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Aquarius can be an outside-of-the-box sorta creature. They like to do things their own way and they don’t reveal all of their cards right away. If you’re looking to decipher the Aquarius then these eight oh-so Aquarius facts will give you some insight into the workings of their mind.

#1: Aquarius is friendly with almost everyone but they only keep a few people in their inner circle.

Aquarians usually have a lot of friendly acquaintances but only a handful of really close friends in their ‘inner circle’. They can be a bit guarded when it comes to new people that they don’t know well and it can take time before they truly open up and trust you.

#2: Aquarius is fluent in the language of sarcasm.

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Aquarius has a talent for being absurdly sarcastic at times. They have a very dry and blunt sense of humor that can sometimes lead to people taking them the wrong way, but others find their brutal wit to be downright hilarious.

#3: Aquarius has a love for those that are a little crazy and reckless.

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The Aquarius has a soft spot for the crazy types that live every day like it’s their last. They love living in the moment and are drawn to spontaneous and adventurous personalities who are down for anything!

#4: Aquarius can be a little detached from reality.

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The Aquarius has a unique way of looking at the world that doesn’t always conform to the norms and expectations of those around them. They think and care about things deeply but because they don’t always show it outwardly they can sometimes be misunderstood by others.

#5: Aquarius has a gift for speaking the truth and saying exactly what’s on their mind.

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The Aquarius is known for just saying exactly what is on their mind, at any given moment, even when it aint pretty. They are known for their uncanny ability to just cut through the bullshit and come out with the facts.

#6: Aquarius is independent and fiercely determined to make their own way in the world.

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The Aquarius doesn’t really like others sympathy and they’re not big of handouts either. They feel an intense sense of inner drive that pushes them to go out and make something of themselves. And there aint nobody that’s going to get in their way!

#7: Aquarius is hyper observant and they analyze everything.

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Aquarius have a keen eye for small but important details and they have a knack for reading between the lines. Don’t mistake them for a fool even if they seem a bit aloof, their brain is often working overtime as they over-analyze the hell out of everything.

#8: Aquarius can come across a a weirdo sometimes (but they wouldn’t have it any other way).

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The Aquarius might have a bit of an an abstract way of thinking that can sometimes seem pretty off-the-wall to those that don’t know them well. They can be quite random at times, and downright insightful at others. Either way, this is what makes them so interesting to be around!

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