The 5 most notorious Bitches among the signs of the Zodiac. Like many other qualities, the degree of bitchiness among the fair sex is determined by the stars. And how else?

Indeed, the character traits of each depend on the zodiac sign. There are signs of darling, soft and fluffy, and there are those who, under their fluffiness, hide the tendency to be the first in everything and everywhere, no matter what, but hoping for sympathy from such persons is a vain task.Content

In order not to become a victim of another bitch and not get hit in the back, it is better to find out which of all the signs of the zodiac tops the list of star bitch.

1. Leo

Zodiac Sign Bitch Level

Lionesses love to be the center of attention. They strive for this with all their might. Everything is used – boasting of one’s knowledge, achievements; manifestation of an “accidental” superiority over others: either your salary is not in a prestigious currency, then you are not resting in prestigious places, then you are dressing in the wrong shops.

Lionesses are absolutely sure that anyone can make mistakes, but not them. They tend to blame others for their failed endeavors and failed plans. See their own mistakes they are not given. Apparently, the proverb about the specks in their own and the logs in the eyes of others is about them.

2. Scorpio

Zodiac Sign Bitch Level

No matter how stubborn this five is, there is a queen among them. Always! Do you hear? It will always be a Scorpion! She will never miss a chance to stick her sting into your most lively and vulnerable place. Pin up, scoff, stick out – always welcome.

And at the most inopportune moment! This does not always happen, more often involuntarily (well, she can not help herself, such a nature). The most dangerous among all arthropod bitch are abandoned or offended Scorpios. They hatched plans of revenge in batches and will surely turn at least one into reality.

3. Virgo

Zodiac Sign Bitch Level

Virgo – white and fluffy, decent and good. Well, what can they be blamed for? Imagine that this feminine to the bone bones nature has one of the features – uncontrolled bitchiness. Help colleagues? Sacrifice everything for family? Give your loved one the last peignoir?

No problem! But if the Virgin fell into a bad mood, she wanted to spit on the feelings of others. It’s a shame to besiege, make a comment, interrupt or criticize – at such a moment for Virgo this task, as they say, is “just spit”. It just so happened that she expresses her opinion without a hint of delicacy.

4. Aquarius

Zodiac Sign Bitch Level

In your face Aquarius can smile at all her pearl teeth, exuding goodwill with a fountain. But once you leave, this “kindness itself” does not disdain to wash you all even the smallest bones. Yes, with what relish this lover of pouring water does it!

Do not miss a single trifle, not a single detail. What they ate, drank, what they put on, how they walked – everything will be taken into account and submitted for discussion. Sometimes Aquarius can fall into anger, which scares others.

But good and disinterested acts are also in her blood. And in doing so, she overrides her flagrant flaws. Criticizing the neighbor on what the light stands, Aquarius will never leave him in a difficult situation!

5. Capricorn

Zodiac Sign Bitch Level

It is difficult to communicate with these horned goats, it is difficult to work, and it is difficult to have any business. What are the tradeoffs? Even if it NEEDS to retreat, they will end up with horns, but they will never let go of their line and will bend it to the end.

This engages in a bitchy transmission in their box, on which they move forward, leaving behind them piles of enraged people. And after that, these horned creatures still hope that they will not be left alone! They simply do not like him. In short, if you contacted Capricorn, make sure that you are the person who is able to endure the endless “brain removal”.

So our top bitch chart came to an end among the stellar ladies. Paradoxical as it may seem, it is the bitch who often succeed in the love field, drawing men into their evil networks. Men! Be careful! If you are not confident in your abilities, go around this five!

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