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Everyone on earth is born under the umbrella of stars. Given the date of their birth, everyone falls under one of the twelve zodiacs. The zodiac signs have a lot to say about a person, his perception, and personality. Everyone born under the same stars has few definite traits are similar and holds true to most.

Every person has some hidden desires deep within them. Ever wondered what it might me? Each zodiac sign has an enormous desire for one thing which they will stop at nothing to obtain it.

What inspires the Zodiacs each morning to get up?

Hidden desires of each Zodiac


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March 21st and April 19th

Aries is the most determined of all. They are born to be leaders and dream big. Aries Loves Adventure. Always give their best to achieve the goals they have set in mind. Nothing can come between their goals and determination. They are the one who set examples and become a role model. Through their kindness and compassion, Aries make others follow them and lead the pack.


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April 21st and May 20th

Taurus craves for security and demands in all areas of its life. They like to follow rather than lead, very good in business as finance as they are cautious people and also the most loyal of all. Taurus can be a  good financial advisor as the financial decisions they make can be relied upon. Stubborn at times and it is for the thing they value the most – security.


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May 22nd and June 21st

The Gemini has a thirst for knowledge that’s never fully satisfied and they get a real kick out of trying something new. The adventure loving people who keep trying new things. They are also very clever and creative and this makes them adaptable to any situation very soon. Taking up new challenges and traveling around the world trying new things is what they crave.

Geminis are full of energy ready to take whatever challenge that comes in front of them. Prefer solitude at times in order to introspect themselves. They like learning and are constantly looking for new things to learn to expand the horizon of their knowledge.


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June 22nd and July 21st

True freedom is always on the mind of a Cancerian and they will stop at nothing until they achieve it. Cancerians desire freedom emotionally, financially and romantically. This is a lot who love their freedom and independence and will not take bullshit that comes in between. They are among the most loyal signs.

They don’t like chains, nothing can tie them down, and are born to fly and will continue to do so. Also shy and sensitive at times and this brings a sense of insecurity in them at times. Cancer aims high and has extremely good intuitive and observation power.


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July 23rd and August 22nd

Leos desire praise and respect constantly. They are ambitious and confident people with big goals set to achieve and they will stop at nothing to achieve them.  Like to lead and have every situation under their control. Empathic and caring but also very sensitive to energies around them.

They give people a lot of chances and have their expectations high. Love to be praised for their accomplishment, it makes them fulfilled, if not appreciated they find it rude.


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August 23rd and September 22nd

Virgos are obsessed with love and desire it like a drug. They both spread and receive it everywhere they go. Very reliable and loyal, loyalty is something that matters to them the most. Virgos are very intelligent and this allows them to reach their goal pretty smoothly. People often misjudge Virgos for being cold but they are actually filled with love and desire love the most. They are kind hearted and compassionate.

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