So, you’re in a new relationship. You really like him or her and you’re looking for ways to connect and learn a little more about his or her story. If you’re having trouble thinking of how to stimulate some deep thoughts, why not turn to astrology? Your new boo’s zodiac sign can help you dig a little deeper, and can tell you which direction to take with your conversation topics.
You can learn a lot about your partner through astrology, whether you believe in it or not. Asking some deep questions, and the right questions—things that will stimulate some super interesting conversation—at the start can help you to see if they’ll be long-term relationship worthy or a brief fling.

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Maybe it will deepen your connection and strengthen your relationship, or maybe not. Regardless, these deep questions will at least give you some insight into who your partner truly is. Here’s what you should ask him or her, based on their zodiac sign:


Aries thrives off of success and accomplishments. Ask them: “Who or what motivated you to get to where you are today? And what is your motivation as you move toward your next goal?”


Taurus are sentimental characters and they care deeply about their values. Ask them: “What is your biggest priority in life?” For instance, do they care more about status, money, self-expression, etc.


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Gemini is the social butterfly, life of the party sign, but they also have two very different sides. Ask them: “What makes you happiest in life, and what makes you the most distraught?”


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Cancer is the emotional powerhouse of the zodiac. Ask them: “What makes you feel the most safe, secure, and at home?”


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Leos love to show off. They are prideful beings, but also very creative and emotionally evolved. Ask them: “What’s your biggest accomplishment, or what are you most proud of?”


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Virgo can be a bit tense and critical, but are also very perceptive. Ask them: “What makes you feel the most at ease?”


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Libra is the intellectual diplomat of the zodiac. Ask them: “What book or piece of writing has had the most impact on you and why?”


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Scorpio is attractive and magnetic, and they also love a challenge. Ask them: “What’s the biggest transformation you’ve gone through in life and how have you grown from it?”


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Sagittarius is the adventurer of the zodiac. They love expanding their minds and being inspired. Ask them: “If you could visit any place in the world, where would it be and why?”


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Capricorn is very concerned with success, and they can be extremely driven and powerful people. Ask them: “What do you want to be known for, or what legacy do you wish to leave behind?”


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Aquarius is the rarest, most enigmatic sign. They’re truly free spirits you can’t seem to pin down. Ask them: “What do you want to ask me?” This will really throw them for a loop and allow them to explore those wild thoughts in their minds.


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Pisces is the real artist of the zodiac. They’re also a sign of sacrifice. ask them: “What sacrifices have you made in your life—which ones were worth it and which ones weren’t?”

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