An important lesson every zodiac sign will learn in 2020.


You don’t have to be the smartest, strongest, or best in everything. It’s okay to want to measure yourself to develop, but not at any cost. Sometimes it’s the right thing to let go and take it a little looser and don’t always live in the fast lane.

In this year of 2020 you will learn that a relationship or a friendship is always about wanting to create something together and not about individual performance. Sooner or later you will see that it is no use fighting for or for something alone, it always requires two people to pursue the same goal.


Get off the gas. Slow down. Don’t spend too much. You run the risk of burning out if you keep doing what you have been doing. Your everyday life of work, work and even more work could cost you a burn out if you are not careful. This is because you are someone who never really knows where his limits are.

Working hard is an essential part of your personality, but this year of 2020 you will bitterly experience that you have to put the brakes on because your body will give you signals that you can no longer ignore.

From time to time you should take a little break in life to recharge your batteries and to enjoy the beautiful things in life away from work.


In the coming year you have to learn to love and respect yourself more, because that’s the only way the other people around you will do that.

In 2020 you will also learn a particularly important lesson, namely that you will never keep a one-sided relationship alive again. If a flower wilts, you will no longer water it desperately.

You realize that you will not invest time or nerves in a person who does not feel the need to bring you the same love that you have to give.


You are always traveling a lot and want to see everything and get to know as many places as possible, but time does not always play a part. In the end it often turns out that you rarely do something 100%, but everything in a hurry and without thought. After all, you are a heart person and very spontaneous.

This year of 2020, you will learn the lesson that you cannot do everything at once. You learn that you have to choose certain things and then only focus on them.


You are used to being the “best” in things where you really do your best. You are also not afraid of hard work, which is why you are a welcome helper. Especially in the coming year of 2020 there is a really big pile of work waiting for you.

In 2020 you will learn that there is nothing free in life, but harvesting your hard work will be sweet and very motivating for the future.


You’re on your own this year . It becomes clear to you that you cannot trust anyone other than yourself and that if you do not do it yourself, nobody will really fight for you.

It will be very difficult for you to open up to others and your distrust is unusually sensitive. You have been deceived and disappointed too often and have even given a third and fourth to people who didn’t deserve a second chance.

This year of 2020 is finally over and you pay more attention to your needs and desires. You no longer want to be exploited or disappointed and therefore your circle has become smaller but also more valuable.


You have to learn once and for all how to let go of people and certain things. You are a very polite and nice (sometimes too nice) person, but the past does not let you go and does not allow you to be really happy.

Even if you get to know someone and everything is going well, there is always a picture from the past floating around in the back of your mind that worries you and does not allow you to feel free in the present.

In 2020 it is time to learn to forgive people from your past and to understand that you have to live in the here and now to be happy. Finally leave the past behind.


You tend to hide heartache and big disappointments from the world. You distract yourself with a wild life and long nights.

If you think it relieves your pain if you go fishing for someone else just to forget someone, you’re wrong.

In the coming year of 2020 , you will learn that the healing process is a long one and that you have to be patient. And that you cannot heal yourself by hurting and disappointing other uninvolved people. Nothing happens overnight, not even the relaxation of your soul.


It always takes a little longer for you than for the others to develop strong feelings for someone. This is not because you are too picky or difficult to deal with. This is much more because it is incredibly difficult for you to bind yourself completely. Your independence is just too important to you.

You love to make people happy, you are a good friend and listener and you have a wonderful sense of humor. Your positive charisma does the rest, but you are always missing a few percent to really fall in love.

In 2020 you will find that you can only be happy yourself if you refrain from thinking that a relationship would deprive you of your independence, because it does not do it with the right person. You don’t have to give up on yourself for a happy relationship, so don’t be afraid and let yourself go.


Everyone who knows you a little knows that you don’t stop, you have reached your goal and that applies to you in almost all areas of life. Sometimes this way can be a little intimidating to others, but in such moments until you are like an unstoppable machine.

But your life proves you right. You fight for everything and don’t give up as long as you believe in it.

In this year of 2020 you will learn that all the good things in life require hard work and that this hard work always pays off in the end. You are a shining example that you can do anything if you never give up on yourself.


It is not healthy for your soul to choose only one way of life, in your case social life or career. Choosing only one is toxic to your mind and soul.

So far you have driven well with it and have tried from time to time to bring both under one roof, which you sometimes even succeeded in doing.

But in this year of 2020, you will learn that it is also possible to live a good life with friends, family and hobbies in the long term while you are pursuing a career. Not just sometimes, but really long term and that will really do you good.


We all have moments or phases in which we no longer have strength. Moments when everything seems hopeless and we persuade ourselves that there would be no point in fighting it. We have all been at the bottom, where everything seems to be lost.

You are a sensitive and highly sensitive person and you are prone to depression. Many little things that others just accept can be very painful and disappointing for you. But in this year of 2020 you will finally understand that everybody has such phases and that they are only temporary. It will do you good to see that you are not alone with this burden on your soul and your look into the future will put a smile on your face.

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