Welcome to the world of a Cancerian. Want to date a cancer or Dating them already Ahh!! Here is what you should know about them. Cancerian is a water sign. Hence all the mood swings and emotions. One of a kind with brilliant minds and born to be awesome its a treat if u get to know them. They very well know how to handle the limelight. Know PRIYANKA CHOPRA? There u go! Who handles it better than her. A typical Cancerian you see.


Get the hint, Read on. The most confusing yet the one which will raise your curiosity level is this zodiac. So if this zodiac is on your radar than pull up your socks and get ready for a ride.

1. Loyalty Is Their First Name

8 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Date A Cancer

Cancerian’s are deep people and they take a lot of when the decision is of settling down with someone. So if they chose you , you must be real special. Once you have their heart you need not worry about their honesty.

2. Born Winners

8 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Date A Cancer

If loyalty is their first name Labour sure is their middle name . What a perfect combination. Seeking for something more? Stop there and thank your stars instead.

3. Ocean Deep

8 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Date A Cancer

They are a water sign and they are as deep as an ocean. If they are hurt you will only know it if they wish to share it with you. Their is no other way out. Chances are they will never share what hurt them. They will enter into a cocoon and take their own time. Heal themselves and then get back. So while they are hibernating don’t try and pinch them. –Continue reading on the next page

4. The Hidden Side

8 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Date A Cancer

Always remember a Cancerian will always have thoughts/life that he wouldn’t reveal. This does not mean he is hiding something, but only that he doesn’t want to spill the beans. Being a water sign it’s likely of a Cancerian to have mood swings a common man won’t understand. You have to learn to deal with it. Why? Because u need not know answers to everything. Somethings are at its beat when left unanswered.

5. Eyes On Them

8 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Date A Cancer

You will be their world and the same is what they will expect in return from you. They would want all your eyes on them. You do this much for them and they will do everything for you. Personal space is not an issue with them.

6. Passionate Lovers

8 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Date A Cancer

Cancerians are so passionate when in love, that you will know it when they kiss u or hug you. They believe in expressing physically even more than they do it emotionally. –Continue reading on the next page

7. The BEST Dressed (Mostly)

They are one if those who wouldn’t let wrinkles destroy their appearance. They are very meticulous in their dressing style. No compromises.

8. Keepers For Life

8 Things You Need To Know About Dating A Gemini

They are known as the Nurtures of the zodiac and they make the best of parents. So if u have them thank your stars.

Your life is going to be a party for sure if you handle them right and hold onto them tight!
Live well!

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