomfort, they will try to avoid sharp angles in a relationship. A Taurus can be pretty jealous, but when they find happiness in a relationship, they are very gentle and devoted. Their love lasts a long time!

#9. Loving Gemini is easy and pleasant, but too intensive emotions frighten them off. To be sure your Gemini is faithful to you, be near them and remind about yourself often. Gemini is a very unpredictable sign that can not foresee its own emotions. To please this sign, you have to be a lively and interesting interlocutor, because Gemini are attracted to their partner’s mind. Geminis see love as a game for Gemini, but you surely won’t be bored with a Gemini person!

#10. Scorpios are very passionate, their love is strong and all-consuming. A Scorpio does not acknowledge defeat and would seek to reach the goal by all means. The main negative feature of Scorpios is their jealousy, even when there’s no reason for it. A Scorpio wants to be the only one for the beloved in all aspects.

#11. Sagittarius men are real-life Don Juans, and girls tend to be frivolous. For them, love is sport, adventure and conquest. This approach to love can drag on for a very long time, until a Sagittarius falls in love for real. But even in this case, a Sagittarius will not say no to other people, it’s not a betrayal for them but a light, meaningless fad. A loved-up Sagittarius still does not believe he or she signed a love contract, that is why a Sagittarius prefers to stay with a partner who isn’t too possessive. Also, Sagittarius people despise scandals. BetterMe App helps you increase your self-esteem and achieve your personal goals by opening the doors to the world of fitness and healthy lifestyle. Try it now to see the best version of yourself as soon as possible.

#12. As Cancer falls in love, he or she transforms into a gentle and faithful partner…. or a tyrant if disappointed. In the case of a failure, a Cancer would flee from a hostile world, hide in a shell and stay there for a long time. Home and family are things that matter most to a Cancer. A Cancer is inclined to submit to a partner. If a Cancer feels loved, he or she is an ideal partner. And if a Cancer is treated with coldness and indifference, he or she becomes a difficult person. A Cancer will cling to the remnants of the former love.

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