The lines of the hand can reveal valuable information about your character, your skills or even your future. The length of your fingers, their thickness or the shape of your hand also say many things about you. Learn some simple tips so you do not miss a detail.

Did you know that the lines of your hands hide secrets about your future? In addition, the origins of palmistry (the word comes from the Greek khéiry, which means hand and manteia, divination) dating back to the time of Jesus Christ. Nowadays, although the reading of the lines of the hand is practiced less and less frequently, it gives us an idea of ​​what destiny has in store for us.

Since the lines do not evolve on a regular basis, it is useless to read them every fifteen days. Learn to read the lines of the hand and you will discover what destiny has in store for you. Throughout your life, these lines are evolving according to the choices we make. You will not see your hands or those of other people again, in the same way!

In its origins the term palmistry referred to the study of the lines of the hand, but a hand must be read as a whole. That is why, nowadays, we also talk about quirology , which relates the two hands of an individual and his personality.

The general appearance of the hand

To know how to read the lines of the hand , first observe the shape of yours. Since the two hands have more or less the same shape, it will only be necessary for you to do the exercise with one. Give priority to the left hand. In this way, you will know which element your hand depends on.

  • With square shape : responds to crafts or agriculture. It is the earth hand that is associated with the planet Mars.
  • Fine and oval : it is the hand of writers, psychologists and, in some cases, doctors. It is linked to the element of water and the planet Venus or the Moon (in case the skin is very white).
  • Carnosa : it is the hand of the merchants, of the kinesiotherapists and of the professors who transmit with passion all their knowledge. It is represented with fire and corresponds to the planet Jupiter.
  • Long and bony : the hand of the air is that of researchers, engineers and many intellectual trades. It is associated with the planet Saturn.

The fingers

After analyzing the appearance of your hand, focus your attention on your fingers . From now on, the comparison of the two hands is important, since you will surely see differences. Each finger is associated with a planet. Next we show you the correspondence: the thumb corresponds to Venus , the index to Jupiter , the heart to Saturn , the annular to Uranus and the little finger to Mercury .

  • Short fingers : you are a thoughtful, organized and accurate person. You inspire confidence. You are excellent in the professions that are part of the scientific branch.
  • Long fingers : patience, perseverance and logic characterize you. You also show to have a lot of imagination.
  • Thick fingers : you are quite materialistic and you prove to be quite practical. This compensates for the tendency that you have to be lazy.
  • Fine fingers : they are a symbol of a strong idealism, of a certain sensibility. You are altruistic and gentle.

The main lines

Now you can look at the lines in the palm of your hand. These indicate the great “lines” of your existence. You must compare the two hands because the lines can be very different. Some theories maintain that the left hand reveals your potential and the right hand announces what is going to happen, although it is only one opinion among many others. 

– The line of life : this line traces the evolution of the person from birth to death. Its length does not correspond to the duration of life, so do not worry. A very marked lifeline indicates, for example, a certain gift for sport . 
– The line of the head: stuck or not to the line of life, it gives us information about our way of acting or thinking. 
– The line heart : This line tells you about your feelings and relationships in general. For example, if the line is very straight, it indicates a certain objectivity, that is, a certain indifference.

The line of destiny

It is important that we check whether or not we have the destination line (formerly called the lucky line) because not everyone has it. For example, a child born with this line has to be specially watched by his parents because he could make mischief more easily. 

Now you know how to read the lines of the hand! In this way, you can learn something more about your personality, about your way of acting and about your way of taking life.

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