One of the best qualities you can have is emotional intelligence. It is essential for the success of personal and professional relationships. And according to astrology, there are zodiac signs that have more emotional intelligence than others.

Emotional intelligence, also known as EQ, is a term that was made famous by the two scientists Peter Salavoy and John Mayer. Emotional intelligence means that you can recognize, understand and deal with your own emotions and that you can also see and feel other people’s emotions.

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People with a strong emotional intelligence are extremely sensitive, confident and passionate. They are not rigid and can adapt very well to the circumstances of their life.

People who are emotionally intelligent also have healthy optimism in them. They know that a positive attitude can do a lot and that is something that they can control themselves.



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Cancer has a talent in getting people around them to open up completely and feel comfortable with cancer. Perhaps this is because cancer really listens to people and helps them find solutions to their problems.

Crayfish need to feel emotionally attached to someone. They do this by putting themselves in the mood of a person and attuning themselves to it. Feeling the other people and they are drawn to cancer. Cancer is one of the zodiac signs that has a really strong emotional intelligence, which makes them a “light victim” of manipulative sociopaths. 


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The twin is emotionally intelligent because they never try to suppress or ignore their feelings. If the twin has any negative emotions in him, he will not eat them in himself, he will seek a solution as soon as possible to free himself from them. Be it a clarifying pronunciation, a phone call or just that he deals with it in more detail.

Nothing to say or do is not an option for the twin. Confronting negative emotions may be uncomfortable, but for the twin, the better option is to simply do nothing and wait. This is emotional intelligence because he consciously deals with it and knows what these emotions can do if he does not deal with this problem. 


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Fish are very sensitive and particularly emotionally intelligent because they always try to see things from the perspective of other people. They are easy to influence when it comes to understanding someone, which is a good thing.

They are also not that stubborn, which means that they can change their minds if they realize that they are wrong. These people can feel the pain of others and they can imagine it with their strong imagination so well that they can literally empathize with the pain of others.

However, this is often because they have experienced something similar and are emotionally mature enough to be able to deal with it and to give advice. 


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One of the character traits that people with high emotional intelligence possess is self-confidence and the lion has a lot of them. He knows his strengths and weaknesses and he is constantly developing and working on himself.

And just because the lion is often kind and helpful doesn’t mean that at some point they don’t stop helping you or be nice because they realize they’re just being exploited. The lion is someone who has his life under control and who knows how he affects others.

He is basically a helpful person who works on his own weaknesses and works for the weaker. The lion controls his emotions and understands the emotions of other people.


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The scale is emotionally intelligent so far that it can read in other people. Between the lines she recognizes what someone wants to say. She also has the talent to intuitively recognize a person’s body language as to what they are feeling.

And they perceive subtle signs that indicate something that will help them move on. The Libra somehow always seems to know what someone else needs, be it a friendly word or a nice gesture.

She trusts her intuition and tries to listen to her gut feeling when making important decisions. What she doesn’t do is act too hastily, but collect a lot of information and then try to act on it. 


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One of the signs of the zodiac with the highest level of EQ is the Virgo. She has an analytical mind and is able to distinguish between the things she needs and the things she wants.

The virgin always tries to understand how other people tick and why they behave the way they behave. She tends to keep her emotions under control, but that doesn’t mean she can’t express her emotions, she just does it in a mature and rational way.

The virgin is considerate of others’ feelings and would never deliberately hurt anyone just to feel better about herself.

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