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Does your Zodiac sign refer to angels or demons? Well, how do you like that?

1. Scales

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Libra is the purest of all the signs of the zodiac. They are faithful and elegant, and also do not lose control over themselves in any situation, even under the influence of negative emotions. Scales see beauty in all things, and hold the opinion that life is too short to worry about trifles. If you meet with a representative of this sign, you can consider yourself lucky, because they will bring balance to your life and will always make sure that you feel comfortable. Isn’t that an angel?

2. Taurus

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If you want to find a true friend, then you should pay attention to Taurus. People born under this sign have a pure heart and are not in their tradition to harm others. They just like the smiles on other people’s faces. It makes them feel good, because everyone around is happy  Such an atmosphere gives them hope that this world is not as bad as they say!

3. Fish

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Fish always live in their imaginary world. They are extremely generous, love to support loved ones and take care of them. When other people do not reciprocate, they tend to worry a lot about it. But in the end, they still come to the conclusion that life is beautiful enough not to pay attention to such things. Pisces can forgive, but they will never forget the harm done to them!

4. Sagittarius

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This sign symbolizes love. It doesn’t matter if they only know you for a day or two, they will try to make you smile and feel as good as possible.

For Sagittarius, love is the power that makes the world go round. Most of all they hate hypocrisy, so if you decide to do it that way, get ready for the manifestation of the real devil within them. Better behave yourself!

5. Aquarius

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This is a sign of true kindness! Aquarians have a heart that is ready to help everyone around with a sincere smile on their face. They tend to attract people.

They like to see everyone happy, and the main thing is that they are the cause of this happiness. The only thing that is devilish within them is a huge sexy drive, which can sometimes cause problems! Unfortunately.

6. Twins

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This sign can sometimes be good, but sometimes bad. Such people are like angels who fight the inner devil. Sometimes, the Twins will want to take away your head, but sometimes they will act like saints.

What everyone likes about this sign is their positive energy and infectious smile  After all, who can resist them when they look at you with puppy eyes?

7. Leo

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Lions are generous, friendly, supportive and calm. But all this can disappear if you hurt them. They know how to defend themselves, so if you cause them any harm, you can prepare for impressive vengeance. If we were in your place, then alert!

8. Cancer

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This sign is relatively calm, but there is one “but”! If you make them ill, they will immediately turn into a beast, because of which you will feel what real hell is.

They have their ups and downs, but what they hate the most is a lie. If Cancer catches you in a lie, you better start praying to God, because they don’t know pity in anger!

9. Virgo

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A virgin is a person who has more than all the other signs to herself. But, if someone is crazy enough to awaken in them the bad side, then he will regret it to the last!

Do not let deceptive appearances fool you and never judge the Virgos superficially. It’s not as easy as it sounds!

10. Aries

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This sign is the soul of every company and everything that is accompanied by rivers of alcoholic beverages. Regardless of whether we are talking about deception, gossip or betrayal, they can do it without batting an eye, which is typical of real professionals. And then they wonder why they never go to heaven!

11. Capricorn

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This zodiac sign does not cause problems – they are the problem themselves. Capricorns just do not want to do good, because doing bad things is more interesting. As the saying goes: “Good girls go to heaven, and bad girls go anywhere!”. This is their life motto!

12. Scorpio

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This sign burns as if they had just come out of hell. Good deeds, of course, not their prerogative, because they want first of all to satisfy their desires. Their sexual attraction is monstrously strong, so even the midnight stars envy them!

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