The Aquarius sign is a vibrant group of intelligent, unique people who are known for being both fun and eccentric. We’re friendly people who get along with many of the other zodiac signs, but there’s quite a bit about us that can scare away new potential friends. Here are 7 reasons why you shouldn’t get your hopes up about being friends with an Aquarius.


Our sign is notorious for being cold and distant, and for good reason. We don’t trust easily, especially when it comes to new friendships. The feeling of suddenly having to open up to someone new and share things about ourselves can make us close off. This defense mechanism can make it difficult for new people to get to know us. Plus, we tend to be shy and quiet people to begin with, which makes us seem even more aloof than we really are. Our need to sometimes be alone can negatively affect our friendships, especially if we don’t communicate this need appropriately. They might think we won’t always be there for them.


Our friends will never know what to expect from us. Uranus is our ruling planet and it’s known to be abrupt and uncooperative. This has a heavy influence on our sign and we are prone to making rash decisions in the heat of the moment. We can probably blame our curiosity and thirst for knowledge for this one. But it likely also has something to do with our eccentric ruling planet. We don’t call him the Mad Scientist for nothing.


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Because of our tendency to intellectualize our emotions instead of dealing with them, another one of those handy defense mechanisms, we Aquarians have a tendency to form addictions in order to cope. This doesn’t mean that we’re all alcoholics or drug addicts since addictions come in all different forms. The Taurus, for instance, are notorious food addicts. Our addiction of choice tends to be video games. Video games give us a much-needed outlet for those pesky emotions we refuse to think about or handle appropriately. It’s no wonder we’ve got a reputation for being nerdy. This might be handy when hanging with friends, but we apologize ahead of time if we still haven’t been satiated after 5 or 6 hours.


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Us water-bearers don’t necessarily have a reputation for being stubborn, but we definitely have one for being steadfast. Our sense of right and wrong is absolute, and when we know we’re right, we know we’re right. The Aquarius sign is a fixed sign and that means we are too. Due to the unique perspective our backward spinning ruling planet brings to the table, we see things differently than others. That means that we can be difficult to persuade in an argument. Or in anything we feel we’re knowledgeable about, really.


Aquarius is an air sign, making us inquisitive and intelligent. Our minds are constantly working, always trying to figure things out and learn more. We bore easily and constantly crave intellectual stimulation, including from parents and people we meet. We rather be friends with people who are intellectually stimulating rather than those who like to go out and party. As a result, people often get bored and restless of us, as we tend to come off as snobs. People find this annoying or intimidating, especially when they find out that we’re likely to ditch them if they can’t hold a more interesting conversation than celebrity gossip and what’s new on the Starbucks menu.


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Since our minds are always spinning, the Aquarius sign has a major problem with focusing. We’re curious, inquisitive folks who like to be thinking and planning but when it comes down to executing those plans, well we have a tendency not to follow through. The problem isn’t a lack of ideas, we’re full of them. The problem is that we bore so easily and so quickly that it’s hard for anything to hold our focus for very long. So while we’re good at making plans, chances are we’ll never follow through on them.


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We don’t like to feel restricted and crave freedom. We don’t want to feel trapped or stuck in a place, so don’t count on us to take long trips together or stay at your place for a few days if you’re getting over a bad breakup. If something isn’t stimulating and doesn’t challenge us, we immediately try to remove ourselves from the situation to have time to ourselves. Although we’re caring and dedicated friends, our need for space and craving for constant intellectual engagement takes the patience of a saint to deal with. That’s probably why we shouldn’t be friends with Scorpios.

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