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1. Virgo

Every zodiac sign has their special qualities and traits. But when it comes to love, Virgos are the most difficult people. They are very much self-sufficient and approach relationships in a totally different way. It has been found that Virgos keep people at arm’s length until they are sure they can trust them. So they are not the easiest people to love. Once Virgos trust and love someone, they are amazing partners, but it definitely takes them some time to get there.

2. Scorpio

Scorpios are mysterious and queens/kings of not knowing what they want. They are the most difficult people to understand. Most of the time they are misunderstood. And when it comes ranking the zodiac signs by who is the most difficult to love, Scorpios fall just after Virgos. A Scorpio can be an incredibly draining partner to be with which is why they often find themselves in and out of relationships. They are not ready for any relationship until they hit maturity.

3. Sagittarius 

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It’s very difficult to get into any relationship with Sagittarius because they are always on the hunt. There is no sign more flighty, impulsive, and all over the place than a Sagittarius. In some ways, this makes them very exciting partners and whoever they’re with will never be bored. But on the other side, they’re constantly chasing the next thing, the next adventure, the next adrenaline rush. A Sagittarius will only feel contented when someone not only chases them but also runs alongside them.

4. Aquarius 

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People belonging to this zodiac sign are reserved and they like privacy. They don’t like letting someone disturb their life and hesitant to open up with people when it comes to building relationships. It can be really difficult to read an Aquarius which keeps a distance between them and most people. An Aquarius needs someone who they can really trust and feel comfortable being vulnerable around in order to go all in and fall in love.

5. Capricorn

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Capricorns are the picture of practicality, efficiency, and hard work. While this makes them incredibly reliable and a star employee or co-worker, it can also mean that they approach each and every relationship like a business transaction. No partner wants to feel like they’re being looked at and being weighed on a pros and cons list. A Capricorn needs to learn to trust their heart as much as their head in order to find real, lasting love.

6. Leo

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There’s no sign quite as dynamic and captivating as a Leo. Leos are incredibly independent, confident, and sure of themselves. So it’s important for anyone who is with a Leo to recognize that they’re never going to need you. But they are such a magical sign, it’s impossible to not be drawn to them. Leos make everything more exciting and engaging, so it’s no surprise that everyone loves them.

7. Aries 

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Active, exciting, and a beacon of passion, an Aries makes their partner the center of their world. They prioritize their partners and do their best to be their everything. Their cheerleader, their partner in crime, their shoulder to lean on. An Aries strives to be go-to for whatever the person they’re with might need. Who could say no to loving someone like that?

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