There are people among us who can see something good in everything and everyone and who can draw the positive out of every situation. And then there are people who whine all the time, don’t get themselves pulled up and push others down with their mood. Which of the two do you belong to?

Our zodiac sign has a disposition in the positive or negative direction. And today you will find out whether the stars have given you an optimistic or pessimistic receptivity and what you can do to pull yourself onto the good side of life. Be curious!


Nothing brings you down because you are a warrior of light.

You are the fighter under the zodiac signs and fight your way through life without looking back. You are not wasting your time letting old injuries pull you down, but looking ahead.

Nothing has the power over you to get you down, because you alone determine your life and your mood. That is a good attitude! Should you have to gnaw on something longer, take your time, close your eyes and take a deep breath for a moment. Your strength will come back to you. Follow us on Instagram.

BULL (APRIL 21 – MAY 20):

The optimist with the goal in view.

You are an optimist through and through. Your gaze is upwards and the colors in your world are bright. You see the good in your life and you want to move forward. You don’t let yourself get down because you constantly have new goals that you work on and with which you want to improve.

This is how you focus on the positive. However, you have to be careful not to put too much pressure on yourself, with your high standards. Take some time off and enjoy the beautiful things around you instead of rushing past them. Follow us here on Instagram.

TWINS (MAY 21 – JUNE 21)

No matter where there is positive, you will find it!

Your talent clearly lies in seeing what is good in people and in relationships with them. You will not find yourself in the situation that you find your life barren, because you will always discover new and interesting pages that fascinate you.

You can draw something positive out of almost anything and that is your big advantage. Others find you totally attractive and seek your closeness. That makes you very successful personally and professionally and in turn makes you happy. Your life follows an eternal positive cycle. Follow us here on Instagram.


You are the compassionate empath under the zodiac signs.

Unfortunately, you are too attached to the negative things. Because you are extremely sensitive and sensitive, always want to help others and feel very compassionate, the stories and problems of your friends and acquaintances strain you too much and you absorb them like your own conflicts.

So something pulls you down permanently that you can’t let go of. Try to break away from the idea that you have to take it all in and instead stay with yourself and the things that make you feel good. Follow us here on Instagram.


The realistic gaze of the lion helps him to complete the bad and to turn to the good.

You have understood that light and shadow complement each other. One cannot exist without the other and so you accept that there are both good and bad times in life.

Nothing is just black or white, you know that. This knowledge and wisdom make you a clever being and you know how to perceive and appreciate the positive in your life, because you know that it might as well be over tomorrow.


Improvements for the positive make you an absolute optimist.

You could think of the virgin as being pessimistic, after all she constantly criticizes herself. But virgins are obsessed with improving themselves and the circumstances around them and are therefore looking for the good.

If you have the zodiac sign of the virgin, then your gaze is on the positive and therefore optimism is in your genes. You immediately let negativity get over with your positive nature and always hold out the good so that it has no chance. Follow us here on Instagram.


Positive and negative alternately pull you up and down.

You want to create balance and therefore see both sides of life: Both the good things please you and the bad also pull you down. You are constantly exploring yourself and trying to gain optimism.

Your feelings fluctuate constantly. Exercise and fresh air can help you ground yourself. Take long walks in the sun, maybe with a dear friend if you have good conversations. This will help you to focus on the good. Follow us here on Instagram.


Focus on the good to escape pessimism.

Too often you get a melancholic feeling that pulls you under its spell. You can not handle it well and you try to save yourself from it, but it is very difficult for you.

You still have to find the right tactic for you. It could help you to focus on what you already have in your life. Look at the positive things, no matter how small, and pull yourself up on them. Then optimism also has a chance with you. Follow us here on Instagram.


The shooter is an easy-to-influence optimist.

Your basis is a fundamentally positive and cheerful person. This is wonderful and makes you a pleasant contemporary. However, negative people can easily influence your mood and pull you down.

If you meet people who behave unfairly or turn your eyes to the bad, you quickly fall into a negative mood. Pay attention to yourself so that your eyes can stick to the good. Follow us here on Instagram.


You grew up to be a positive thinker.

The more you have been allowed to experience in your life, the more you have noticed how powerful a positive attitude can be.

Life is what you make of it, that’s your motto and that’s what you live by. So you always go ahead optimistically and infect all people around you who allow it with your good mood. Keep it up! Follow us here on Instagram.


Your optimism is so strong that nobody can take it away from you!

You are the most resilient optimist among all zodiac signs! Your mood and attitude follow the sun. You see the good in everything and pull yourself up by it. Nobody can spoil a great day for you, because you don’t even allow it.

You differentiate yourself from negative people and so pessimism has no chance with you. You have implanted your positivity so deeply that it can take nothing and nobody from you. Follow us here on Instagram.


Your tender soul needs protection from the negativity from outside.

You react very sensitively to your environment and external influences. Your inner being is gentle and vulnerable and you are therefore prone to be broken. Of course, this affects you and your mood very much and your emotionality often makes you sway into the negative.

To prevent this, protect yourself from people who want to poison your soul and your life and keep away from negative impressions. What you need is love, closeness and warmth. Surround yourself with beautiful things and dear people. Follow us here on Instagram.

It doesn’t matter whether you already have a little optimist who needs to be woken up or whether your soul is exposed to the negative influences of pessimistic people, what matters is what you make of it. What all strong optimists have in common is their positive view of the world, their focus on the good and their open attitude towards life. Let negativity have no power over you, but stand up for your positivity so that you too can experience the happy life of an optimist!

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