Sure, everyone is in a bad mood or got up with the wrong foot. We all know this from ourselves. But there are four zodiac signs that are especially known for being moody all the time and sometimes overwhelmed by their anger and irritability so that they use them against others around them.

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These zodiac signs can be quickly put on the palm and freaking out is the order of the day. Above all, this behavior applies to the fire signs under the zodiac signs. This includes the ram, the lion and the shooter. This will probably not surprise you, since fire always brings a certain amount of heat with it.

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But the Scorpio watermark can also be quite aggressive. If you know a person with one of these zodiac signs, you should know about him well so that you can deal with his aggressions more easily.

Learn the different ways these zodiac signs express their anger and what they need at the moment to calm down quickly.

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You can irritate and ram the ram particularly quickly. This is because of its nature. Under no circumstances should you stand in the way of the ram or try to dissuade him. Because then he will surely show you his angry side. It snaps out relatively quickly, even if it’s just a little thing. This usually happens when you provoke him.

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You should therefore know the ram well in order to be able to handle it properly. Otherwise you only make the negative emotions worse and you also pour petrol into the fire. Of course, the ram intimidates other people around him with his anger.

Because it often gushes out of him suddenly and completely unexpectedly. But he quickly calms down again. As long as you don’t provoke him and sprinkle salt in the wound, he will quickly change his mood. So stay calm and stay away from him first.


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The adventurous shooter is just as impulsive as the Aries. If you irritate the shooter, he will put you in his place at the same moment. You should always prepare yourself for this. But that’s not the biggest problem with the rifle birth. A shooter believes of himself that he is generally very easy to deal with. He feels his emotional outbursts of anger are appropriate and is usually not aware of any guilt. That makes things all the more difficult.

He does not even notice his irritability. That is why he takes a long time to recover and forgive other people around him or to apologize for his behavior. If you want the shooter to calm down again, you should bring a lot of patience and wait until he is ready to reconcile with you. He will look for the conversation on his own. So you don’t have to go to him.

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Lions also freak out regularly. You absolutely need these emotional outbursts to let off steam. That’s why they don’t usually hesitate long, but try to clear their anger as quickly as possible. A lion is always honest and will tell you what is bothering you about your face.

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He won’t even try to wrap his words nicely. The advantage of this is that you always know what you’re at with the lion.

However, the lion sometimes falls into childish behaviors when angry. It can be pretty exhausting. But don’t get confused by that. This behavior will wear off soon. Because as soon as the lion has discharged his emotions and received all the attention he needs, he will be relaxed and clear in the head again.

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It is not wise to annoy a scorpion. Because he will surely resent you. The special thing about it: A scorpion does not usually express his anger verbally. He’ll show them to you through his body language. Scorpions don’t tell you when they’re upset or angry because they don’t want to show that they’re hurt. These emotions can be recognized very clearly in body language.

Most of the time, the signals are so obvious that everyone around them knows without speaking to the Scorpio.

You should then be on your guard, because scorpions are always looking for an opportunity to take revenge. If the scorpion suddenly becomes completely calm, it may happen that it strikes back in the next moment. Then one speaks of the calm before the storm. So always give him some time when he’s angry and let him unload his aggressions first. He may come up to you and look for the conversation. It is important that it is completely “cooled” by then. Because with an emotionally charged scorpion it is difficult to talk. So be patient!

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