BODY SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC – Get to know the scoundrels by sight! We will reveal to you what is hidden in a quiet pool of 12 all the famous signs of the zodiac. You probably weren’t ready for such hell … These are 12 scum signs of the zodiac.

Surely you do not believe in horoscopes, but still from time to time you quietly read star predictions from amateur astrologers on the last page of a local newspaper. Well, drop this nonsense! It’s time to look at the familiar signs of the zodiac from a completely different perspective. Today is an infotainment online magazine

Here is a horoscope with humor. We will reveal to you what is hidden in a quiet pool of 12 all the known signs of the zodiac. You probably weren’t ready for such hell … These are 12 scum signs of the zodiac. Get to know the scoundrels by sight! ZODIAC SECURITY SIGNS:



Nervous and impulsive Bastard. Perhaps this is all said. Immediately after the deed, he either asks for forgiveness – noisily, with his head strewn with ashes and other theatrical effects (in order to return to the old one the next day), or he doesn’t ask – you see, pride does not allow it. 
Excuses: “Sorry, found something,” “Bes beguiled.”



Calculating Bastard. You don’t even have to ask this: “Do you even think what you are doing?” Believe me, as you still do. He certainly calculated ahead of time where to hit, so that it would be more painful. 
Excuses: “You yourself deserve it.”



Frivolous Bastard. Often, he simply does not understand what he is behaving like the last bastard (one and a half convolutions somehow do not have to analyze their actions). Forgets about the dirty tricks after 5 minutes. 
Excuses: “Are you offended? Why?”



All-Out-of-All-Disappointed Bastard. You are a bastard, and he is an innocent victim of circumstances. And it will always be so, even if there are ten times more nasty things on his account than on yours. Moreover, he will make sure that the whole world learns about how you treated him, poor little, badly. 
Excuses: “You yourself forced me!”


a lion

Narcissistic Bastard. He is wise and great, he is the king, others are garbage underfoot. From this position all his filth comes. 
Excuses: “I so wanted.”



Vindictive Bastard. Somewhere once you crossed her path (or simply unsuccessfully spoke out on her account) – get what you deserve! All these years, she simply waited for an opportunity to pour out all the dirt that had accumulated inside her.

Excuses: out of business – “Me ?! But how could you think! ”Or the triumphant“ But you remember … ”



Cowardly Bastard. Scales rightfully awarded 1 place in the rating of bastards. A vile, immoral creature. Here he lied, then slandered, there betrayed – such a way of life. And all because of cowardice. 
Excuses: none. Nashakalil and hid.



Fundamental Bastard. Principles can be any, not the essence of them. From the point of view of his super complex worldview, you have violated a ban and should be punished. He considers himself an instrument of Justice (with a capital letter, yes). 
Excuses: none. And arrogantly raised chin.



Scandalous Bastard. A tram boom, a bazaar woman … Enjoys conflicts as such. 
Excuses: meaningless text, richly flavored with obscenities, in raised tones.



Stubborn and Limited Bastard. The indifference of Taurus + Leo’s egoism + his personal unique dullness. Still greed as seasoning. 
Excuses: “It happened.”



Cynical Bastard. Honorable 2nd place after Libra. Will do disgust only to laugh at your suffering. He has a congenital heart disease – that is, his (heart) lack. 
Excuses: “Ha ha.”



Indifferent Bastard. Hearing the cry “Help!”, Slams the window and tightly wraps himself in a blanket. Do not expect from him that he will come to your hospital, where you live the last days on injections. 
Excuses: “Each for himself, I’m sorry.”

Did you recognize yourself or your neighbor Vaska in these starry felts? I hope we have not slandered anyone … Share coincidences with us in the comments. Let your friends relate to things like stellar predictions with humor – show them a horoscope of scumbag zodiac signs.

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