It is a strong character trait to be able to wait before responding to something. It is difficult for many of us to hold back when something upsets us, annoys us, makes us happy or touches us in some other way.

But there are people who are able to think and take a deep breath before reacting to something or taking their next step. And thanks to astrology, we can also recognize these people well.

The last time you were really angry, you acted immediately, and if so, what were the consequences of your actions? Did you say things that you shouldn’t have said better? Did your reaction damage your relationship with an important person?

You may be one of those people who react immediately and sometimes regret it afterwards and sometimes the damage is so great that it cannot be reversed afterwards. But these following 5 zodiac signs belong to the rational people, they master the art of not having to react immediately to everything. They see themselves as the strategists among people and you should learn from them.


The bull almost never overreacts in the art, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t paying attention or they don’t care. When something happens that would normally make them very angry, they go inside and think about it calmly. They think about the consequences it would have if they said things that they would regret afterwards and weigh it up.

Then he will think about what to do next and work out a plan for the best possible outcome. As soon as he has found the right moment for a reaction, he will act from a controlled and neutral position and make it clear to the participants what is upsetting him. Nobody wants a bull to get really angry and the more rational a bull is, the more comfortable it is to deal with it. 


Before the virgin reacts to something and thus triggers a chain reaction of negative emotions, she tends to withdraw and “take notes in her head”. This gives her the opportunity to collect herself and calm down and enables her to act from a position of logic and not to react to something out of her emotions.

When the moment comes when she has to react to something, she refers to the notes in her head, because only then can she react to a certain situation in a healthy way. The virgin is an analyst by nature and likes to be in control of herself.

You will hardly ever see a virgin lose her composure. For her, everything is just a learning process, even situations that provoke, she learns from it and will not be provoked by the same thing a second time in the future. 


The twins almost always respond on the rational level, rarely emotionally, because they know how important it is to put yourself in a relaxed state before responding to anything. They are people who like to meditate or use and practice other relaxation techniques.

The twin is someone who is always on the lookout for the “good vibes” in life and who knows that everyday life is stressful enough and you should not expose yourself to unnecessary stress by reacting emotionally to everything. Stress not only harms the body, but also the relationships that one leads. He will try to find the trigger for the stress in his life and either he will remove it or if that is not possible, then the twin will ignore the trigger and return to the place of rest and relaxation. 


The ibex is the epitome of people who are wise, mature and reasonable. They naturally know that an overreaction does more bad than good. They are inherently careful and try to behave towards others in such a way that they don’t have to regret anything later.

The ibex tends to distance itself from a situation in which it feels insecure and then tries to view it logically from a safe distance. And when he comes to the conclusion that not reacting is the best solution, he will instinctively do so. 


The lion unconsciously often makes itself the center of every situation in its environment, people then look at the lion how it reacts to this and that. The lion also knows how valuable it is to take a break. Sometimes when the lion requires a reaction, the lion withdraws to give itself the opportunity to cool down.

Because the spirited lion knows that in a cooled down state, he can make the most rational decisions from a quiet position. And these are often best for yourself but also for those who are important to him.

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