Some people can keep calm under the most extreme circumstances, while others lose their heads. Often, someone who can stay calm in stressful situations has excellent mental skills.

Nobody wants to voluntarily aggravate an already stressful situation by losing control of themselves or suffering from a nervous breakdown. If you stay calm, you can think clearly and have a firm grip on the situation.

Here are the 5 zodiac signs that can remain calm even under stress. You definitely want to have one of these 5 near you when things get stressful.


The Libra is good at staying calm and knows how to prevent a stressful situation from getting worse. She stays calm by concentrating on the solution and not being fixated on the negative.

It will keep itself from thinking about the “worst outcome” of a situation or what happened to someone else in a similar situation.

The scales focus their thoughts completely on solving the problem. It always strives for a peaceful solution, which is why it is also welcomed as a mediator between two parties. Follow us here on Instagram.


The ibex remains “cool” in almost every situation because it is patient and does not act impulsively. The ibex may be “slow” in its actions for outsiders, but that is precisely why it does not make a stressful situation worse, because everything has to be weighed up before taking the next step.

He is a problem solver by nature and he is used to working out several solutions. The ibex is thoughtful, wise and you can be sure that they will keep a cool head in a stressful situation. Follow us here on Instagram.


The otherwise talkative and excited twin remains amazingly relaxed in a stressful situation. Then he never asks why it happened or generally doesn’t ask many confusing questions. Instead, he focuses on what needs to be done to get out of this situation.

Because he knows that too many questions only cause panic and fear and are not exactly helpful. His motto at such moments is to talk less and do more.

The last thing the twin wants is for the situation to escalate. He focuses on the facts and the source of the stress and think about how to solve it. The twin will also try to calm those who cannot keep a cool head and with those to find a solution with those who can still think clearly. Follow us here on Instagram.


The bull is a calm person by nature. He is grounded and only speaks when it has a hand and foot. You won’t hear useless chatter from a bull in a stressful situation.

He is careful with his words and chooses them carefully. He takes the time to think and develops a solution that not only benefits him, but everyone involved.

What the bull absolutely wants to avoid is an endless loop of stress and drama, so he will do everything to keep the stress away from his life. Follow us here on Instagram.


The Aquarius is able to keep a cool head, even if it burns around him. He will always try to distance himself from the situation in order to look at it from a different perspective.

Aquarians have the skills to suppress their emotions so that they don’t lose control of themselves in such a stressful situation.

You can see the situation as a whole and see things from another person’s perspective, which helps them immensely to find a solution. When it comes to finding creative ways, Aquarius is awesome and knows how to offer amazing solutions. Follow us here on Instagram.

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