Each sign has its personality and its way. Everyone can relate in a different way to each area of ​​life. And it would not be different with food. Why do some foods fall well for some signs and some do not? We spoke with an astrologer who told the Virtual Horoscope about the care of signs in relation to food.

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It regulates the head in general, specifically the motor centers of the brain and the blood circulation in the region of the cranium. Aryans like spicy foods and lots of meat, but they should follow a softer diet of light dishes and without much seasoning. The meat has a high content of acids, which can cause acidosis, which in turn can cause tension and headaches.

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There is a possibility that the Aries have a sodium and potassium imbalance with excess sodium, which causes weight gain and edema. They should supplement the diet with potassium phosphate to create brain cells and avoid headaches (Aries rules the head and some Aryans suffer from headaches and sometimes mild kidney disorders). Propolis and chlorophyll (vegetables, Chrorella) are two agents that help to regulate the alkalinity of blood. All fruits, except peach and plum, and all green and root vegetables are foods that help to alkalize the blood and other fluids that circulate in the tissues. Orange and lemon are among the richest fruits in potassium.

Aryans should abstain from alcoholic beverages, for if the Aries native becomes addicted, he is beyond the possibility of getting rid of vice and is often subject to delusions. Strong-tasting foods, such as onions and leeks, are associated with Aries. Mint, with its ability to alleviate digestive ailments, is also associated with the sign.

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It regulates the adenoids, the tonsils and the larynx, however, its main function is the corregencia of the thyroid gland (along with Mercury). The thyroid gland has frequent dysfunctions, due to excessive emotional tensions or to a diet deficient in fibers and iodine. They should be taught to practice a lot of exercise as a means of stimulating health, because the taurine is somewhat indolent in their way of being.

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They usually like sweets, are very sensual and love the comfort and pleasures of the good table, for this reason they tend to gain weight. It is advisable a food supplement with sodium sulfate, which helps to eliminate excess water from the body. Peppermint tea is associated with Taurus as it helps in the digestion process and was formerly used in the preparation of a potion for throat infections. Among the foods associated with Taurus are: grapes, cereals, berries and grains.

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It controls the hands, arms, shoulders (except the sternum, which is governed by Cancer), the lungs and the central nervous system in general. However, Gemini has the much more important function of governing the “tubing” of the body – not the veins and arteries, but the Eustachian tube of the ears, the fallopian tubes attached to the ovaries, bronchi, trachea, ureters, and the urethra.

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Geminians enjoy drinks and exotic foods, spicy and seasoned foods with anise or caraway, but their food should be light with fresh fruits, vegetables and greens. You may need to supplement the diet with Kali muriaticum, which is essential for the formation of fibrin. This will help prevent congestion of the bronchi and swelling of the glands. You should avoid smoking, a habit more dangerous to Gemini than to any other sign. The lemon balm , good for acute pain, is associated with Gemini.


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It governs several different functions. It dominates the “covers”, such as the membranes of the brain, lungs and heart, the sinus cavities, the eyeballs, the bone marrow, the cheeks of the face and the storage of glycogen from the liver. Anemia, of the type that comes from bone marrow problems, is also under the control of Cancer. It regulates the posterior pituitary, where several hormonal functions occur, it also regulates the breasts, the sternum and the chest region. Its primary regency is of the stomach and the digestive processes that occur within this organ. Cancer should avoid foods high in cholesterol, if they benefit from a diet that includes lots of dairy products. It should, however, complement it with calcium fluoride, considered important for the health of teeth, nails and bones. High water content fruits and vegetables, such as melon and pumpkin , they are associated with cancer.

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It regulates the heart, the vertebrae that protect the spine, the vena cava and coronary, the aorta and the coronary arteries anterior and posterior, the long dorsal and large dorsal, transverse, diaphragmatic and cardiac muscles. The sun in Leo may have heart and back problems, as well as acute fevers. Among the herbs ruled by Leo are Angelica, who “comforts the heart”; the Euphrasia, which heals affections of the eyes; and the morrion, which relieves toothaches. It may be beneficial for the leonine to supplement the diet with magnesium phosphate, which does well for the heart and helps to relax; you also need to be careful to control the amount of cholesterol you consume.

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It regulates the pancreas, the oblique, transverse muscles of the abdomen and rectus abdominis, the upper and lower gastric and mesenteric arteries, the portal, hepatic, umbilical and intestinal veins; in the spleen, governs the function of dividing prana at the etheric level. Virgo is related to the internal functions of enzyme production and to the storage of glycogen in the liver. It is involved with the absorption and assimilation of food. Without adequate absorption, nutritional deficiencies may occur.

As Virgo is opposed to Pisces, people with Virgo planets are usually sensitive to drugs. They usually only need the minimum dosages of any medicine for the best results. People with Sun in Virgo may have problems with diabetes or hypoglycemia, colitis or diarrhea. They have the possibility of poor assimilation of food, necessitating a strict and healthy diet with plenty of fiber. They can benefit from Cali’s sulfuric salt , which fights bronchitis.


It regulates the kidneys, the lumbar vertebrae, the lumbar and lumbar sacral muscles, the adrenal, renal and lumbar arteries and the renal and lumbar veins. It also governs basal metabolism, specifically acid-base metabolism. A Libran who consumes a lot of meat can have acidosis (tensions and inability to relax, heartburn, insomnia or light sleep, unreasonable nervousness and headaches). With Libra in the Ascendant or in the Middle of the sky, one can suspect a glandular dysfunction. Wild fruits, such as gooseberry , have a strong bond with Libra. With the Sun in Libra, you may need to supplement your diet with sodium phosphate, which reduces stomach acidity and helps dissolve gallstones, as well as alleviating throat inflammations.

Many Librans have a slow metabolism, coupled with a preference for high-fat foods and often sweets, can lead to weight gain. Regular exercise can be a solution.


It regulates the prostate and the reproductive system, but its main function is the regency of the colon. It regulates the tuberosity of the ischium, upper narrow pelvic (pelvic margin) and symphysis pubis, cremaster muscles, sphincter of the anus, penis, clitoris and bladder sphincter, internal iliac artery and spermatic, mesenteric, colic veins and hemorrhoidal. Among the herbs associated with Scorpio is the small-bellied beak , good for cramps and to expel kidney stones.

For most Scorpios, food is something that should be enjoyed: they like wines and high-fat foods and may find it difficult to adopt a diet. It would be interesting to supplement the diet with Kali Muriaticum salt.


The thighs, the sciatic nerve, the expiratory functions of the lungs, the ilium, femur, coccyx and sacrum bones, the iliopsoas, iliacus, pectini, sartorius, rectum, quadriceps extender and the glutes that form the gluteal region, the arteries external iliac, femoral and sacral, sacral, iliac and large saphenous veins. Sagittarians like rich and heavy foods, so they can gain weight easily. Perhaps the Kali Muriaticum salt does you good as it prevents bronchial congestion and swollen glands. You should make an effort to find out which foods do not suit you, and try to identify exactly what your limits are in terms of both food and drink to avoid problems with your liver.


It regulates the processes of the gallbladder, the patella, the patellar and popliteal ligament, the iliac and popliteal arteries (to some extent), the popliteal and saphenous veins. Also rules the knees. People with the Sun in Capricorn may have rheumatism or generalized pain, as well as skin problems; can feel their knees snapping when standing or leaning. In older ages, there may be arthritis in the knees, causing hardening of the joints.

Most Capricorns have an extremely fast metabolism, so they are likely to be less prone to problems related to being overweight. The calcium phosphate in the diet would be interesting because it is the primary salt contained in the bone structure.


It regulates the ankles, the tibia and the fibula, the tibialis anterior, fibular third muscles, the Achilles tendons soleus and gastrocnemius, the tibial artery, the internal saphenous vein. It also governs the oxygenation process of the body. Lack of oxygen prevents cells from working at full capacity. Someone with a strong Aquarius on the birth chart should follow a low starch diet because starchy foods “sequester” oxygen from the body during their digestion. In-depth breathing exercises also help to eliminate carbon dioxide from the body. Aquarius also influences the blood circulation in general. Regulates the cones and rods of the eyes; dominates the spinal cord, which is protected by the vertebrae of the back. Foods that are preserved, such as apples and citrus fruits, are governed by Aquarius. Unrefined Natrum Muriaticum is salt and can bring benefits if it is included in your diet. But you should remember, however, that a balanced diet provides all the salt you need and should not overeat your food.


It regulates the veins of the feet, the internal and external plantar arteries, the tarsal and metatarsal muscles, the short extensor and flexor muscles of the toes, abductors of the hallux and accessory flexor or plantar square muscle, the tarsi, metatarsals and phalanges. Pisces is the weakest health sign in the zodiac. The piscianos should not exert themselves too much: moderation in all its forms is a maxim they should follow during their lives. The healing process can take a lot of time for Pisces people. In order for them to develop a stronger physical constitution, Pisces should be treated through water. Bathing is an integral part of the recovery process of mental, physical and emotional problems. Clean air, hiking and sunshine also help a lot.

Pisces rules the entire lymphatic system, which is the first line of defense against bacteria and viruses foreign to the body. The lymph uses leukocytes completely; when the diet is deficient and the toxins are reabsorbed by the body, the lymph nodes become tender, sore and swollen. Which is sometimes confused with tumors or cancer. Fish is also directly related to the amount of mucus. Excess mucus or phlegm can obstruct several organs, damaging their respective functions. The result is a widespread feeling of apathy and fatigue. For the piscianos, it is beneficial to supplement the diet with Ferrum Phosphate, a combination of iron and oxygen that enriches the blood and attenuates the inflammations. The cucumbers and melons are among the foods associated with Pisces.

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