We attract luck: your TALISMAN on the Sign of the Zodiac. All children believe in a miracle. In Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, St. Nicholas … Childhood is passing away, and although we are becoming adults, some of us continue to believe, now signs, fortune-telling, horoscopes, etc. Someone, grinning, will say: “Nonsense ..”.

Yes, but many serious people in leadership positions regularly demand a daily horoscope from their secretaries, and only after seeing that the day is coming, they calmly accept business meetings and negotiations. There are cases when serious events, business, trips were canceled due to an unsuccessful horoscope … and for good reason!

Each of the twelve signs of the zodiac is unique, so this article will deal with a personal talisman for each. I hope these endowed with not only beauty, but also a sense of decoration, will help you in the fight against life stress, as well as attract luck, love and success into your life.


People of this sign have a strong character and determination. They are energetic, tireless, hot. Stubbornness and absolute lack of flexibility are their motto. They are able to hit head and business acumen, but deep in the soul, they remain vulnerable children. The talisman for this fire sign is a simple gold coin on a chain. Translated from Latin, the word “coin” means “counselor” or “cautionary.” Even in ancient times it was believed that the gold coin on the neck attracts wealth, good luck and deliverance from all adversity.



People of this sign are distinguished by nobility and independent character. Usually they are kind, leisurely, stress resistant and strong. Their strength is hard work and perseverance. Tauruses do not mind thinking alone, although they usually find great happiness in devotion to their family.

The indisputable talisman for this sign is the figure of a calf made of wood or copper. These talismans have long helped to protect the home, save love and marriage. Ideally, such a talisman is advised to be worn as a bracelet on your left hand.


Gemini has a complex dual character. Their mood is changeable, often they are “out of sorts”, but charm, sociability and a sharp mind, more than compensate for the shortcomings of this sign.

The ideal talisman for twins is a golden or silver key, which is advised to be worn on a chain, closer to the heart. It is believed that it helps to open the door to material wealth, family well-being and contributes to the establishment of useful contacts.


People who are lucky enough to be born under this sign are sensitive. They are easily agitated and offended. Cancers are noble and disinterested, but due to the rare manifestation of these qualities, they often seem to be surrounding egoists. They love family comfort, prefer honor and glory to material benefits.

The talisman of this sign – a silver figurine of a crab or a crayfish helps to find the location of others and self-confidence, it attracts financial and material benefits to the family, protects from the evil eye and bad luck.

a lion

Those born under the sign of Leo are pets of fate and good luck, they are distinguished by ambitiousness and vanity. With ease, and in any way, achieve your goals. They are beautiful, intelligent and independent. Often have a large social circle.

The talisman for this fire sign is a star of gold. This decoration should be voluminous, differ in clarity of lines and proportions. The length of the chain should reach the middle of the chest. Talisman attracts new, useful contacts and opens up promising horizons in business.


Under this sign, unusually attentive people are born, endowed with intelligence, logic, and excellent intuition. They have a strong sense of duty and spend money very wisely. Unfortunately, Virgos do not have many friends, the fault is a closed nature.

Pendant in the form of a cube or owl will be a great talisman for the Dev. The owl will strengthen the vital forces, and the cube will save you from diseases and will attract prosperity to the house.


People born under this sign are often modest, charming and independent. Like most dual signs, their character is changeable, today they are in good spirits, and tomorrow they become moody and evil, which is why they lose friends and relatives.

Pendant in the form of silver scales will be an excellent talisman from a bad eye, extinguish the dark side of the personality, and attract good and light into the family.


People of this sign have the power, cunning, invincible and undeniable. With them is always interesting and dangerous. Neglect tact and propriety, like to express their opinions directly in the face. Possess very strong intuition.

The cobalt-colored frog will bring good luck and attract wealth, passion and love.


Those born under this sign are often talkative, active, kind and hardworking people. The kindheartedness and sincerity of Streltsov, unfortunately, is often negated by excessive impulsivity and extremes.

From noble idealists Sagittarius can easily turn into resourceful financiers. Talisman in the form of a scarab of jasper will help keep the hearth and attract promotion.


People born under this sign have a persistent character and patiently strive for good results in all their deeds and undertakings. Very often suffer because of their pride and independence.

A beautiful talisman for Capricorns is the Turtle made of onyx or malachite, it will attract good luck in business, help you move up the career ladder and save you from the evil eye and slander.


People of this sign are vulnerable, sensitive, have few close friends who can be trusted. Inquisitive, friendly and tactful, they are very interesting companions.

The talisman in the form of a transparent angel figurine will be a panacea for loneliness and will attract love, luck and material well-being.


Very often among the Pisces there are weak personalities who easily fall under bad influence. Fish love to look weak and helpless. They are good-looking, they have no end of fans. Often deprived of vanity and mercantile spirit, Pisces take better care of other people than pay attention to themselves.

A pearl on a chain will become an excellent talisman, will attract love and material wealth, will help to gain the patronage of powerful people. If you like this article, share it with your friends and acquaintances, let them know which talisman will bring luck, love and success to their lives.

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