Couples like Gemini with Capricorn.

It may happen that you create the perfect union of two completely opposite personalities. The difference in your characters, so clearly manifested even at the beginning of the meeting, will lead to mutual interest. But this charm can very quickly develop into irritation and even hatred. Capricorn is a serious, business person, constant in relation to life and feelings. Seldom falls in love, but if this happens, love will be deep and all-consuming.

He will give all his strength to such relationships, which he certainly wants to make successful and very happy. We draw the attention of Capricorn that the charming Gemini has a completely different attitude to life. Dear Capricorns, do not create illusions for yourself regarding a beautiful future.

Strange couple: strict and judicious Capricorn and irresponsible and frivolous Gemini. It’s not easy for you to find a common language. Capricorn annoys the lightness and recklessness of Gemini. Uncertainty about the future deprives him of the much-desired sense of reliability. Gemini presents surprise after surprise. You can never predict what they will throw out the next moment, because their actions are impulsive, and the words reflect the momentary mood.

And yet … dear Gemini – if he really loves, he will be able to forgive everything. And if not, if he decides that the game is not worth the candle, he will have to say goodbye with the hope of a happy future … And the Capricorns themselves will have to accept their Gemini as it is, or … understand: all this does not make sense, and we must stop at that that is, without giving up hope for the future, so unreliable.

This union cannot be called a prisoner in heaven. Few friends would recommend such a partnership. Gemini is too indomitable, to the taste of the conservative Capricorn, who always wants to completely control his partner. If Capricorn invites you to dinner on Thursday night, he will not like to find in the restaurant a huge crowd of your friends and buddies. But the Twins like to play with Capricorn. They treat everything like a game. However, Capricorn takes the fight for the heart of his partner very seriously. Gemini should forever forget about unexpected parties with friends, Capricorn should know everything in advance.

Capricorn has a lot of positive qualities. He will help the Twins overcome life’s difficulties and uncover within themselves such talents that the Twins did not even suspect. The most remarkable thing about this union is the feeling of the forbidden fruit. You can be sure that all your friends will whisper behind your back that your union will not last long. But for the stubborn Capricorn, this is just one more reason to strengthen your relationship.

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Do not try to change each other. You can’t wash off a black dog. Live and rejoice that your partner is what he is and not what you would like him to be. And Capricorn should think about the fact that the schedule is not the main thing in life …

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