People are emotionally distant for a variety of reasons. Some are afraid to break their hearts and others are emotionally distant by nature.

However, what many do not know is that the way we respond to emotions is strongly related to our zodiac sign. Here is a ranking with the zodiac signs that are emotionally distant. Sorted from rank 1-12.


Cancer is without a doubt the most sensitive and emotional zodiac sign. It is the being with the heart in the right place.

But not only that, they are also the greatest empaths, who are in perfect harmony with the emotions of others but also of their own. Much of the cancer is never emotionally distant. 


Like the fish and the cancer, the bull is one of the most emotional signs of the zodiac. They have their hearts on their tongues, even if it means that they often get to the wrong people. People who hurt them.

The bull is someone who knows that a relationship cannot work if either is emotionally distant. A healthy relationship cannot last long without emotional closeness. 


Pisces are among the least emotionally distant. These people are known to be clingy and have a constant need to be with their relationship partner.

Fish will shower you with emotion and bring you a love that can sometimes be too much, but it’s a nice feeling to be loved by a fish.

The only thing you have to look out for in fish, you should never take their love for granted and you should appreciate their care. 


One of the biggest fears a shooter has is to get the wrong person. They are afraid that someone will break their hearts. So if you feel that a shooter is distancing himself emotionally, it could mean that he thinks you are not the right partner for him.

But this fear disappears when the shooter finds someone who, in his view, is worthy of opening fully and letting himself fall. 


Even if the Scorpio has a reputation that sex means everything to them in a relationship, they are actually very different. Yes, the scorpion craves intimacy, but not only for the physical.

The scorpion needs someone to connect with on a much deeper level. The scorpion is initially emotionally distant and cool, but this will change over time if it feels comfortable with you. Hence the 8th place. 


The Libra is a very independent and independent person, which is why they are afraid of becoming dependent on someone or being too affectionate.

They do not want to be perceived as desperate by their partner, so they prefer to slowly get to know each other. When it comes to real emotions, Libra is someone who stays emotionally distant for a really long time.


How emotionally distant a lion is depends heavily on how much effort the partner makes in a relationship.

The lion’s ego does not allow them to run after or fight for someone who they think doesn’t mean it. So basically the lion gives you as much love as they get from their partner.


One of the prejudices known about the ram is that it is very selfish.

In truth, these zodiac signs are just very ambitious and totally focused on their goals, and many emotions fall by the wayside.

They often forget the time and feelings of others on their way to success. Which is why they are often perceived as emotionally distant by others. 


Aquarius is someone who needs time to open up to someone. He needs his time to reveal his emotions to someone. But under this cold exterior there is often a very good heart full of love.

The cautious behavior of an Aquarius is nothing but a protective wall that protects against people with bad intentions.

This wall serves to see who is patient enough to get inside and to prove himself worthy. 


Even if the twin would never admit it, the truth is that they are afraid of rejection. You can’t stand someone rejecting, manipulating or exploiting them.

Over the years and experience, the twin learns to control their emotions and hide them from others. They often hide feelings behind their humor, their ironic remarks or a sudden laugh. 


A zodiac sign that is high on the list of emotionally distant zodiac signs is undoubtedly the Capricorn.

This is a person who likes to be alone and doesn’t need a relationship to be happy. While this is basically a good thing that prevents them from being dependent on someone else, they often seem cool, rational, and emotionally distant to others.

It is incredibly difficult to build an emotional bond with an ibex.


The Virgo is the zodiac sign that the greatest difficulty is opening up to other people or building an emotional bond. They are often perceived as cold, distant and careful.

Most of them don’t dare to get closer to a virgin because their body language is often negative and anything but inviting.

In a relationship, the partner often feels neglected by a virgin and not loved enough. However, this does not mean that a virgin cannot love.

It just takes time. Much time. Until she has seen through the partner with her analytical thinking and can trust him. Only then does she reveal her true self.

The Virgo is number 1 because it is the most rational sign of the zodiac with a strong logical mindset. She has many strengths, but building emotional bonds is not one of them. 

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