Of all, it is known that those born under the influence of the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, between November 23 and December 21, are really curious and energetic. In fact, they confirm that they are one of the greatest travelers in the whole horoscope due to their free spirit and an open mind. That is why, with their great personality, bold and extroverted, they are able to leave a lasting impact on the people around them. In this way, we have compiled a series of aspects that we think both they and their closest friends and family should know about Sagittarius, and thus make it clear once and for all that they are one of the best (or the best) sign of the zodiac.
1. They are balanced and intelligent

They are intellectual and sensible people who think before acting, going to different sources to get the answers they need. Their philosophical and inquisitive disposition makes them always think in a logical way, possessing the ability to separate their emotions from certain situations. While it is true that sometimes they can be stubborn, they always try to provide strong enough reasons to believe what they believe. They are also extremely intelligent and it would be a mistake to underestimate their abilities to think about the future; always have a plan B in the sleeve … and then a C, D, E, and F.

2. They are open and independent

Due to the tremendous curiosity they have, they are open to everything. They respect the opinions of other people and listen to them completely without any prejudice. They welcome new people and experiences. Regardless of what they think (to which they sometimes cling stubbornly), they are tolerant and accept the perspectives of others. On the other hand, they feel great hatred for the meaningless rules that are imposed on them by other people who have no right to do so; If you try to control each of their movements, you interrogate them about any detail, try to distance yourself quickly.
3. They cannot tolerate anyone’s nonsense

You could say that Sagittarians are allergic to stupidity. Since honesty is a trait to which you have a great appreciation, it is also something that you look for in others… and if you lie, it is likely that they will throw it at you. They have a kind of sixth sense to detect when someone is cheating, and if you behave in a wrong way, they will not have time for you. A Sagittarius does not want to get caught up in small dramas and meaningless gossip; They prefer to focus on the most important details, including their friends, family and pursue their dreams.
4. They love to demonstrate the mistakes of others

A Sagittarius person is the typical one to whom if you tell him he is not capable of doing something, he will work twice as hard and will use twice as much effort to make it happen, just to show you in the face how wrong you were. The ambitious features of a Sagittarius makes him unable to resist a challenge, and his more competitive side tends to appear every time people underestimate his abilities. They just love making others regret their words and, in fact, they are usually right about most things.

5. They are excellent friends

A Sagittarius values friends more than anything, and will do everything possible for them. They have a positive, encouraging nature and a kind heart towards the people they love. More than anything, they become loved and popular in friendly circles; They will do anything to make sure that those they want to be happy are happy, without expecting anything in return. They do not interfere with the plans of other individuals and are never possessive or jealous. They treat others the way they want to be treated, with acceptance and honesty. In this way, they are also able to bring spontaneous fun to each friendship relationship.
6. They look for freedom and are difficult to stop

The freedom factor is something tremendously important for Sagittarius people. In fact, they tend to make decisions based on the freedom that the choice they have opted for gives them. As a result, they are sometimes forced to reject a good opportunity because of the high level of commitment required. In this way, they are extremely difficult to control and do not like others trying to stop them. If you try to pigeonhole them, their first instinct will be to escape quickly.
7. They are too honest

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are known to always say “the most painful truth”, but on the other hand, people know they can trust what they say because they always say what they feel. That is, a Sagittarius never hides anything. Some may find them too direct, but their friends often think that this honesty is a breath of fresh air. They will tell you directly and will not try to sweeten every detail, being great people you can go to when you want nothing more than the truth.

8. They like risk and adventures

Sagittarius is the sign of philosophy and exploration, so they will go as far as possible and will analyze every corner thoroughly in their eternal search for wisdom. Also, they are not afraid to take risks in life, because they know that to win in life you have to be willing to take on the difficulties that may come along the way. Some may call them imprudent, but it is often “all or nothing” that helps them achieve great things in life. And besides the way they see it, what’s the fun without a little bit of surprise?

9. They are careful with feelings

They are not the kind of people who cling to the first one who shows interest in them, and do not enter into a relationship unless they really feel that the person is worth it. They are cautious about commitment and can be scared when someone wants to go too fast with them. When a Sagittarius suffers, try to distance himself and hide his feelings. If they are angry, they tend to let everyone know, but when they are hurt, they will not hesitate to hide their emotions from the rest of the world. Sometimes, they may have difficulty showing their emotional side and find it easier to express themselves through actions, rather than words.

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