These five Zodiac signs are more likely to accidentally break your heart – is your partner born under one of these signs?

Your Zodiac sign can reveal a lot about your subconscious and your personality. One thing your Zodiac sign can reveal to you is how likely you are to accidentally break someone’s heart. Your Zodiac sign reveals many untold mysteries about your love life. These aren’t the only signs who could break your heart, but they are the most likely. You always run the risk of having your heart broken when you fall in love. However, these five Zodiac signs end up breaking people’s hearts much more commonly. Is your Zodiac sign or your partner’s sign on the list of heart-breakers?

#1 Taurus

If you are a Taurus you are likely headstrong and persistent. You are a faithful and dependable type of person but you also expect the same out of others, especially the one you love. A Taurus won’t have any problem leaving at the first sign of your infidelity or if you show that you are untrustworthy. The Taurus is known for being a bit stubborn and hot-headed. When a Taurus doesn’t feel like they can trust you anymore they will likely get very angry and then they won’t want to see you anymore. A Taurus can’t be with someone they feel they can’t trust and if you show them any sign that you might not have the same faith they do in you – they will move on.

#2 Aries

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If you are an Aries you know that you will always do what is best for you, no matter what. For an Aries, there is one person they’re constantly looking out for and that is themselves. An Aries realizes that self preservation is always their most important goal and that everything else is just a distraction. Many people consider Aries to be selfish and believe that they only think about themselves. While this isn’t always true, an Aries will never let a partner stand in the way of their success. The Aries will always put themselves first when push comes to shove.

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The only way to hold on to an Aries is to always provide value and never try to get in the way of their dreams, otherwise they tend to break your heart.

#3 Virgo

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The Virgo is so blunt that at times they can break your heart just by speaking alone. Virgos are known for their ability to deliver fatal blows with their words. Virgos are kind but they also won’t sugar coat what they mean to you. Virgos are focused on what suits them best, they often say what is on their mind with little regard to who it will offend. The Virgo needs to be in control of their life and relationship, they often feel that when they lose control, the relationship is over. Because Virgos tend to be so controlling in almost every aspect of the relationship, it can lead to conflicts with significant others which can end badly given the blunt nature of a Virgo.

#4 Leo

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Leos are in love with being in love. As a Leo, you may tend to love yourself more than you love anything else including your partner. This self-infatuation can lead to many problems in the relationship, often your partner feels as if they need to fight with yourself to get any type of attention. In relationships you often seek out what makes you happy and focus on your own needs and wants you sometimes struggle to understand why your partner gets mad at you or why you’re always arguing with each other. Though you tend to focus on your own needs you are naturally very territorial over your things and those who you are in a relationship with, which can lead to drama in your relationships and friendships.

#5 Scorpio

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When it comes to relationships, your biggest downfall is your hot temper. You have been known to fly off the edge for relatively small issues. You have a natural instinct to argue and fight with whoever you see. It’s not your fault, it’s just your personality. Scorpio’s have a hard time with forgiveness, it is very difficult to regain the trust of a Scorpio. Though you may seem angry all of the time it is just because you are a very passionate person who acts on their emotions, rather than gut instinct. In a relationship you always feel the need to have the upper hand in an argument and you always feel like you are not satisfied until you extract your revenge.

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