It seems like we’re constantly giving him the benefit of the doubt whenever he messes up. It’s not like he’s actually doing all of these little mistakes on purpose. Basically, we assume he’s completely oblivious to what’s going on.

We’re almost convinced that our man (or crush) has no clue that he keeps making the same mistake. He’s so used to his bad behaviors that he doesn’t even realize that it’s an issue. Instead, we and the rest of the world have to constantly deal with that one thing that he always does.

Most of these bad behaviors are only present in his relationship with his lover, rather than the rest of the world. This is a good sign as it means that we have the chance to work with our guy on how to better his bad ways.

Every guy, depending on his sign, has that one behaviour that is just unacceptable. However, a few of the signs on our list have two bad behaviours that they just can’t let go of. And he’s not going to change his ways unless we finally confront him on the issue.

Get ready to take some notes and inspire your man to change his ways!

20 Gemini: Always Prioritizes Himself

There is nothing worse than being in a relationship with someone who isn’t willing to put you first. While it’s difficult to find a balance in a relationship, you shouldn’t exactly be dating someone who isn’t willing to put you first at least some of the time. And it seems like a Gemini lover is one of the worst people to date when it comes to this.

In his eyes, putting someone first is forgetting about yourself. He has been taken advantage of in the past and isn’t willing to put someone else first in fear of the person manipulating him. While we’re positive he adores his lover, he’s scared of finding himself in yet another similar situation.

19 Even Worse: Self-Interest Is All He Cares About

While he might not be willing to put someone else first in fear of them taking advantage of him, that isn’t the only issue. He’s also a little selfish and is all about doing what’s best for him. His self-interest is the only thing that he cares about and he isn’t about to let anyone get in the way of that.

A Gemini believes that he can find himself in a relationship where both people are prospering. However, that isn’t always that case as sometimes you have to put your lover first to make things work. This isn’t going to slide for a Gemini guy as he totally sees this as the wrong thing to do. If you want to date a Gemini, get ready to figure out a way to pick up his slack.

18 Capricorn: Reacts With Revenge

It seems like whenever a Capricorn is wronged, he reacts with revenge. He feels absolutely betrayed by whoever goes against his back that the only way he’s able to overcome the pain is by plotting revenge against the person to get them back for what they did.

While we completely understand that the pain he’s going through is difficult, we don’t agree with his approach. In the moment it may feel like getting even will fix all of your problems, but it actually won’t. The Capricorn wastes his time trying to figure out how to hurt the person as much as they have hurt him. This is a negative perspective to have and it won’t allow him to move on.

17 Even Worse: He Can’t Let Issues Go

Whenever sometimes goes wrong, he’s simply not able to overcome it. In his eyes, it seems like the end of the world is upon him and that everything is falling apart. A Capricorn is so sensitive that any little issue will always be blown out of proportion.

If you think that dating a Capricorn will be a smooth ride, think again. You’re guaranteed to constantly be finding yourself fighting with your man over the smallest things. He’s the last person to be willing to forgive little mistakes. Get ready for your man to constantly be holding onto every bit of negativity and exhibiting a ton of passive-aggressive behaviour.

16 Aquarius: He Looks For The Easy Way Out

There is nothing less attractive than a guy constantly looking for the easy way out in life. An Aquarius just isn’t willing to put in the work and would much rather slide by. He couldn’t care less about doing the right thing and is always looking for the route that requires the least amount of work.

If you’re dating an Aquarius, don’t be surprised if he’s not willing to actually work on the issue and is just trying to take the easy way out of the situation. If that means taking all of the blame even when he’s in the clear, he’s willing to do so. In his head, doing whatever requires the minimal amount of work is always the best choice.

15 Leo: Lying Is His Second Nature

This definitely has to be one of the worst bad behaviours on our list. If you’re dating a Leo, get ready to constantly be fed lies. It’s not even like he’s trying to do it on purpose. He’s simply so used to feeding people lies that it has become second nature.

A Leo has come to understand that lying is sometimes easier than telling the truth. In order to keep an issue from growing, he’s willing to feed his lover a few lies. While we would much rather have the truth, it seems like he’s not about to start up issues that can be completely avoided. Even though he might think that he’s able to get by with his lies, we’re so onto him.

14 Even Worse: He Acts Dishonestly

While his lies were already bad enough, it actually gets much worse. Not only does he tell lies, but he acts dishonestly. These aren’t little white lies anymore and are instead the real deal. A Leo isn’t scared to act completely deceitful if it means getting things to go his way.

We were willing to forgive him for telling a few lies here and there, but not when his actions started to imitate his behaviour. A Leo is known for getting a little out of hand in order for things to go his way. Even though he thinks he’ll be able to get away with his bad behaviours, we’re so over it and know we need to be one step ahead of him.

13 Scorpio: Always Resisting Change

Scorpios seem to be convinced that they have everything figured out. They’re naturally smart and are always able to get out of any difficult situation put in front of them. While they might seem like an ideal lover from afar, they come with a ton of baggage.

Since a Scorpio is used to always being right since he’s so sharp, he’s starting to become convinced that he has absolutely everything under control. This couldn’t be further from the truth as the Scorpio is often completely wrong and doesn’t know what he’s doing. Since he thinks he’s always spot on, he’s not willing to change his ways. If you want to date a lover who thinks he has all of the keys to life, we recommend a Scorpio.

12 Sagittarius: Manipulates The Truth

For a Sagittarius, there is absolutely nothing better than getting his way. That’s why if he has to manipulate the truth a little to end up in his favour, he isn’t scared to do so. He’s convinced that he has everyone’s best interests at heart, but that isn’t the case.

His intentions aren’t always pure and are often motivated by greed. If you’re dating a Sagittarius it’s critical to have your guard up in case he tries to sell you a lie. He’s a master manipulator and doesn’t even know it. While he might pretend that his intentions for you are nothing but the best, it probably isn’t exactly true.

11 Even Worse: He’ll Do Anything To Get His Way

Since the Leo is the master manipulator, he’s absolutely convinced that everything will work out the way he planned it. However, when things start to slip a little off course, he’s willing to do absolutely anything to have the end goal work out in his favour.

He’s so used to doing things this way that he’s completely oblivious to his bad behaviour. He’s also so sleek at manipulating those around his that barely anyone notices his real intentions. However, if you’re around a Leo for a long period of time, you’ll be able to pick up his little tricks and sly ways. Keep an eye out and make sure that you’re not his next target.

10 Cancer: The Jealous Type

While you might’ve initially thought that it was cute that he got a little jealous here and there, you’re so over it now. In the beginning, it simply showed that he genuinely cared, which is absolutely everything a girl wants! However, at this point, it’s just getting out of hand.

When a Cancer falls for someone, he wants to make sure that nothing can get in the way of the relationship. That’s why if he notices that you’re getting friendly with someone else, he’s going to make sure that it comes to an end. The issue is that he seems to be predicting people are threats when they actually aren’t. His actions can get completely out of control as he tries to protect his relationship.

9 Libra: Unwilling To Let Go Of The Past

A Libra has been through it all and is simply looking for a secure relationship. He’s so over playing games and simply wants a partner who will respect him since he wasn’t exactly granted that luxury in the past. However, he has so many unresolved issues from the past that he simply isn’t willing to open up to someone new.

Rather, he’s still holding onto an old relationship that broke his heart. It’s not easy for a Libra to get over a past lover as he becomes a little obsessive. Before you go any further into your new romance with a Libra, make sure that he’s still not holding onto the past. If he is, give him time to overcome any lingering emotions that might still be holding him back.

8 Even Worse: He Can’t Consider The Future

Since Leos are often so obsessed with the past, they aren’t able to look forward into the future. He’s constantly stressing over how things worked out and what he could’ve done differently. Even if he does find himself in a new relationship where he is genuinely happy, he probably hasn’t overcome his previous one fully.

This might be annoying to deal with. The last thing anyone wants is to start up something new with someone living in the past. Try to be there for him, but don’t let him think that he can get away with dating someone new if he still isn’t over his ex. While we all need time to overcome past relationships, and it seems like it’s taking him a little longer than usual.

7 Virgo: He Simply Won’t Listen To Anyone

When dating a Virgo, it’s either his way or the highway. He seems to have all of the answers and isn’t willing to compromise with absolutely anyone. When a Virgo is set on a particular outlook, nothing will get in the way of him and his viewpoints.

While we truly do adore his strength in not letting anyone change what he believes in, it can get a little bit out of control. The issue is that a Virgo isn’t even willing to listen to someone else’s perspective. He couldn’t care less about what anyone else has to think, other than himself. This is sure to create some relationship issues in the near future.

6 Pisces: Not Willing To Take Responsibility

Even if it’s truly his fault, he will never take responsibility. That’s because he’s convinced that he can never mess up. A Pisces is such a perfectionist that nothing can ever go wrong. That’s why when things actually do go south, he’s not willing to acknowledge that it was actually his fault.

Instead, he’s constantly trying to convince everyone around him that he’s totally in the clear and that it’s someone else’s fault. This is getting tiring as no one deserves to deal with a person who can’t come to terms with their wrongs. It’s time that you consider whether keeping things going with a Pisces is actually worth the headache.

5 Even Worse: He’ll Put The Blame On Someone Else

While it was already bad enough that he wasn’t willing to acknowledge that he was wrong, it actually gets worse. To convince himself, and everyone around him, that he’s actually right, a Pisces will start creating a master plan to figure out a way to shift the blame onto someone else.

Deep down he knows that it was all completely his fault. However, he’s going to use any trick in the book to figure out a way to get out of the situation. If that means shifting all of the blame to his lover, he’ll figure out a way to do so. He’s absolutely convinced that he’s not wrong and that the issue is probably someone else’s fault. It’s time that he comes to terms with this bad behaviour as everyone around him is more than over it.

4 Aries: Passive Aggressive Outbursts

An Aries is known for having difficulties forgiving people. When an Aries lets you into their inner circle, they expect that you will always be up front and honest. That’s why if you wrong an Aries, they will go out of their way to make it known that you messed up.

While he might be willing to forgive, trust us when we tell you that he will absolutely never forget. For someone to wrong him is the worst thing in his book. He’s going to make sure to go out of his way to pretend that everything is okay, but it’s actually a complete mess. Get ready to deal with his passive aggressive outbursts that literally make no sense. No one deserves to deal with someone who is being completely unreasonable.

3 Even Worse: He Doesn’t Even Notice His Anger

The worst thing about an Aries’ passive aggressive behavior is that he doesn’t even notice it. He actually convinced himself that he had forgiven the person for their mistake. But deep within his subconscious, he’s actually not over it. Instead, he’s holding onto every wrong that anyone has ever has made against him.

He doesn’t even notice his passive aggressive outbursts. They’re usually correlated to a new issue so he doesn’t understand where all of this anger is coming from. The only way to date an Aries is to talk to him openly over what’s going on and his behaviour. The second you let him get away with freaking out on someone is the exact moment that he’ll be convinced that it’s fine.

2 Taurus: Clings Onto His Perspective

We all like to think that we know much more than we actually do, even if we might be wrong. We’re so used to constantly deciphering different topics in our heads that we often forget that the people around us have other opinions. It seems like the Taurus has fallen into this trap when it comes to relationships.

For him, it’s difficult to understand anyone’s point of view except for his own. He has thought about these topics long and hard that he’s convinced he understands them perfectly. That’s why when someone else enters the picture with a different viewpoint, he’s completely puzzled. Rather than discussing his perspective with someone else, he prefers to ignore them completely.

1 Even Worse: He Isn’t Willing To Compromise

This has to be the worst quality ever. While it’s bad enough that he’s not even willing to compromise with someone, he actually isn’t even willing to listen to their perspective. If you think that a relationship with a Taurus might work, it probably won’t.

He’s on his own wavelength and isn’t about to let anyone else get in the way. It’s time to have a talk with him about his bad behaviour so he doesn’t think that it will slide. We all have our issues and it’s our responsibility to work on them. That’s why it’s more than necessary that we have a talk with our man about this (and any other) bad habit.

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