3 The most harmful women by the sign of the zodiac. All the girls in the shower are a little bit harmful. Moreover, they often harm themselves without noticing it. This time, astrologers decided to find out which representatives of the three signs of the zodiac most like to do harm. Have you been on this list?

The 3 most harmful women in the zodiac sign


3rd place – Cancer

Cancer Girl is the most needed and crying zodiac sign. If she is devoted to someone to the depths of her soul, then she is ready to follow him even to the ends of the world. And from the beloved, accordingly, it requires a similar return. But not everyone will like that such a shadow drags everywhere behind you, even to the ends of the world …

If it seems to Raku that they have cooled one iota at least, then it will close in its sink and become depressed. She is very touchy, and in this state she manifests revenge. And then do not wait for mercy! Cancer girl can only be controlled with affection, nothing can be achieved with a scream. Tons, megatons of affection and tenderness. Then you can twist the rope from it.

2nd place – Leo

The lioness is conceited and domineering, she will not be almondy with those who do not meet her standards, which are at about Everest. The girl imagines herself to be the center of the universe, so there should be a decent guy nearby.

Yes, yes, with a capital letter. When her pride is hurt, she will not begin to bear malicious evil plans, but simply express everything that she thinks about the offender in her face.

And after her tirade, it may seem that a hurricane or tsunami is a flower painted in a children’s notebook.


1st place – Scorpio

If you decide to have a Scorpio girlfriend, then consider that you went to war. With her, either very cool, or very bad, or all together, or alternately. There is no middle ground and never will be.

This is a constant finding in a stressful situation. So if you are not the owner of iron nerves and steel masculinity – this instance is not for you.

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The insidious Scorpioness, even if she really wants to give the impression of a sweet and complaisant, naive and meek, she will not be able to wear an unusual face for a long time – her essence will sooner or later take over.

She hates shyness, pinchedness and – remember – very jealous. If she finds a text message from another girl on your phone, you will want to eat your phone.

And what will happen if she suddenly suspects that they are cheating on her … Better to lower this moment.

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