“I love you”. Three short words with great meaning.

While it is relatively easy for some zodiac signs to say these three words, for others it is very difficult or almost impossible to get these words across your lips.

Here are 5 zodiac signs that it is incredibly difficult to put an “I love you” on your lips:


If you have no deep connection to a person, then you will not say these three words. Heart, body and soul must feel love for this person in order to be able to pronounce this.

The twin has no problem expressing his feelings, but they first want to make sure that the feelings they feel are real.

Twins don’t like to give false hopes to other people, so think carefully about what they say beforehand.

You know what these three words mean, so if you are comfortable with yourself and your feelings, you will say them later than before. 


Even if the Libra is inherently undecided, there is no second opinion for them regarding these three words. You have to feel love all over your body to be able to say these words without feeling guilty.

The scales are usually in love long before they say the three words. This is also due to your indecisiveness, she takes a lot of time to consider everything and by thinking before saying “I love you”.

You want to make sure that the other person feels the same way.

Before she puts those words on your lips, she will show you your love in her own way and without speaking much. The scales can make you feel good, even without the famous three words. 


The Virgin has her own rules about these three words that not everyone can understand.

Your analytical thinking forbids your heart to open too quickly. She will wait a long time and think in detail about how, when and above all, if at all, these three words should leave your mouth.

First she wants to make sure that the two fit together and that she doesn’t run into the “open knife” with these three words.

Virgins protect your heart and are very careful, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings. A rational being like the virgin simply has a harder time opening than most others. 


The last on our list is someone who has difficulty expressing his emotions, especially the male scorpions.

Even if they are in love with both ears, your fear of rejection will prevent them from saying these three words.

It can take a long time before the scorpion can admit to being in love with someone. But then it is always honest and valuable when the time comes.

If a scorpion only speaks these three words when it actually means it, because it requires a great effort to overcome it and it is never in vain.

He would only say “I love you” if he was serious about this person and can imagine something long-term with this person.

The scorpion is usually not a man of big words, so his words have weight and you should take it seriously when a scorpion confesses his love to you. 


The ibex is generally someone who controls himself and always keeps his attitude. An “I love you” means for him that a relationship has reached the next level and it is now getting serious. 

He will wait for the moment when he feels safe enough to be able to utter these three words and behind which he can then stand. 

Capricorn is a pragmatic and rational person who builds a relationship step by step and does not rush anything.

Unlike in the job, he is one of the “slow” kind in relation to a relationship and it can happen that the partner of an ibex is tired of waiting and gives him an ultimatum.

If it comes to that, the Capricorn will not hesitate to utter these three words so as not to endanger the relationship.

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