Comic horoscope – Which household appliance you correspond to. This horoscope, although comic, but matches – almost 100%! Do you recognize yourself? 🙂

Aries: Iron

From the side it often seems that everything is going very smoothly with you. But only you know at what temperature you have to heat up to create the effect of this “smooth” glide. You can only envy the perseverance and determination with which you iron to the desired state given to you the reality, often crumpled and unsightly. But as it transforms after your intervention, a mountain of crumpled material becomes a neat, freshly ironed pile. This world would be much better if there were more such converters for the better!

Taurus: Kettle

If it were a furniture horoscope, you would no doubt be a sofa – reliable, solid, but you can always rely on. But you are a teapot, don’t think bad, it sounds proud of us. You, as a samovar, always at the head of the table, everything revolves around you. I want everyone ten times a day, and that’s all to you. Everyone’s cups are small and empty, but you are big and full, so they fill the void with meaning, the law of nature, so to speak.

Yes, everyone strives to look under the lid, they do not understand that the water will not boil before it boils. The thought, in general, is simple, but seven glasses of tea need to be poured with tea before they are thought of. Of course, you do not mind, but you still need to top up the water in the kettle on time, otherwise the spiral will burn.

Gemini: computers

Moreover, it is fully equipped: you have a smart processor, a clear monitor, and an ergonomic keyboard. You contain and process complex information when such a task is set, but you need a mouse to set it. A computer without a mouse is a valuable system, but it is impossible to use it. A mouse is an approach to a computer. In general, of course, you can stick any and use it at the very least, but your systems respond to thin optical controls faster and better.

Cancer: gas stove

Oh, very nice cooker. Feed everyone, supply, provide, care about everything, worry about everyone, everything in your house revolves around you. You have all the warmth and sincerity, but it happens that you ask yourself: “Well, what do I bake and bake, and when do I live?” And then you answer yourself: “I cook, therefore I bake, my share is such-all my life“ on the farm ”Sometimes you start to take a lot of fun, and this is a serious test for everyone, including you. In fact, everything is not so bad, you just have to “sit down” with your hood, and this is not a whim, it is a necessity both for you and for those around you.

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Leo: vacuum cleaner

You overshadow all the sounds of this world, in comparison with you all the others are inaudible and insignificant. With a powerful stream of fresh air, sweep away dust and routine, you can stir up any swamp, paint everything around with bright colors. You are a bunch of focused energy, and you can draw a lot into this turbulent cycle, including what you do not need at all.


Virgo: camcorder

Carefully look at this world, notice and record everything, and give it out in an analyzed, digitized form. Yes, this is a smart device, but it is wrong to think that it only captures what is happening. Oh no! Sensitive camera optics can transform reality in the most miraculous way, both for the better and for the worse. There are people whom the camcorder does not like and categorically does not want to shoot beautifully, but there are others, and they are lucky. If the camera loves someone, then at least in two ways it will make it a star.

Scales: radio

It’s boring for the balance arrow to show the banal number of kilograms, and it’s much more fun to wander around the frequencies of FM stations. What a huge world lies in your range, how many feelings, thoughts, and melodies it contains. And how difficult it is to choose just one station. And you need to choose, because your throwing between frequencies is accompanied by a terrible noise and crackle. On the other hand, it’s better to crackle for five minutes and then listen to good music, which is always very handy. They love you, it’s brighter and sharper with you, the joy is fuller and the fun is unrestrained, it’s even more pleasant to be sad next to you.

Scorpio: food processor

They are capable of crushing anything and everything to dust, resistance is useless, because everything is “tough” to you, except for concrete. You want real power over the world and you understand that without destructive power no one has yet succeeded in achieving it.


Sagittarius: TV

And not only because you, like the TV, radiate heat and glow from the inside. The main thing is that you generously share with others everything that you have. You give yourself to people. But, they say the truth, do not do good to people, you will not see evil. People can scold you and consider you a source of misfortune. You tell them that you only reflect the real picture of the world, and in response you hear that everything happens the other way around – the world is created in the image and likeness of what you show. Who is right, who controls whom? Perhaps only you know the truth.

Capricorn: refrigerator

Important and solid, the key figure is not only in the kitchen, but throughout the house. Although you are a refrigerator, you warm your soul. He is calm and strict, in your opinion it is difficult to guess what is inside of you. And there, you know, either hazel grouse with pineapple, then a couple of dead apples, or even completely empty. In the case of the refrigerator, Carlson’s philosophical phrase is as true as ever: “There is nothing here, and there will never be anything here if you do not put anything here!”

Aquarius: washing machine

Not because water is also poured into the washing machine, but because with the same seriousness and scrupulousness, approach any business that is being “charged” with you. Such meticulousness, multiplied by the power of your nature, is able to endure only strong material, thinner fabric you can fray to the skin.

Try to restrain your pressure, control yourself – everything is already clean, and you rinse and rinse. Learn how to choose the right program, on occasion use a short cycle or a delicate wash mode.

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Pisces: cell phone

At first glance, you, like a cellular telephone, are calm and do not touch anyone, lie somewhere in the “corner”, but only until they “call” you. In the on mode, you pass a huge amount of information through yourself, including unnecessary, unnecessary information. But since you are a telephone, you often cannot decide for yourself who to talk to.

Quite quickly discharged and need to be connected to the battery. But you, like cell phones, are constantly improving and enter into each new stage in your life a model of a new line.

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