• August 22, 2019

Energy protection by Zodiac Signs from Elena Yasevich

Energy protection by Zodiac Signs from Elena Yasevich. Elena Yasevich will tell you how to properly maintain your energy at a high level and be less dependent on the surrounding world. Each sign of the zodiac is unique, therefore it is protected in its own way.

Elena Yasevich is an energy expert. In this article, her knowledge of astrology and energy will be combined. Everyone will be able to find for themselves important information that will help to succeed in all spheres of life. All Zodiac signs have their weaknesses and talents. We are all different, so everyone has certain gaps in the biofield. This can be corrected by the advice of a psychic.


Aries have a certain weakness – they do not know how to properly prioritize life, spending their incredibly powerful energy on the fact that they are not so necessary. Learn to choose the right path, then everything will go much more quickly and efficiently. Use the advice of relatives and friends for this, and also do not rush to choose the path.


This sign of the zodiac manages to find trouble only if they are scattered. Drink less and smoke less. Any chemicals, pills and other very bad for your health. When you are sick, use more folk remedies, and do not immediately run to the pharmacy.


Your main problem is lightheadedness. To strengthen your biofield and get rid of energy holes and leaks, you need to make more informed decisions in life. In this case, life will become more orderly and not so unpredictable. For Gemini it is very important.


Cancers to patch energy holes will help honesty. People often turn their backs on you when you try to lie to them. Exposing you is not as difficult as you think, so the bitter truth will always be better for you than a sweet lie. You also have one problem in the form of self-esteem, which is very hypertrophied. Less pride – more success.

a lion

Lions are very vulnerable, although they themselves think differently. You can not stay without the support of loved ones. Alone, you will not be able to achieve anything, so do not move away from those. Who can and wants to look after you, help you and give advice.

Loneliness will eat you up from the inside, emptying your energy supply, as if it was not there at all.


It is difficult for virgins only when things go wrong. The root cause is the attitude towards everything that surrounds them. Your “cockroaches” – this is the main cause of energy starvation.

Virgos become happy only when they realize that the world is not a contrasting picture of bad and good, but a canvas on which you can paint with only one paint – positive.


The nature and fate of those born in the fall are amazing. Scales to that direct confirmation. These people are developed in a creative direction and therefore too emotional.

Their only and very important issue is impulsivity. A diplomatic attitude will help you patch this hole in your biofield. Think more about the feelings of others, so as not to seem selfish.


Scorpios do not tolerate loneliness. In addition, their energy depends very much on how they solve this or that problem.

Scorpios can only become stronger if they are not driven by mercantile spirit and greed, but by a desire to make their lives more pleasant and meaningful. If these people can become kinder, they will win all.


Sagittarius is not allowed to sit still. This does not mean that you need to immediately collect things and go to another city, no. Energy problems will appear when everything is stagnant. Avoid the routine by any means available to help you transform and not get depressed.


Capricorns will be able to protect their energy and save success in life only if they do not take much risk. Even if everything is very rosy and there is a 99% chance of winning life roulette, then you better not play these games.

Let someone else take care of this, and you try to achieve everything by work and patience, since major losses will be extremely dangerous for you.


Aquarius must periodically tickle your nerves. Let it be a parachute jump or something else that helps you feel alive. The main thing is that your risks do not concern the people around you. Meet your friends more often and do not forget about those who once helped you, because they can easily turn away from you.


For energy protection, Pisces needs to learn how to make important decisions and choose the right path in life. You lack determination, so you often waste your time.

Listen to the advice of wise people and do not sit back, because you have great potential. You are truly unique in your vision of the world that can be used in work, in business and in solving problems.

The main thing is to be able to cheer yourself up in time. This is a universal advice for all signs of the zodiac, for good inner state of health always strongly influences success in business. Elena Yasevich wishes you success in all your endeavors.

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