Name meaning : the snake as an old animal symbol for the sun.

Leo Date : July 23rd – August 23rd

Symbol of the lion : ♌

Quality : Fire – Fix – Positive

Ruler planet of the lion : sun

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Lucky colors: gold, orange, white, red

Happy Day : Sunday

Lucky numbers : 1, 4, 10, 13, 19, 22

Birthstone of the Lion : Peridot

Similar Chinese Animal : Rooster

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It looks as impressive in the sky as lions like to be. A star cluster forms the lion’s head with an imposing mane. Many lions actually have such a lion’s mane, especially those with the ascendant lion. The lion has had a special meaning from the beginning. In ancient Egypt, goddesses have been depicted lion-headed, and the enigmatic sphinx is located at the dice next to the pyramids.

The sun associated with the lion is the central star of our universe. This also underlines the importance of the lion. Also in our religions the sun has a special meaning. The first monotheistic religion was founded by Akhenaten. He has installed Aton, the sun god, as the sole god, dethroning all other gods in Egypt.

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The lion is one of the zodiac signs that have an accumulation of so-called undershoots, that is, that the different degrees have very different temperaments and also different prenatal and early childhood stories. That’s why they react very differently. There is the cliché of the lion who falls into the lap of everything, who presents himself wonderfully, who is strong, has no stage fright and artistically on all stages at home, but that is not true.

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Zodiac Leo: Properties

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The Leo is considered to be proud, and accordingly ambitious he lives his life: The lion strives for luxury and has great plans. This sign of the zodiac makes its fellows participate in its success, because generosity is one of its virtues.

Contagious is the optimistic attitude of the zodiac lion. Like the sun, it emits rays that cast an immediate spell over everyone: A lion-human loves it when the eyes of all present are pointed at him, and willingly assumes the role of the host. He celebrates the very big performance with pleasure.

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Positive thinking is easy for this star sign. However, it is important that the lion is praised regularly: Who krault his mane and honors him with well-intentioned words, which makes himself popular and will enjoy the dispensing humor of the lion. Attention, commanding or even humiliating can not be the star sign Leo! Who tries, before he bares his teeth.

Lions have power. They are cheerful and need their freedom. The weak and helpless are happy to protect them. However, every lion has to be careful that he gathers contemporaries of equal rank with whom he can compete. That’s good for his ego.

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However, born in the sign Leo also have weaknesses. For example, they are said to have vanity and arrogance. That’s why lions have to work on themselves and should always be careful to stay on the (red) carpet. If he does not take off, then the lion can be a role model for others in terms of courage and energy – a mission that he wholeheartedly fulfills.

Zodiac Leo and his character

The lion is the fifth sign of the zodiac. His planet is the sun and his element is the fire.

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Strengths of the lion:

  • fervor
  • willpower
  • self-confidence
  • loyalty
  • justice

Weaknesses of the lion:

  • obstinacy
  • bossiness
  • Megalomania
  • arrogance
  • intolerance

Spotlight, applause and admiration

The limelight attracts the lion irresistibly. A lion yearns for applause and admiration. With a proud attitude and unwavering self-confidence, the lion wants to conquer its own empire. Of course, he knows exactly how to best use his radiant smile and his power of attraction. Its sunny nature makes it popular and the center of many a society. He attaches great importance to status symbols and luxury, because he likes to underline his glowing image and thus wants to impress his fellow human beings.

Magnanimous and justice-loving

If he gets his vanity under control and focuses on the essential, he can do great things. The proud lion, always a symbol of courage, strength and superiority, does not decorate so many coats of arms of large families in vain. The typical lion will always try to get to the top. But that does not make him unpopular with others, because he usually performs with great generosity and has a strong sense of justice. However, he has to be careful that he does not get a bit arrogant from time to time.

He gladly takes responsibility

Even with the gray everyday life of the lion copes well. He is only too happy to take responsibility and grow in it. He would like to take over only tasks that meet his expectations and expectations. If that is not possible, the king of the animals likes to buck once.

Courageous and fearless in dangerous situations

The lion is ruled by the sun and, like them, it radiates and spreads a certain amount of warmth. Generous and as the protector of the weak, he always has to be careful not to be exploited. As comfortable as he likes to be sometimes, so courageously and fearlessly can he venture into dangerous situations when he opposes oppression and vulgarity. Forgetting his royal distance, he lets the others feel his claws until his sovereignty is restored.

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