2 zodiac signs that you understand and 2 zodiac signs that you can not stand


Aries are usually brave and fearless. So you need someone who is looking for adventure and thrills just the way you want.

Zodiac Signs you Understand: Gemini and Libra.
The ram goes along well with the twins, because they like the ram are very spontaneous and adventurous and with the scales because you can have a lot of fun with the scales and the scales have no prejudices against anyone, just like the ram.

Zodiac you can not stand: Cancer and Capricorn.
The ram has great difficulty with the cancer, because this is too affectionate and often also complicated. And with the ibex the ram can not, because this is too disciplined and often a “fun brake”. 


The bull is a sociable person, as long as you do not irritate or provoke him. If the bull closes someone in the heart, then he is very loyal and reliable.

Zodiac signs that you understand yourself with: Cancer and fish.
The bull is attracted to cancer because, like the bull, he is very caring and a protector and with the fish because they are creative and have a deep and calm soul just like the bull himself.

Star signs you can not stand: Leo and Aquarius.
The bull has big problems dealing with an Aquarius, because both are very stubborn and both are very easily irritated. With the lion, the bull does not understand himself, because they are very stubborn and dominant, which the bull does not like, because he does not like to order around. 


Twins are very sociable people who can talk to anyone as well as anyone. And to get the trust of a twin, you have to be patient.

Zodiac signs that you understand well: Aries and Libra.
The twins get on well with the ram, because he likes to test his limits and does not shy away from risks, which is exactly what the twins need. And with Libra, because you can have good and long conversations with her, which of course pleases the sociable twin.

Star sign you can not stand: Virgo and Capricorn.
The twin does not get along with the maiden, because both believe they are the smartest person in the room, and with the ibex, the twin does not get along, because he is too direct and can be ruthless. 


The cancer needs a lot of understanding and closeness. To get along with the cancer, you have to be honest and open with your emotions.

Zodiac signs that you understand well: Gemini and Scorpio.
Cancer gets on with the twin because it can encourage them with words to open up and with the scorpion because both are passionate and profound.

Zodiac you can not stand: bull and maiden.
Cancer has a hard time understanding the bull because it is too closed and suspicious, and the virgin is too perfectionist, and that always makes the cancer feel bad. 


The lion can be very stubborn and dominant, which makes him difficult to deal with. He is also very loyal and passionate.

Zodiac signs that you understand well: Libra and Capricorn.
The lion gets along with Libra because they both have a good intuition for what is right and wrong and with Capricorn because both are very ambitious and can pursue their goals in life and thus motivate each other.

Star signs you can not stand: Virgo and Aquarius.
The lion has great difficulties with the Virgin, because this intellectually always represents a danger to the lion and with the Aquarius, the loyal lion is not clear, because this is too independent and unpredictable.


The maiden is more rational and follows her mind, usually intelligent and always perfectly organized. She helps wherever she can and has a solution for every problem.

Zodiac signs that you understand well: Cancer and Capricorn.
The Virgin understands cancer because it has enough understanding to understand the “complicated” virgin and the Capricorn because, like the Virgin, he is ambitious, intelligent and disciplined.

Star signs you can not stand: Sagittarius and fish.
The maiden can not stand the shooter because it gives you the feeling that you are not there when you need him and with the fish, because they are never in the head and always look so absent. 


The Libra seems to have a sense of what people really need and they are very helpful people with a social streak.

Zodiac signs that you understand well: fish and twins.
The Libra gets along with the fish, because both are creative both have a unique view of life and with the twins, because you can have a lot of fun with them and you can confide in them carefree.

Zodiac you can not stand: Cancer and Scorpio.
You can not do anything with the cancer, because no matter what you do, the cancer feels attacked and insulted and with the scorpion, because it is too quiet and closed to you. 


Scorpio is a very intuitive person, and sometimes you even feel close to reading people’s thoughts. The scorpion is not a magical creature, he is just a good listener who can pronounce every line of thought to the point.

Zodiac signs that you understand well: Virgo and Cancer.
The scorpion gets on well with the virgin because they challenge each other on an intellectual level and with the cancer because they both communicate on the same emotional level.

Star signs you can not stand: lion and ram.
The scorpion has difficulty communicating with a lion because he is too arrogant and because the lion thinks he is the best in everything and with the ram he does not realize because he is too impatient and too provocative. 


The shooter is an independent and generally positive person. He needs people who, like himself, love life and have no one dictate to them how to live.

Zodiac signs that you understand well: Aries and Gemini.
The shooter gets on with the ram, because both love traveling and love the adventure and with the twin, because both get bored quickly and hate when people are content with a boring life.

Zodiac you can not stand: Cancer and fish.
The shooter is not clear with the crabs, because they are too emotional and need a lot of attention and with the fish, the shooter reluctant because they are too negative for the optimistic shooter. 


Capricorn takes a long time to get along really well with someone, partly because of his mistrust and partly because of his coolness towards the outside. That’s why Capricorn tends to have only old friendships because he usually does too lazy to build new.

Zodiac signs that you understand well: Leo and Cancer.
The ibex gets along well with the lion because both live a very goal-oriented life and are ambitious and with the cancer because they understand the ibex on an intuitive level like no other star sign.

Zodiac you can not stand: Libra and Gemini.
With the Libra, the Capricorn is not clear, because they are very lazy for the understanding of Capricorn and the Gemini does not agree with you, because they always seem unfocused and absent. 


Aquarius is known for being able to build a “superficial” friendship with just about anyone, but when it comes to trust, Aquarius is very careful.

Zodiac signs that you understand well: twins and Sagittarius.
The Aquarius gets on well with the twins, because they are creative, humorous and very open-minded for the vast majority of topics that interest the Aquarius and the shooter, because this is usually intelligent, eloquent and just as independent again Aquarius itself.

Zodiac you can not stand: bull and cancer.
Aquarius is not on the same wavelength as the bull because he is often narrow-minded and does not want to accept any opinions other than his own, and Aquarius has difficulty with cancer because they are too sensitive to the rational Aquarius. 


The fish-born love to talk to others who have the same interests. For the creative and imaginative fish music, movies and books is the favorite topic and the best with someone who has the same taste.

Zodiac signs that you understand well: Capricorn and Scorpio.
The Capricorn understands the fish, because it motivates you and tries to get the best out of you and with the scorpion, because both are very passionate and profound zodiac signs.

Zodiac you can not stand: Leo and Sagittarius.
Fish born can not do anything to the lion, because he is always looking for the drama and can be overly dominant and with the shooter, the fish is not clear because this can sometimes be very tactless with its direct kind. 

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