Sadly, no astrological sign is immune to cheating. With temptation lurking everywhere, anyone could easily develop a wandering eye. However, because of their specific personality traits, certain signs may be especially prone to look outside their relationship for love and sex.

If you’re dating a Gemini, symbolized by Twins, two heads can double the trouble. Whizzes at compartmentalizing their feelings, Geminis are equipped to juggle more than one partner. Plus, as a sometimes fickle Air sign, Gemini can be indecisive and may tire of one lover quickly, creating quite an emotional jungle. Fortunately, some mental magic can go a long way with Twins. Hold their curiosity—and fidelity—by being witty and a little unpredictable.

Similarly dual-natured, Pisces, represented by the up-fish and down-fish, can be total saints—or total sinners. The sign of fantasy and escape, Pisces follow their emotions like a GPS. They’re often so in the moment that they detach from reality and wander to wherever they think they’ll find romance. They tend to stay focused on those who dote on them and join them on escapades. Make sure the passion in your relationship burns bright, and pamper the heck out of your Fish to keep them true. (Wondering when you’llfind true love? Check your romantic forecast to discover the best times for romance)

As the sign of sex, Scorpio‘s inclination toward cheating may seem like a no-brainer. However, famous for intense loyalty, it’s not necessarily their loins that lead Scorpios astray. As an extreme sign, if Scorpios lose an ounce of respect for you, they will be tempted to look elsewhere for love. But if you remain a loyal confidant, you’ll win over your Scorpio for good. Mutual trust is this Fixed sign’s ironclad proof of loyalty.

Cheating typically has nothing to do with sex for Libra, the sign of partnership. Libras are thought to be at their best when they’re coupled up. If your relationship starts falling apart, a Libra could be tempted to set up shop elsewhere before officially breaking things off with you. As the sign of justice, their affair may not include sex at all, as they might believe that withholding sex keeps them innocent. To solidify a Libra’s loyalty, make an effort to build a shared social network. The more people Libra has invested in their relationship, the more they may strive to be fair—and faithful.

Leo rules drama, romance and ego (in other words, a Lion can be a bit of a diva). They typically live for all that’s grand and are known to have a strong sexual drive that oozes with magnetism. For some Leos, ruling the world means feeling above the law. They may feel at liberty to indulge their libidos and egos with a sidepiece—in their kingdom, they’re the only one that matters. Your move? Assert your power. Few things are hotter for a Leo than merging two strong empires through love.

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