About Scorpios and Aquarius to the point! Each sign of the zodiac has its own distinctive features, nuances and … stereotypes! Today we debunk the main myths that hover around different signs of the zodiac.


Myth: Aries love to get angry and come into conflict 24 hours a day. Aries are often the impression that they enjoy the quarrels. It can often be noted that among those who figure out the relationship – it is Aries. Truth: if you show respect for Aries, they will mirror your attitude towards them. It just so happened that since childhood Aries live by the principle: as you are to me, so am I to you.


Myth: They are very lazy. The best pastime for Taurus is to lie, eat and watch TV. Many believe that this is the most non-ambitious sign of the zodiac. Truth: Taurus is not lazy, Taurus just does not like to bother with trifles. They seem to know where you need to stretch, and where you can relax. By the way, there is much to learn from them!


Myth: Twins are treacherous and evil. Often deserve the reputation of a two-faced person. Some argue that the least of the zodiacal circle is to believe Gemini.


Truth: Twins are not duplicitous, but light. They are easy-going, they easily adapt to changes, they easily change their opinion. They understand that the world is not black and white and unambiguous situations do not exist.


Myth: Cancers are weak and defenseless. Many people take the sensitivity and emotionality of Rakov for weakness.

Truth: in fact, Raki is surprisingly easy to adapt to different circumstances. If they are in the company of other characters will fall on a desert island, the Cancers are those who will survive in the first place. This skill Rakov great inspires and motivates surrounding people.

a lion

Myth: Lions are 100% self-absorbed and think only of themselves. Many Lions are convinced that the world revolves only around them, daffodils. All people admire only them.

Truth: in reality, Lions are not confident in themselves and are looking for admiration for people around them in order to raise their own self-esteem. Such a way of life dramatically exhausts Lviv, but they do not represent how to exist otherwise, if we discard the essence of the narcissus.


Myth: Deva is the highest value for loneliness. All they dream about is for everyone to be left alone. Parties or any other events where there is a mass of people are real torture for Dev.

Truth: in fact, Virgos love people very much. It just takes them more time to get used to them and trust with all their hearts. When the Virgos find a soul mate, then consider it forever (of course, from the Maiden).


Myth: Many people believe that Libra can not be trusted. Allegedly they lie and do not blush. Even the most educated Libra lie, explaining that it is a lie for good.

Truth:  Indeed, Libra tends to speak untruth, but in exceptional cases. We are talking about moments when it is better to lie than to tell the truth. For example, his wife was asked if she had grown stout, the Libra man would never tell the truth if she really recovered.


Myth: Scorpios hate everyone. They always try to stay away from people, which makes them feel like they are above others.

Truth: Scorpios and the truth eschew unfamiliar people, but the reason for this is purely personal. Scorpions, like fire, fear betrayal. Many of them were disappointed in their youth, so as an adult they try to protect themselves from pain. After a while they, of course, soften and draw closer to people.


Myth: Looking at Sagittarius, many have the impression that they are ready to play tricks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It seems that they never get tired and they always have energy and strength. Negative emotions are something alien to Sagittarius.

Truth: in fact, Sagittarius masterly know how to hide their feelings. Even if they are not in the spirit, no one will know about it. It is very harmful to their emotional health. From time to time it is useful to throw out the negative.


Myth: boring comrades who do not know how to have fun. Capricorns are rarely called to parties because they either refuse or think at a party about their own.

Truth: Capricorns live according to the principle “business is time, and fun is the hour.” Therefore, it is not surprising when Capricorn refuses to have fun. Probably the case at the moment is more important for them.


Myth: unable to experience deep feelings and emotions. Many people think that Aquarius is superficial. They do not know how to empathize and sympathize.

Truth: in fact, other people’s problems worry Aquarius. Sometimes even too much. If he does not express emotions, it does not mean that he does not sympathize with you. He is probably considering how to help you.


Myth: not of this world. Some people think that Pisces is a kind of aliens. They are strange, crazy, unusual, crazy …

Truth: they are not crazy. Just Pisces love to break in the clouds. Dreams are a kind of refuge in which Pisces relax and find comfort. About Aquarius, I can personally subscribe! What do you think about this horoscope?


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