In all of astrology, Scorpios may have the worst reputation, and often by no fault of their own. Misconceptions about those born between October 23 and November 21 run the gamut. Stereotypes range from manipulative sex maniacs to magical moon magicians. Scorpios have a tendency to get pigeonholed as the most sadistic and evil of the signs thanks to famous Scorpios like Charles Manson, Joseph McCarthy, and David Parker Ray. But these Scorpio stereotypes come from a narrow interpretation of the traits associated with the sign and, of course, could not possibly apply to every Autumn-born star baby.

Of course, every sign has its dark side. People are multi-faceted. It just so happens that Scorpios tend to have the clearest association with negative traits, and a tendency to be downright nasty. While other types of astrology may not paint the children of the Fall in such a negative light, there’s no doubt that the natal astrological system most Westerners are familiar with has suffered from the false impression that Scorpios and their focused, ambitious, unrelenting attitudes are actually manipulative and unfeeling.

A deep dve into the nature of Scorpios reveals they are simply misunderstood. Here’s everything you thought you knew about Scorpios and how to actually interpret these underappreciated members of the zodiac. Perhaps we can rid the world of all the negative inaccuracies made over the years once and for all!

Scorpios Have Trust Issues

One of the downsides of a Scorpio’s loyalty is that they may expect a specific level of devotion from everyone else and are suspicious when they aren’t getting it. But like most of the flaws associated with this zodiac sign small tendencies don’t indicate overarching flaws. Additionally, a Scorpio’s self-awareness of their own abilities can sometimes mean they are quick to do things themselves but don’t necessarily indicate they don’t trust others to do things. Any seeming lack of trust is more indicative of a Scorpio not having all the facts they need to feel as informed as they normally prefer.

Scorpios Are Mysterious

Scorpio’s ruling planets are Mars and Pluto, both known for their intensity, and given Pluto’s distance from Earth, it’s no surprise that Scorpios often have a reputation for mysteriousness. Their connection with water, specifically dark underground water, also contributes to their mysterious nature. While Scorpios might have their secrets, it’s because they are private and pensive, not because they have an innate mystery to them.

Sure, they are drawn to the darker aspects of life (Halloween is smack dab in the middle of this sign’s date range) and they often keep their personal emotions (not to be confused with opinions) close to their chests. However, this has more to do with their own fear of letting people into their minds. Better to be seen as secretive than vulnerable.

Scorpios Are Distant

Scorpios sometimes are stereotyped as emotionally unavailable and distant. To some extent that can be true. Their passion and intensity of emotion sometimes mean they are in their heads, but the difference in personal expression does not indicate they are unfeeling. In fact, much of the time they choose not to share because they are trying to process their own emotions before relaying them to others.

By all means, consider wisely before looking to vent to your Scorpio friend. They aren’t the types to complain, opting instead to act to change their situations. But just because they may not relate to your feelings, doesn’t mean they don’t sympathize. If anything a Scorpio wants to be sure to consider the ramifications of being vulnerable with others.

Scorpios Are Moody

An abundance of emotion does tend to mean a Scorpio is wrapped up in feelings. Their inquisitive and quick-paced minds mean they can get wrapped up in thinking deep thoughts, inventing things, and generally solving the world’s problems. So it’s not surprising a few have been burned when approaching a Scorpio in their creative state, interpreting them as moody.

Another thing to consider is that a Scorpio has likely thought (and researched) long and hard on why they believe a certain thing or do things a certain way if they feel questioned, they can react with their trademark passion. This could be seen as moody but is really a dislike for anyone doubting their thoroughness. Don’t be afraid to challenge a Scorpio’s thinking, but always remember they likely came into their opinions thoughtfully.

Scorpios Are Stubborn

Scorpios often think they are right. The thing is, Scorpios are often quite right. They don’t come to these conclusions lightly. They not only know their skills and knowledge, they’ve worked hard to attain them. So it can’t be too surprised when a Scorpio insists on things. Or that they stick to their guns and won’t back down when they are challenged. A Scorpio’s drive to perfection is wrapped up with their need for validation, the two things feed each other. A challenged Scorpio is a Scorpio who believes they are being misunderstood and underestimated. Don’t worry, a Scorpio is also driven by logic and efficiency and eventually will see reason if it’s presented to them that way.

Scorpios Are Manipulative

One of Scorpios’ most-often cited negative traits is that they’re manipulative. This comes from their innate ability to be dedicated strategists. Coupled with their tendency to be ambitious, that would explain why people may sometimes think they are being willed to do things for Scorpios. In actuality, Scorpios usually just have contagious passion. Their fervor for something leads others to want to follow suit. Not that they aren’t known to exploit that fact from time to time to get their way, but calling them innately manipulative is a misjudgment.

Additionally, a Scorpio can simply be so singularly focused at times they may not be great at noticing when a person feels pushed beyond their boundaries. This is why it’s always best to be upfront with a Scorpio about your own comfort zone.

Scorpios Are Overly Ambitious

Ambition is not in and of itself a bad thing, but when coupled with the host of other negative traits associated with Scorpios, it becomes one of their primarily misunderstood traits. For a Scorpio, ambition is everything – it drives many of their decisions, their interactions, and their general approach to the world. But this doesn’t (always) equate to power or money or control. If anything, Scorpios are in a constant competition with themselves, consistently trying to be better than they were before in whatever aspect. They strive for greatness, but usually, set their own bar for what that looks like.

Only the weakest of Scorpios have fallen prey to ambition for ambition’s sake, and really that’s a trap any of the signs could fall into. This trait can be trying for other signs feeling neglected by a focused Scorpio, but once again communication is key, and a compassionate Scorpio won’t want to feel they’ve dropped the ball in any area of their life and will usually go above and beyond to make amends.

Scorpios Are Obsessed With Sex

Scorpios are the zodiac sign most often associated with sex. They’re passionate, they know what they want, and they’re highly emotional, all traits that can make for intense physical connection. But none of these traits are in and of themselves sexual. Passion can also be tied to ambition and emotion is critical to any aspect of a relationship, not just sex.

Because of these various other passionate attributes, Scorpios get pigeonholed as being more sexual. Still, it’s unfair to assume a Scorpio is overly interested in sex. A Scorpio is just more fiery and unafraid to discuss taboo social issues than many other signs of the zodiac. Really Scorpios crave emotional connection and drive in other people, they don’t always mind if that includes sex at all.

Scorpios Are Obsessive

Just to reiterate, Scorpios are passionate, and sometimes passion can turn into something a little darker. That’s where the idea that Scorpios are obsessive comes from. Their intense drive for success can put people off. Its true Scorpios can become single-minded and exhausting in their determination and focus, but calling them “obsessive” is assuming they are cold or that their focus isn’t fueled by intrinsic values. Befriending a Scorpio means understanding that the way they do things might look different than what you are used to. It’s important to remember that a Scorpio works hard, but they play just as hard also.

Scorpios Are Jealous

Along with Scorpios’ depth of emotion comes an association with jealousy. That’s not entirely unfair – when Scorpios feel something, they feel it deeply, which can include negative emotions. Scorpios want the best for themselves, and with the inclination toward intense emotion, that can manifest as jealousy. But the thing about jealousy is that it can be a motivating emotion without being a threat to anyone else. Some Scorpios are the successful and ambitious people they are because jealousy was an underlying factor in them pushing themselves.

Not that a few Scorpios haven’t had a jealous breakdown at one point or other, but as far as defining characteristics go, they aren’t really paranoid or distrusting. Instead, they are deeply and personally invested which makes for emotional reactions sometimes to other people’s behavior.

Scorpios Are Vengeful

With a Scorpio’s tendency to remember every slight, it’s undeniable that a Scorpio could be inclined to get even. With ambition being such a huge part of their personalities, sometimes vengeance isn’t overt lashing out. Sometimes it’s a commitment to do better than whoever wronged them. What is perceived as vengeance is sometimes just a self-protection mechanism? Offend a Scorpio and they may feel intrinsically misunderstood. It’s not uncommon for a Scorpio to freeze out someone who has made them feel this way. They can’t help but be efficient, even when it comes to protecting themselves.

Scorpios Are Crazy

The stereotype that Scorpios are crazy is offensive on multiple levels. “Crazy” is a loaded term, one that often says more about the person using it than the person it’s directed at. The term can mean a variety of things, few of them flattering. Does a person calling Scorpios crazy mean they’re unpredictable, complex, passionate, or literally mentally ill? The offensiveness of such a statement aside, the closest a Scorpio might reasonably be seen as “crazy” is if they are in fact eccentric. And even then, really only in a genius sort of way. Like Bill Gates, Pablo Picasso, or Voltaire.

Scorpios Are Violent

With Mars as a ruling planet of Scorpio, it’s no surprise that they are sometimes thought of as violent. With such passion – and a tendency to react quickly without thinking – a Scorpion’s strong response to things can often be intimidating. They are also more used to being right than the average zodiac sign – mostly because of their innate tendency to learn quickly and remember everything. But in no way does that make Scorpio a “violent” sign.

Tying a tendency of abuse and violence to Scorpios is not only pathologizing a sign but also providing an excuse for such behavior, as though its innate and not a choice. No matter what a person’s sign, there’s no justification for hurting another person.

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