There’s going to be a day where you look around and realise that you’re different from the rest of them. At first, it’s almost unnoticeable but slowly all the things that never really concerned you before are weighing you down. They’ll question these differences, they see it too and they won’t understand why you aren’t like them, why you haven’t conformed with them. For a while, you might seek their approval, their acceptance when you can barely stand acknowledging yourself. But you are not the sum of what others view, what they value as important.

Along the way, you may feel like your drifting apart from the crowd of people, their voices become the white noise in the background. They move to and from blurring together. You walk amongst them, pretending not to care too much, they’ve hurt you enough already. The confusion, not comprehending the fluxation of emotions and all the way we decide to cope. Don’t put yourself in danger little Scorpio, for the few moments of relief come with a price to pay.

Little Scorpio, you’re going to be confused most of the time, it may be one of the ranges of emotions you come to know quite well. Give yourself time, there’s no rush to the finish line, there’s no competition and your life is a one person race. Your friends are there to help you, but they may not at the same time of what you were hoping for and that’s okay. They might not ever and one day you’re going to realise why.

Without a doubt, always trust your gut instincts beyond the doubtful words others may try to diminish yourself, but they are not worth being upset about. They will be the people you leave behind as they are no on the same path as you are travelling. People will come in and out of your life and this is something you will have to accept, it doesn’t devalue the time spent but this will be a learning curve.

The world is a big place but those that matter most will always be a part of your future. Stop doubting yourself so much, it restricts the endless possibilities or opportunity, you are good enough. Don’t forget to acknowledge you have achieved and what you have had to sacrifice to get there.

There’s also a big distinction between loneliness and being alone. All you want to be is loved and accepted, looking for it in all the wrong places. Don’t be fooled by their allusion of what it’s supposed to be or place all of your self-worth on this.

Focus on your goals and stay positive, there is a better future (as clique as this may sound). You will be a more confident, charming person who isn’t afraid of being different and stubborn at times. Your talents will become a valuable asset beyond what you can comprehend.

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