3 important lessons that you will learn in 2020. According to your star sign.


Not everything you think must leave your mouth. Lesson 1: Learn to think first, then think again and then perhaps speak.

Sometimes people turn to you, not because they need advice, but because they need empathy and understanding and someone who just sits and listens to them. Lesson 2: Not everything needs a solution. Sometimes people just need you.

You worry about your future and the lives of the people around you. You have to learn to live in the NOW. Try to focus on this today and realize how happy you are because you have things that are worth living for. Lesson 3: Stop worrying unnecessarily.


You needed some time in 2019 to find out where you want to go and where you belong. But now that you know your way, give it all and stay that way. Use 100% and see what happens. Lesson 1: Find out what you are burning for and follow it.

There are poisonous people who will cling to you because of the good spirit in you. They will feed on you and your strength. You will always want something from you. They will always be in the victim role. And if you say no, they will get angry. Lesson 2: Know who’s just poison for your life and remove them from your environment.

You are a generous person, everyone knows that. Leave it to everyone in front of you next year, think of you. Try to make your life better and not be there for the others all the time. Lesson 3: Be selfish, no one will blame you.


You want to go far away for a long time. You plan this journey so often in your mind and what you will do first when you get there. But for some reason something always comes in between. You always say that you will make up for this journey. Just do it and find out why this trip is always in your head. Lesson 1: Take the journey on you and come back as a new person.

Whether it’s a job or something guilty of somebody, if it makes you unhappy, then do not do it. Do not worry who you will disappoint if you say no. Care about yourself and your happiness. Lesson 2: Stop doing things that you hate.

Make sure you live a life that you look back on smiling. Nobody should just work, pay bills and then die. Do something that makes you feel alive. Lesson 3: Start enjoying life to the fullest.


You stick to the past and the memories. You hold on to things that once were, but are no more. You hurt yourself only. This person from your past, he just lives on, you should do that as well. Lesson 1: Let go of your past.

You want to go, but you do not know where to go. You’re scared of what you’re missing, but think about what you might miss if you go somewhere else. The world is so much bigger than the city you live in, the job you have and the love you think you have lost. There’s someone out there who wants to love you, if you have the courage to accept the change. Lesson 2: Stop staying in a place that does not make you happy.

You always try to make others happy, but you yourself take a back seat. I know it’s hard because you’re always in focus, especially if you’re the one everyone thinks is a strong person while you cry on long nights. You do not have to continue playing this role. You think you are brave, funny and strong. But it’s okay to fall apart sometimes. Lesson 3: Stop pretending that you are unbreakable.


You tend to blame others for your problems. This is easier than taking responsibility for his behavior. But you have to realize that you are everything you have. If there are things in your life that you want, then you have every ability to do that. Lesson 1: Learn to take responsibility and forget the excuses.

Sometimes you just have to do things without thinking. I know you are a perfectionist, but the moment will never be perfect to start. Lesson 2: Do not hide behind perfection, get what you think you deserve.

Your negative thinking is probably the cause of many of your problems. You yourself are the problem and the solution at the same time. Change the negative voice in your head and start believing in your abilities. Lesson 3: Stop the negative voice in your head.


You always want immediate results and you want the reward before the work is done. You only want everything if it’s worth it. But you are rarely willing to do something that will pay off later. You have to learn to take each day after another and then you will look back and realize that all the effort was worth it. Lesson 1: Learn to trust the process.

You are angry. I do not know who you are angry with or why you do not let go of the anger you hold on to. This anger hurts you, not you. Lesson 2: Release the hatred in your heart.

If you love someone, then very strong. But you should also learn to direct that love to the person staring at you in the mirror. She deserves it, too. Lesson 3: Love yourself just as you love others.

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