There are two types of girls in this world: those who dream about their wedding day from a super young age and those who don’t really care if they tie the knot or not. When thinking about marriage, it’s kind of impossible not to think about all of the couples who end up not ever getting married. It’s pretty depressing to think you’re going into a relationship with someone and then realize the endgame will never be what you want.

So how do you know who you’re supposed to marry and will end up just being a total waste of your time? You can figure it out all thanks to your zodiac sign. Yup, your zodiac totally comes in handy all the time and in any possible situation. Read on to find out which 8 zodiac combos that will walk down the aisle and 7 that will not even come close. What does your romantic future have in store for you?

15 Getting Married: Aquarius And Leo

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These two zodiac signs are considered to be compatible because both have a lot of energy. And that makes a lot of sense. If you know a couple that seems to be perfectly in sync because they seem to have such a love and zest for life, then they just might be this zodiac combination.

It’s kind of tough if one person in a relationship is super loud and aggressive and confident… and the other person is on the shy and quiet side. It’s not that it can’t work, but it might not work forever, and those two people might not be marriage material. If an Aquarius and a Leo date and decide to get married, they will totally make it down the aisle, and chances are, things are going to work out.

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14 Getting Married: Gemini And Sagittarius

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Should a Gemini and a Sagittarius get married? Yes, according to the zodiac. Why? They’re both passionate people.

When you think about it, you definitely want to have something in common with the person that you’re merely thinking about dating, let alone actually entering into a relationship with. So you for sure want to feel like you have a lot in common with the person that you’re marrying. It just doesn’t make sense to be with someone that you have literally nothing in common with since you won’t be able to spend a lot of time together doing the things that you love since you love totally different stuff. And you might not have a ton to talk about. Just not the best idea. Nope.

13 Getting Married: Pisces And Virgo

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Both of these signs are considered to be a good match for marriage because they’re both emotional and sensitive. They’re also both on the quiet side.

Sure, people say that opposites attract, but in this case, that’s not really the whole story. While a couple can absolutely make it when they are both super different, a couple that is very similar can also make it down the aisle and can maintain a successful marriage. Pisces and Virgo are great together since they can express how they feel about each other and about life in general. It’s not like one of them is going to want to talk about feelings all the time and the other one is going to freak out and get all weird and secretive.

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12 Getting Married: Cancer And Taurus

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According to the zodiac, Cancer and Taurus can absolutely get married. Taurus signs are said to be reliable and patient and chill and that works out since Cancer are loyal and total homebodies. These two signs are considered to be some of the most compatible combos in the zodiac. They are both down-to-earth as well which is cool.

It’s kind of rough if one person is a homebody and the other one isn’t, and since Taurus are pretty peaceful and calm signs, they can definitely hang at home with their partner. There’s nothing worse than one person saying that they just don’t go out enough as a couple and putting all this pressure to have actual date nights. Ugh. Who wants to go on real dates anyway?! That’s why Netflix was invented.

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11 Getting Married: Virgo And Cancer

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These two signs are also said to be a good match. They’re both loyal and aren’t very aggressive or loud people, so they have similar sensibilities and personalities.

Yes, love is complicated AF and just because two people have things in common or have similar personalities doesn’t necessarily mean that they will go the distance, but those things definitely help. It’s nice to have that bond and connection to fall back on when things get tough or you go through some relationship drama. It also makes sense that you would be really interested in someone who you feel is a good match and who you just really get along well with. Otherwise, why even bother to date, let alone get married? That just doesn’t make any sense at all.

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10 Getting Married: Scorpio And Taurus

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These two are said to be well-matched in the bedroom, they feel like they can trust each other, and they get along well. Totally sounds like living the absolute best relationship dream in the world. If you’re a Scorpio, you basically need to find yourself a Taurus man and soon. And vice versa if you’re a Taurus.

When you write down a list of what you want in your future husband, you definitely want someone who you have a great conversation with but who you’re also super attracted to. That’s the ideal romantic situation. Trust is also a key thing in relationships, just like communication and being able to share your thoughts and dreams and feelings. Can’t really get serious with someone until you have all that.

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Getting Married: Capricorn And Cancer

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Cancer signs can also match well with Capricorn because both are pretty logical signs. It would definitely suck if one person in a couple was logical and the other was just kind of crazy and out there. They might be an entertaining and amusing couple to know in your friend group, but they wouldn’t really be a great match.

Capricorns are said to be very careful people who are always in control. They can be counted on and they take their lives very seriously. Cancers are people that you can c

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ount on and they also love being useful to others. They’re also a great match since the Capricorn is an earth sign and Cancer is a water sign and those tend to do pretty well together.

Getting Married: Libra And Aries

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These two zodiac signs are said to be a good match since they are each emotional in their own ways. The Aries sign tends to hide it a bit, but deep down, they’re super emotional. Libras are more friendly and outgoing than Aries, but they understand each other.

And that’s all that you really need, right? You can never stay with someone who just doesn’t get you. Sure, you can lie to yourself and to everyone that you know and act like everything is just fine, but everyone will be able to tell that you two should break up. So much better to be with someone who totally understands you and gets what you’re all about right from the get-go. That’s definitely what Libra and Aries have and that’s why there are totally wedding bells in their future.

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Not Even Close: Virgo And Aquarius

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These zodiac signs are seriously polar opposites. If people say that opposites attract, that saying definitely doesn’t apply to these two. Virgo is shy and quiet, Aquarius is aggressive and loud

So what’s so wrong with them as a couple, and why would they absolutely end up just never getting married? The Virgo sign is shy and quiet, and the Aquarius sign is aggressive and loud. You can totally see how that wouldn’t exactly be a match made in heaven, right? More like hell. It’s kind of hard to imagine these two signs hitting it off, let alone getting engaged and actually going through with a wedding, so hopefully they would figure out what a bad match they are before getting in too deep. No one wants a nasty breakup and no one wants to waste their time and let their relationship go nowhere, either. Even worse.

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Not Even Close: Aries And Cancer

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Cancer signs are homebodies and very sensitive. Aries signs are active people who like going out and doing things. Hmmm…. Yeah, you can totally see why they’re a better candidate for just never getting married, can’t you?

It doesn’t really seem to work if one person loves going out all the time and the other one would rather stay some. Yeah, sometimes you do need to just chill out and relax in your own place. And you do have to compromise and do what your partner wants to do, which in the case of the Aries sign would be going to a party or bar. But when you get married, you want to share everything about your lives, and that means being on the same page about things like this. This would definitely become a pretty big issue in a marriage.

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Not Even Close: Sagittarius And Virgo

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Sagittarius are huge travellers and care the most about their freedom. Seriously, if you need to know anything about this zodiac sign, you should know that they love to be free.

Virgos aren’t like that. Nope. They’re not totally against travel, but they’re much more content and comfortable staying close to home. Yes, that literally means that they’re generally homebodies. They don’t need fancy date nights and they don’t really have a sense of adventure. If two people are going to even consider getting married, they should honestly be on the same page about something as big as travel. If one partner wants to travel all the time and has a ton of wanderlust and the other one could care less, that could lead to some big arguments. We just don’t see these two signs figuring out how they’ll be on the same page, so they’ll never walk down the aisle.

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Not Even Close: Pisces And Leo

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Pisces are sensitive and kind and emotional people… and Leos aren’t really like that. That’s putting it lightly.

Leo signs are very aggressive. These two would probably never even end up casually dating, and they definitely wouldn’t end up in a serious relationship, so in that sense it’s kind of premature to say that they would never get married. But we’re not recommending you stay in a relationship because it may lead nowhere. Absolutely. If you’re thinking about a Leo insulting a Pisces on one of their first dates, you’re probably not that far off from what would really happen if these two signs explored the possibility of a romantic relationship. Some people just can’t get along and these two signs aren’t likely to be that happy to be in each other’s company.

Not Even Close: Capricorn And Taurus

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They are both super stubborn so they probably wouldn’t get married just out of pure stubborness. Honestly, if you’re a stubborn person, then you know how totally ridiculous it is to talk to someone who is just (if not more) stubborn than you are. It’s like hanging out together is an ongoing tension-filled argument. Even your silences are full of drama.

It’s much better if one person in a marriage is stubborn and the other one isn’t. This is all about compromise aka one of the most important things in a relationship. If one person is stubborn and the other is more low-key and go with the flow, then the low-key partner can just agree to whatever and diffuse the situation. Two stubborn people will definitely not make it to the aisle.

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Not Even Close: Scorpio And Aries

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Both are passionate signs, but Aries likes the beginnings of things and might get antsy in a long-term relationship like a marriage. Sure, these two signs might hit it off at first and enjoy the fun stuff at the beginning of the relationship. After all, the Aries signs are great at starting stuff. But if they get more serious, they might just realize that they’re not truly meant to be and that they’re not in it for the long haul.

That’s not what you want in your future husband, right? Absolutely not. If anything, at the very least, you want them to be super into the idea of commitment. That kind of seems like a good idea when you’re considering something as important and special as marriage. It’s not exactly something that you or your partner should take lightly.

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Not Even Close: Libra And Leo

Libra signs are said to care about things being fair, good, and right, and that might annoy the more cocky and confident Leo. Honestly, Leos don’t seem like they would really get along with anyone in any kind of social situation, let alone actually get them down the aisle.

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Yeah, that sounds super harsh, but honestly, Leos are a tough sign to handle. They’re represented by the lion and they really are stubborn, outgoing, and aggressive. They won’t be a good match for most of the signs, but they’re a really bad match for Libra. It seems like Libras and Leos will just totally and completely annoy each other, so we just can’t see them making it down the aisle. It’s just not in the cards for these two signs.

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