If you are lucky enough to have a Leo in your life, consider yourself to be incredibly blessed! Those that are born between July 23rd and August 22nd are the true royalty of the zodiac sign, the Kings, and Queens of the jungle.

They know what they want, and this confident and passionate fire sign will stop at nothing to achieve. While success is incredibly important to them (don’t forget to feed their ego from time to time), they will still find the time to build great relationships, lead others to greatness and show love upon the people they care about. Can you really ask for anything more?

#1 – Fun-Loving

While Leos do want to succeed, they aren’t willing to overlook the fun side of life. Their outgoing and fun-loving personalities can make any experience that much more enjoyable, a great skill when they are in a leadership role trying to motivate a team.

#2 – Loyalty

If a Leo says that you are in their inner circle, you can rest assured that they will do everything in their power to protect you, care for you and support you throughout all of life’s challenges. You can count on them to celebrate with you when things are looking up and reach out a hand when you’re struggling.

#3 – Magnetic Personality

It may be hard to put your thumb on exactly what it is about a Leo, but they draw others to themeverywhere that they go. They simply have to flash their award-winning smile and people flock to their side.

#4 – Open-Minded

Big picture thinkers, Leos aren’t one to pass judgment without first thinking through all angles of a situation. While they may believe that they know best (ok, they know that they know best) they will still listen to the thoughts and opinions of others with respect and give everyone a chance.

#5 – Responsible

Leos don’t just take charge for the attention, they also take that leadership role due to the fact that they are incredibly responsible and want to ensure that everything is done right. They will keep fighting forward without holding back until they complete everything that they said they would do.

#6 – Confidence

While other signs may struggle with their self-esteem, the same can’t be said for a Leo. They are incredibly confident and proud of who they are and all that they bring to the table.

#7 – Protective

Rest assured if anyone were to hurt someone that a Leo cares about, they are playing with fire. Leos are highly protective of those that they love, and their wrath will rain down upon anyone that so much as challenges their happiness.

#8 – Efficient Workers

One of the rules that a Leo lives by is ‘work smarter, not harder.’ Driven to succeed, they aren’t interested in wasting their time ‘looking’ busy. Instead, they want to get in, get what needs to be done completed and move onto the next stage of their plan.

#9 – Great Taste

Whether you are looking at style, choice in music, interior decorating preferences or the people that they choose to spend their time with, Leos have the best taste in all that they do. They want the best and aren’t interested in settling for less.

#10 – Skilled Communicators

When a Leo speaks, there is no questioning what they are trying to say. Clear and confident speakers, they are able to get their message apart clearly, and they always seem to have the right thing to say. Pay attention to their advice, it is generally right on point!

#11 – Competitive

A Leo can turn every situation into a competition, and you may not even know that you’re competing! From sports to academics, careers to finances – everything they do is a chance to prove that they can be the best.

#12 – Generosity

While Leo may be a little self-focused throughout their lives, it won’t stop them from giving to others. In fact, they love knowing that they are able to care for those around them, giving of their time, energy, money and love.

#13 – Passionate

When a Leo decides to give their heart to someone, they don’t do so lightly. Instead, they give 110{b75a4a6005db7822c82f3e33dad0e4d58697da6786c21fbe97332e94bc283cbb}, loving them with everything that they’ve got. This will include meaningful gifts and grand gestures. There will be no questioning just who they hold in their heart.

#14 – Trustworthy

If a Leo gives you their word, you can rest assured that they will do everything in their power to stand by it. They are highly trustworthy, and all that they ask for is the same in return.

#15 – Strong Minded

When a Leo makes a decision and sets their mind to something, there is little to nothing that is going to steer them off course. This dedication to the goal makes them a great leader as others feel a sense of security in following them.

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