• If you need some inspiration for a new makeup look, try using your zodiac sign.
  • Setareh Hosseini a Toronto based makeup artist took to Instagram to show a cool look for each sign.
  • Capricorns got a dark glittery lip with a cat eye and Cancer has a bold red lip and a perfect blush.
  • See what your zodiac signs new look is.

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Need some inspiration? Look to the stars. Toronto-based makeup artist Setareh Hosseini recently honored each zodiac sign with a unique makeup look, and the results are pretty much unreal.

For Cancer, she used lots of reds for lips, accessories, and even on her cheeks. She finished her look with pearls and some crab claw earrings — fitting for the crab sign.

For Gemini, Hosseini did two different looks on her face to represent the twins.

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Hossieni did dramatic eyes, dark lips, and added a septum ring to pay homage to the bull that represents Taurus.

For Aries babies, Hosseini created an incredible contoured makeup lookand added a pair of serious ram horns.

Hosseini didn’t shy from fish lips for her Pisces look. She also added some gorgeous “scales” on her forehead, highlighted her collarbones with a shimmery hue, and colored her brows a watery blue.

Capricorns got the earthy brown tone treatment that’s true to their sign. She added a dark, glittery lip, and a serious cat eye.

Adventurous Sagittarius babes “whose higher intelligence forms a bridge between Heaven and Earth” were depicted as warriors with dramatic red lips, highlighted cheekbones, and upward-drawn brows.

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Scorpio darlings she painted with red accented collarbones, a dark ombre lip, and a dramatic double cat eye. She finished with a pointed bubble pony that looked like a scorpion’s tail. Don’t get stung!

Libra’s calming personality inspired this balanced look. Soft blue shadow, harmonious white dotted-accents, a nude overdrawn lip, and a décolletage contour made the scales shine.

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YAAAS flower power! Hosseini channels the Virgo earth temptress with a forest green lip and green glittery shadow. She also added a pink flower crown that complemented her pink shimmering shoulders.

This lioness has spots! For Leo, Hosseini drew a bold cat eye, shaggy brows and faux freckles, added some lush furry lashes, and finished with a soft pink lip. But don’t be fooled. Hosseini shares, “She may appear soft like a daydream, but she has a never-ending inferno burning inside.”

The water carrier Aquarius is both mystical and daring. She decked herself out with body glitter and drew a crescent moon on her forehead. She used hues of blues and orange on her Cupid’s bow, her lips, and the inner corners of her eyes.

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Hosseini also partnered with YouCam Apps, so you can virtually try on each and every one of her zodiac looks. Cool stuff!

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