5 zodiac signs with the martyr complex (always act as a victim).

Everyone has had experience with a person who always goes into the victim role as soon as it gets tight. This is also known as a martyr complex. These people always have the feeling that everything bad always happens to them and everything that happens to them is always due to the others.

People with the martyr complex always want pity and they are all right to get it. From played nervous breakdowns to over-dramatized scenes.

And if you take a closer look at astrology, you can define these types quite well. Because there are certain zodiac signs that tend to this martyr complex.

People with this victim mentality always need attention. And the best thing about dealing with them is not to give them this attention, not to feel sorry for them and not to encourage them to continue.

With these people, their “I poor ..” attitude affects almost every part of their lives. They put strain on their relationships, friendships and generally communication with other people.

These people always expect the worst and if they are successful or lucky, they are literally waiting for something to go wrong.

Some people try to cheer up those suffering from the martyr complex and try to drive out this victim mentality. However, it is likely that they will pull you down instead of showing the way to such a person that “I am the victim” think.

Here are the 5 zodiac signs that are constantly in the victim role:


Cancer does a lot for other people and exhausts itself for the good of others and if it does not get or feel the praise or recognition for it, it can happen that it develops a martyr complex.

The more they do, the stronger this complex becomes with them. And the more they do for others, the more they believe that everyone else is selfish, except themselves.

Cancer does not see that it is what it is carrying outside, coming back to it, its negative thinking gives it this negative energy. He firmly believes that his misfortune is linked to what he does for these cold and heartless people.

As a cancer, you have to learn that not everyone has the same heart as you. Some will take your good deeds and give nothing back and others will give you double that. But neither is reason to sacrifice.


If the scale has the feeling that it is being exploited, it will eat it up until it bursts out of it at some point.

She will then make a big scene and explain that you cannot appreciate her dedication, time and effort. And she receives no recognition for it.

The Libra will sacrifice itself for recognition, but it shouldn’t have to. People should give praise and compliments on their own.

If you, as Libra, realize that you are not valued or respected, do not beg for recognition and stay away from the victim role. Get away from people who don’t appreciate or respect you, it’s easier and less stressful. 

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