Ancient Greek horoscope by date of birth

A very unusual horoscope )👇 But about me right to the point! Since ancient times, people believed that one can know the fate of a person by the stars. That is why in ancient times, the science of astrology was given great importance. The inhabitants of ancient Greece had their own divine horoscope, where their gods acted as signs of the zodiac. All the time frames of the Greek horoscope exactly coincide with the traditional ones, because the Romans built their zodiac system, focusing on the knowledge of ancient Greek scientists. However, unlike the Roman horoscope, which “sins” with severity and even some severity, the astrological system of symbols created in Ancient Greece is so permeated with poetry and a sense of celebration that it seems as if it was really created with the approval of cheerful, beautiful and powerful gods .Let’s find out together what the ancient gods gave you!

Ancient Greek horoscope by date of birth

Owl (21.03 – 20.04)

This is a symbol of the goddess Athena, who was considered the patroness of people born this month. She was born from the head of the god of thunder Zeus. She was called the thought of Zeus, put into practice. Therefore, the ancient Greeks believed that those born under her auspices she gives wisdom and great ability to implement the plan. In addition, the warrior goddess gives her wards courage and perseverance in the struggle for high ideals.

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Dove (April 21 – May 20)

He is associated with the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite. Aphrodite is older than the king of the gods Zeus. She is the embodiment of the cosmic power of love penetrating the whole world. Everything obeys her: people, and gods, and the nature of the Earth. Giving the subjects a share of her power, she helps them achieve excellence in relationships, and also gives wealth and beauty.

Lira (May 21 – June 21)

This musical instrument belonged to the radiant god of the sun and the patron of the arts Apollo. This wayward god could give a person talent with one hand and deprive him of his recognition with the other; could heal ailments, but he could send them. People born in his month were considered the same contradictory. The ancients believed that much was given to them, but only if they were not windy and frivolous. The main thing in life for such people should be a certain goal, on which we must fully concentrate.

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Turtle (06/22 – 07/22)

She was considered a symbol of the messenger of the gods Hermes. This symbol expresses the secrecy and secretiveness of the deity. Combining the world of people with the worlds of the gods and the dead, Hermes does not patronize almost anyone, with the exception of heroes. Touching his wand to a person, he sends dreams and visions through which you can know the will of the gods. Hermes gives his wards a good intuition that allows them to see the otherworldly subtext of events, and also marks them with the seal of their secrecy.

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Eagle (07.23 – 08.23)

The royal bird personifies the almighty god Zeus. He is the father of all gods and people, the master of all blessings and the cause of all misfortunes. Seeking power, he defeated many ancient terrible monsters from the previous generation of gods, brought fertility, feelings of joy, conscience and shame to the world. But then, being himself not subject to fate, he does not know the fate of his creations and can figure them out only by using the golden scales. To people born in their month, he grants nobility, justice and power, provided that they will carefully weigh all their actions.

Casket (08.24 – 09.23)

This is the property of the goddess Demeter. The name Demeter means “earth.” She was revered as the donor of fruits, the organizer of order and the mother who protects her child (Persephone – nature). Those born under the patronage of this goddess are endowed with housekeeping, good organizational skills, a sense of duty and justice. Like Demeter, they are also attached to children and their home. 

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It is dedicated to the divine blacksmith Hephaestus. The basis of the life of courageous Hephaestus is hard work: he faithfully serves the gods. Hephaestus forged lightning for Zeus and a beautiful box for Pandora. However, Hephaestus also serves mere mortals, teaching them various crafts. Hephaestus makes the best of those born in his month similar to himself: they “forge the halls of the gods” on the earth, that is, they create new ideals in this world that bring earthly life closer to the harmony of the kingdom of heaven, teaching others by example. But everything is given to them only by hard painstaking labor. In no case should they be lazy.

She-wolf (24.10 – 22.11)

She serves the warlike and powerful Ares, who was considered the god of war. He brought death and destruction, but at the same time he passionately loved Aphrodite. They had children: Harmony and Eros (love), as well as Phobos (fear) and Deimos (horror). Ares embodies passion and sensuality and can give those who are under his protection, both happiness and passionate love, and the power that can sweep everything in its path. In order to succeed in life, these people need happiness in the family.

Hounds (11/23 – 12/21)

They accompany the goddess-hunter Artemis – the twin sister of Apollo (their months in the annual circle are opposite each other). Artemis is a strict defender of order in all its manifestations: in nature, in human relations, and even on Olympus. People born in her month have a vocation for spiritual teaching, are very principled and ready to overcome many difficulties in the name of their ideals. Often they, like their patroness, love traveling, adventures and wild, pristine nature.

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Lamp (12.22 – 01.20)

This is a symbol of Hestia, the elder sister of the almighty Zeus. She was the patroness of unquenchable fire, uniting the world of the gods, a society of people and every family. In ancient Greece, the fire in the temple of Hestia was considered a symbol of the power and stability of the whole state. People who were born during this period are given the ability to bring perfection everywhere, to bring any undertaking to the ideal. She makes some of them closed, as if “not from this world.” But then they are able to see the hidden, secret essence of things.

Peacock (01.21 – 02.19)

He is the favorite bird of the wife of Zeus of regal Hera. This goddess often goes against her husband, showing independence, independence and arranging for him from time to time violent scenes of jealousy. In addition, Hera patronizes the brave and freedom-loving people. (The only hero she disliked was Hercules, but it was thanks to her enmity that he accomplished all his famous exploits.) Hera is the patroness of cities and urban dwellers.

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To people born in their month, Hera gives free thought, independence, a penchant for innovation, unexpected actions and a love of vibrant city life. And the main thing their weapon is a trick.

Dolphins (20.02 – 20.03)

These are the servants of Poseidon – the lords of the sea kingdom and brother of Zeus. Poseidon “manages” the bowels of the earth, minerals and sea depths. If a person born this month will like God, then he will fulfill all his wishes. In turn, a person, when in a good mood, can also “make happy” others with good deeds. In addition, Poseidon gives his wards an in-depth perception of the world, the ability to live according to their special internal laws and secretly influence others. Like the god of the sea, they can bring both a storm and calm into life, everything will depend only on their mood.

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