How are you as a friend, sorted by rank from very affectionate to independent and distant. Based on your zodiac sign.


As soon as a cancer falls in love with you, it expects a “Good morning” text in the morning and a message every now and then throughout the day.

And if you are in the same room with a cancer, he expects constant physical contact, such as the head on your shoulder or the hand on your lap.

Cancer blooms when you pay attention and attention. If you are in a relationship with a cancer, not a day will pass when they don’t let you know how big their love for you is. Conclusion: super affectionate.


With Aquarius, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been together for three years or three months. An Aquarius will always try to express his feelings, be it a self-written poem or a sweet little note on the fridge.

Aquarius will prepare your favorite food and give you the most creative gifts.

He knows exactly where to start to touch you and he really does every day. Conclusion: clingy but sweet. 


The Libra hates being alone. She doesn’t like to eat alone. She wants to have her boyfriend with her.

And she doesn’t want to see her favorite series alone. She would like to do everything with her boyfriend and she wants him to do everything.

That’s why she writes him so many messages and always reminds him of joint plans so that he doesn’t forget it. Conclusion: Affectionate on an annoying level. 


The fish partner can be very jealous, she marks and defends her territory.

Holding hands in public is their way of showing what is theirs. That she proudly tells everyone about the relationship is also part of her style.

She will take her boyfriend to every party and event because she wants everyone to know.

She is always proud of her boyfriend and will always defend him. Conclusion: affectionate but in a nice way. 


The bull woman will do her best not to show you that she is attached. It will hold itself back to wait for you to log in first.

She is more of a friend who gives you subtle clues as to how much they love and miss you.

It will go on for a long time, but if you are a couple for a long time and she feels comfortable, she will cry out her love.

And you will never be able to stop this “screaming”. Conclusion: aloof at first, then attached later. 


The lion woman wants to be independent in a relationship. She wants to make her own money and she also needs her freedom.

But she also loves compliments and likes to feel loved and attractive and if her partner is someone who never compliments her or shows her how important she is to her, she will quickly tire of him and leave.

A lioness is one of the most distant but loyal women. She knows what she wants in life and doesn’t make it dependent on a man. Conclusion: Independent and strong, but loyal and lovable.


The twin woman is a split personality. On some days, she wants to be left alone to cope with herself.

On other days, she would like to be held and reminded that everything is fine.

It is relatively difficult for a man to tell what he is like with a twin woman. It is also difficult to know whether you will get a distant or devoted partner tomorrow, but if the relationship lasts longer, you learn to deal with her and understand her mind.

Conclusion: A complicated personality, but once you understand it, it makes a great partner. 


From the outside, the virgin is cool, complicated and a very rational woman, but when you get to know her better, you can see the depth and empathy.

In a relationship, she just wants her partner to be happy and since she is a perfectionist, she will do most things right.

Then it is up to the man whether he sees it as clingy or just trying to build a wonderful relationship.

Conclusion: Usually intelligent and always based on long-term relationships and depending on the partner clingy or distant. 


When you meet a Capricorn woman for the first time, at first glance you will find her to be very independent and decisive.

But if you are with her for longer and bring time and effort with it, you will see how she opens over time and literally drops.

She’ll treat you like a king. It will leave everything behind for you.

You will be able to hold in-depth discussions about life with her and always feel understood.

You will feel loved by her every single day. Conclusion: Independent and initially distant, but with time an absolute jackpot. 


Sometimes the Aries woman is too independent and loves freedom. There is always a time in the life of an Aries woman in which she does not want to bind herself and does not want to stay in one place.

She would then have the freedom to always do what she likes. She doesn’t want to have someone waiting for an answer from her or with whom she MUST meet.

But sooner or later, the time will come for them to arrive and meet their soul mate.

Then it becomes the exact opposite. She hardly ever wants to leave the house with her partner, and if so, only together. Conclusion: Independent for a long time and untamable until the right person enters your life. 

If you upset the Scorpio woman, it can mean that sometimes they don’t talk to you for days.

She also has no problem leaving the apartment in the middle of a dispute and simply ignoring you for the next few days. She’s not the best at talking, so you really have to pull everything out of her nose.

She really tends to be very closed and that is not very conducive to a relationship.

A Scorpio woman takes a long time to open up and not every man is willing to bring this patience and time. Conclusion: Very closed and distant, some would even say that she is cold as ice, even if she is in love. 


The Sagittarius woman is usually not a relationship person. So if a Sagittarius woman falls in love with you, be sure that you mean a lot to her.

She has a hard time showing you her love because she is used to being alone for most of her life. She is not used to thinking for a second person in her life or planning her life for two people.

It will take time for this woman to get used to and adapt to a relationship life. She still has to learn to show her vulnerable side, how to open your heart and entrust everything to yourself. Conclusion: The most independent zodiac sign in a relationship.

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