Demonic character traits of each zodiac sign. Each person has a dark side, just some never give her free rein, while others use it very actively! And yet, even the most righteous holy men sometimes want to break loose and give free rein to their “demons.” Representatives of different signs of the zodiac have their “dark” character traits, which we will tell you about today! We repeat that we describe only the negative sides.Content


Demonic character traits of each zodiac sign

Primitive and cruel in nature, they never realize the full force of their aggression until they have done harm. Aries can be very secretive and evil, why close people suffer.


Stubbornness and greed are their vice. Taurus often do everything just for themselves, completely not caring about others. They just wake up unhealthy egoism, which has no measure!


They often sin by disclosing unverified information. It is difficult for them to keep secrets, so at least a couple of people, but they will tell you everything. Gemini is insensitive and lacks compassion.

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They are too sensitive and quickly offended, which often complicates the lives of others, because they have to adapt! It’s difficult for close friends with Cancers, because they don’t want to take off their pink glasses.

a lion

Demonic character traits of each zodiac sign

Convinced of their greatness, the Lions do not realize how ridiculous they look in the eyes of those who even know them a little. Lviv is full of dirty secrets, they have inferiority complexes, they assert themselves at the expense of friends, because they themselves are nothing.


They allow other people to push themselves around. In addition, the Devs simply have a manic dependence on cleanliness and order, which is why they often drive others around. Anxiety can cause relationship problems.


They are characterized by indecision and constant doubts, but even this is not the greatest evil. The thing is that Libra accumulate negative emotions in itself, and then pour them onto its “victim”, which literally leads it to depression.

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Demonic character traits of each zodiac sign

A cunning, curious, aggressive and frightening sign. Everywhere they see evil, they often encounter setbacks. Scorpions are noble manipulators that often substitute other people.


They sin by the pretense with which they try to hide their ignorance, and sometimes even stupidity. Sagittarius are not independent and uninteresting. Another sinner is inconstancy.


They love competition so much that they are ready to burn everyone in their path. This is an unhealthy desire to take leadership positions. Capricorns often forget to enjoy life, which turns them into robots.


They are desperate to stand out from the crowd, which is not always appropriate. Representatives of this sign are literally lost when someone more educated and interesting is next to them.


When they choose to “go with the flow”, then this does not lead to good. They are unstable and completely not adapted to independent life. Mood swings often become a stumbling block in communicating with other people. Reliability is another vice.

As you can see, each sign has its own negative aspects. It is on them that we have focused today. Work to ensure that they do not appear, and the positive aspects shone in all their glory!

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