These characteristics are striking in their accuracy! We do not know how this is possible. But sometimes astrologers show real miracles! And these characteristics for each of the zodiac signs are striking in their accuracy!

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All female secrets of Taurus, Gemini, Aries and Crayfish

Aries Woman

Aries women love strongly and truly. They always put love first. When they fall in love, at least for the first time, they are ready to devote their whole life and all their time to this.

In a woman in love born under this sign, relationships always develop intensively. But on the other hand, Aries is the easiest way to do without men for a long time. Of course, they are also made of flesh and bones, and also want the best for themselves, but at the same time they know how to enjoy freedom and independence. It’s just that they always crave only the best. “Better to be with anyone than with anyone,” – this is generally about Aries.

In the argument for Aries, the last word should always remain. But people born under this sign always take responsibility and know how to take care of themselves on their own. This is the typical contradiction of Aries: I do not want to stick to anyone, but if someone loses interest in me – this is already too much!

“I don’t want my partner to dominate me, but I don’t need a gentle rabbit!”

Therefore, in relations they very often have problems with the distribution of power. The Aries sign is not only a sign of love, but also a sign of challenge! A man who resists the onslaught of other women is the perfect partner for Aries.

But there is also a big weakness: pride! Even when the Aries realize that they are wrong, the cursed pride does not allow them to admit it and move away from their plans. It is pride that becomes the cause of aggressive impulses that periodically capture people of this sign. Aries, on the other hand, are optimistic. And it helps them to remain nice people

Aries woman can be captured by showering her with compliments. They love to be admired! A good compliment can sometimes make her ecstatic for several weeks! Aries want to be not only loved, but still proud of them! And we are ready to make double efforts for this!

We must remember that women of this sign are also wildly jealous. Some may not be comfortable with them because of this. In any case, no one should try to control Aries! They can only be trusted.

All Aries, including women, have an entrepreneurial spirit. And sometimes it’s hard for them to give up a career for the sake of the family. Women of this sign love to indulge in their profession completely. They need professional success! Not a single woman representing other zodiac signs is capable of fighting so desperately for the right to work!

If you are in a love relationship with an Aries woman, thank God! You still found a woman who knows how to solve any problems, and at the same time remains a passionate, faithful and confident companion in life. She will never jump out of a swinging boat just because the situation has become critical.

All female secrets of Taurus, Gemini, Aries and Crayfish

Taurus Woman

Women Taurus, as a rule, are quiet, calm, materialistic and rarely show any excessively strong emotions. These are serious people who do not arrange tantrums for nothing!

Sometimes they can manifest themselves as aggressive and cruel people, but only in those cases when they really provoked! In a relationship, they expect the partner to not abuse their loyalty and devotion, but to quench their negative emotions. Taurus is not jealous, does not like to fuss, and will not arrange scenes for you because you looked at someone wrong. Or they even complimented someone with their wife standing next to them!

On the other hand, although this happens extremely rarely, if Taurus loses her temper, then it can be very dangerous! Do not abuse!

The elegance of Taurus is amazing. They really understand what femininity is and what it should be manifested in! Taurus love when the body has a minimum of clothing. And when it is thin. And to bright colors! They have an innate sense of style, they know how to combine shoes with a dress when the neckline is “the very thing”, and when it is “too flashy”. They are sensual, but never allow themselves to look bad.

Swearing with Taurus is not worth it. If only because they have an amazing ability to oppress enemies, showing their indifference and coldness to them.

Taurus – people are not dreamy. They prefer to stand firm on Earth rather than indulge in fantasies. They are materialists, i.e. they only believe in what they can see and touch. In business, they risk infrequently, but are always ready to go in search of a “gold mine”. In other words, if you are in doubt whether to get involved in another adventure, ask your wife for advice. She is definitely the best at weighing risks and benefits. And her behavior is always based on common sense.

Taurus tastes great in food. And in the music! They know a lot about the right restaurant kitchen and listen only to music where chords are invented in the most reasonable way!

Taurus eat little and almost always complain that there is too much salt or spices in the food. On the other hand, they themselves are not good cooks!

But they know how to appreciate art! Going with a Taurus woman to museums and excursions is a pleasure. They hate to rush and know how to enjoy contemplative pleasures.

Taurus, unlike Aries, is not stubborn and not stubborn. It is rare to find a woman of this sign who will often whine and complain. The role of the poor is definitely not for them!

The Taurus woman is always ready to turn a shoulder to her man, she is not afraid of any work, even one where she is paid little! If a financial crisis has reached her family, she will not cut her husband so that he gets a third job. And she will go to work herself!

Taurus does not need a man’s shoulder to cry into it. Because they are too strong to waste time on regrets and sorrows. These courageous women are not afraid of tomorrow. It’s not so easy for them to spoil the mood!

If you describe a woman-Taurus in one word, then this word will be: Strength!

All female secrets of Taurus, Gemini, Aries and Crayfish

Twin Woman!

The opinions of friends and relatives of Gemini for them is always the background. They never listen to him. Gemini is when several people fit in one person at once. And they are all different. And everyone behaves differently when they have a different mood.

Building a “serious” relationship with Gemini is not easy: it’s hard to understand who you are dealing with, even if you have been dating for a long time. But when you show her photos to friends, it becomes wildly interesting: it seems that you had no one better!

Gemini is also an experiment sign! They are always ready to try new ones and expand their horizons. The only thing that can kill relationships with people of this sign is monotony!

Like chameleons, they can take different colors and shapes, but always remain charming and intriguing people. Everyone likes them and does not betray themselves! It is difficult to explain, but everyone understands whose wife or girlfriend is Gemini.

They do everything equally passionately: they try something new, criticize, praise, give out the most ridiculous and strange assessments. They are able to quickly fall in love and just as quickly disappointed. But they often often doubt for a long time, “Is this the man?” The best way to conquer such a woman is to demonstrate to her yourself that you are truly “the same”. We don’t know how! Come up with something!

And the main rule: do not be predictable! And even more so passive!

Gemini’s temperament allows them to change more easily than other women. They are not so closely attached to the emotions of their partner. Never give up! They know all the films and cartoons. Their mind is always mobile! And you will never comprehend its logic!

The whole essence of Gemini is in their duality! They can be affectionate and romantic, but also be able to keep their home clean. They can earn great money, but at the same time be completely indifferent to money. Sometimes it seems that her heart needs to be reassured, but it is somehow cold and as if not here.

Twins appreciate love and romance, but at the same time they begin to be indignant every time it seems to them that their partner is encroaching on their freedom. Sometimes they are completely incomprehensible, and sometimes they explain everything simply and directly, without going around the bush!

If you experienced something terrible with her, just forget and try again! Twins are women who can learn from their own mistakes and start all over again!

Usually these women are lively, pleasant, and cheerful companions. However, it happens when their cynicism and witticism become unbearable!

On the other hand, the twin woman will accompany her man in everything he does. For your sake, she is ready to start hiking in the mountains or go on an adventure in Africa! For her, there is no division of affairs into “male” and female ”, if next to her is her love.

Gemini is a creative, curious and imaginative people. They like to make new discoveries, to hear kind words and declarations of love addressed to them. They believe that a true lover should be able to delight a woman’s ears with gentle words and appreciate all moments of intimacy with her.

For Gemini, sex and love are identical concepts. Therefore, they are creative in both processes. Relationships with them are always healthy, they never need to be revived. Gemini’s curiosity and imagination will do the trick!

By the way, the best remedy against bad mood for women born under this sign is to demonstrate their love to them! Or at least briefly relieve them of household chores!

All female secrets of Taurus, Gemini, Aries and Crayfish

Cancer Woman

No other woman will be as passionate, romantic and “comfortable” for her partner as a Cancer woman. She is always ready to strangle him with her passionate hugs and kisses. Always ready to cook something tasty or just a hug to support him in difficult times.

At the same time, with regard to themselves, they require the same attention. Cancer is always not enough! On cold nights and days, and she will snuggle up to you under the covers. And watch on TV what you want to watch, not her.

When a Cancer woman feels that her partner is going through hard times, she will do everything to please him. And an incredible number of words of encouragement and support. They rarely complain, both men and women. But they certainly will never be blind to your problems and troubles!

If there are any problems with the Cancer woman, they would prefer that they not go outside your home. If she criticizes her partner, then, unfortunately, it hurts too much. Especially in relation to vulnerable men.

If you are in a relationship with a Cancer woman, you should be prepared for the fact that most of the time you will still not be easy. Firstly, because Cancers are shy, tender and feminine. And secondly, because they also know how to be hot, direct and aggressive! And you never know how much effort you need to make to pacify them, and not to piss off even more!

You can walk together along the street, feel that everything is fine, and then she decides to attack! It seems like you’re on the street with Leo, not Cancer!

On the other hand, they hate it all: criticize, hurt and show ingratitude. They hate themselves for being able to injure others, but they cannot help but try to make you better!

Cancer women love and know how to keep secrets; they never tell anyone. You can share with them any details from your life and not be afraid for their safety.

And Cancer is very jealous. Real owners! Never play with their feelings if you want to live in harmony, and not get the enemy in her face. Although they seem harmless, Cancer women can behave even worse than Scorpios if they feel they have been betrayed! She can forgive you a lot, but cheating is not the case. Her love for you will die and turn into hatred in just one day!

Another thing that all men living with Cancers should worry about. This is a crisis of confidence. Your relationship with her can be just fantastic: beautiful and wonderful, reliable and passionate, but it will all end in one moment, as soon as she ceases to trust you!

If you force her to shed rivers of tears, you can also be sure that she, too, will not sit idly by and wait until things get better. Patience is NOT a trait characteristic of Cancers! And not their main advantage.

Remember: Cancer’s trust is fragile, but very valuable. It is impossible to return it, but to earn it you will have to be strong and caring.

Women Cancers never demonstrate their weaknesses, they are real warriors with whom you can survive any war and any crisis. The role of a weak girl is not for them. But you must understand that they also have depression, and at such moments, you too must be able to raise her spirits and morale.

The internal and external beauty of this woman is so great that outsiders can not always realize this. And not everyone is ready to admit that next to him is the Goddess! But if you are lucky, and you are already with her, do not dare to ask for anything more from life! So what do you think? Did you recognize yourself here? Share your opinion with your friends and in the comments!

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