You can learn about yourself from your zodiac sign. You can find out your strengthens and weaknesses. You can find out if you will have a good week in terms of your love life or your career. Hell, you can even find out what Disney Princess you would be. What if we told you that you could also find out how you’ll be dumped? Yep, it’s totally true.
Of course, this list doesn’t factor in circumstances like cheating or long distance. Several external factors can influence a break up and your zodiac sign can’t really predict that. However, since your zodiac sign can predict how you’ll act (more or less), it can also predict the ways that you may push people out of your life. Are you too clingy or standoffish? Are you obsessive or jealous? Is everything all about you? Those questions can be answered with your zodiac signs and they can all be factors in a break up.
Unfortunately, we can’t make a guy not dump you. Reading this list, though, will help you identify some ways you may be pushing away people you care about. If you know how you’ll most likely be dumped, you can do your best to work against that.
Below are the 12 ways you’ll be dumped according to your zodiac sign. Learn from it, loves!

Aries: “You’re a little bit too much for me.”

Aries, you are a fiery sign and you shouldn’t let anyone take away that passion for life. Yes, you may be a little, um, crazy from time to time, but it’s why you’re so amazing. This zest for life makes you domineering and strong. It makes you a leader. You are adventurous. You get shit done. While you are passionate and powerful, you are also a lot to handle. Like, a lot, a lot to handle.
This fierce energy is what will draw your partner to you, but it can also push him away. You are a lot to put up with on the daily basis. You are stubborn and like things to be your way. This amount of energy can be too much for your partner.
You need to find someone who is willing to grab life by the balls the same way you do. Both Leos and Sagittarius will be prepared for the kind of adventure that dating you is like. If a guy can’t handle the heat that you bring, you’re better off without him, Aries. Just know that everyone may not be able to handle all of your fiery energy.

Taurus: “You’re jealous of nothing.”

Taurus, you love and you love hard, girl. You are loyal, patient and reliable. You’re honestly the world’s best girlfriend. Any guy is lucky to date you because of your devotion, concern and patience. You are a born nurturer. You’re also one of the more emotionally stable signs. However, your jealousy can get the best of you.
Because you give so much in a relationship, you expect the same from your partner. If you don’t get 100% from them, you’re let down because of just how much time and effort you constantly put into the relationship. This can lead you to being suspicious of everything. If you’re dude spends any time away from you, you may question it. Try to keep your jealousy to a minimum. He’s into you, even if he doesn’t spend every second of his day showing it. Your jealous may even push him away, so keep it at bay. This way he can just concentrate on how great of a girlfriend you are.

Gemini: “I can’t keep up with all of your personalities.”

Gemini, your restless personality is in a constant state of change. You are ever-curious and adventurous. You never waste a moment of life. While this can make the relationship exciting, you can also be a whole new person in a split second. Your guy may not be able to keep up with all of your personalities.
Because you are restless and never content, so you dive head first into new projects and passions. One week you may be totally into impressionist paintings and the next week, you’ll want to take scuba diving lessons. This dramatic shift in interests can leave your man dizzy.
If we’re being honest, you’re actually more likely to break up with your guy than he is you. Even in relationships, you feel restless. It’s hard for you to settle down because you’re so curious about everyone you meet. Gemini, know that relationships an be exciting long-term too. Entering a new phase in a long-term relationship can bring the same excitement of starting a new relationship. Don’t let that restless energy lead you away from a guy you truly love.

Cancer: “I can’t keep up with all of your emotions.”

Cancer, saying you’re emotional is an understatement. While the Gemini can switch personalities from moment to moment, you can switch emotions from moment to moment. We aren’t talking about the normal emotional swings. You can go from being chipper to crying actual tears within seconds. You are very in touch with your emotions, which can make you a great girlfriend. You are loving and able to express your emotions with ease. The real issue is that you have so many damn emotions. Your man may not be down for the emotional roller coaster that is dating you. He may grow tired of walking on eggshells around you and your emotions.
Try to stay in touch with reality and know that not everything has to be life or death. The more you’re aware of your extreme emotions, the more you can control them. Besides, you wouldn’t want to lose a guy over being too emotional.

Leo: “I feel like we never do what I want to do.”

Leo, you are the star of the whole damn show – or at least that’s how you feel 99% of the time. You are also passionate, warm, cheerful and generous. You are such a bright and positive energy that people naturally gravitate towards you. Unfortunately, this gravitation can feed into your arrogance. Being both self-centered and inflexible, you usually only want to do what you want to do and that’s the end of it.
You have to understand that your guy may not be into seeing a romantic comedy or a ballet with you all the time. Try to be more even in your activities. If he goes to the ballet with you, you should go to a football game with him. It’s only fair. Remember, not everything has to be all about you. If you let that attitude effect your relationship, you may lose your guy. You may also never find out that you actually enjoy watching football. Letting your guy open you up to new experiences could show you new things your passionate about. That’s really a win-win situation.

Virgo: “You constantly nag at me.”

Virgo, you are so practical. You are also kind and loyal, but that specific practicality rules almost everything you do. You are all about work work work. This leads you to sometimes be all work and no play most times. You should look for a partner who can insert some fun into your life. When you do find that partner that helps you let your hair down, make sure not to criticize him too much. Yes, you have a little voice inside your head that’s always being self-critical, but you can also unleash it on others too. This is a slippery slope in your relationship.
You don’t want to be someone who nags her boyfriend all the time. Ugh, you do not want to be that girl. Instead of criticizing him every single time you feel it creeping up, realize that it’s not always that important if his socks make it into the laundry bin. Relax and let the little things go. If he’s your dream guy, it’s not worth losing him over dirty socks. Side note: Seriously though, what is the deal with dudes leaving their clothes around?
Instead of constantly working, cozy up on the couch and binge-watch a TV show. Not letting the little things annoy you is key in your relationships.

Libra: “We were never really dating.”

Libra, you are so diplomatic and social. That is your thing and we love that about you. However, it can also make you indecisive. You’ll weigh all your options too long, paralyzed with the thought of making an actual decision. You also avoid confrontation like the plague. This avoidance and indecision can result in your relationship never actually becoming a relationship.
You won’t ask him if you two are official dating because you want to avoid the awkwardness of that conversation. You won’t want to put him on the stop, which is considerate. Unfortunately, this can lead to many half-relationships – you know, relationships that are relationships in every way except for ever having the official title. In this case, he may not even actually dump you, because you were never technically dating.
If you’re one of those Libras who has a lot of half-relationships, you need to stop being so afraid of confrontation. If you want a boyfriend, you may have to be straight up about that.

Scorpio: “You’re a Stage 5 Clinger.”

Scorpio, you don’t have the same problem as your Libra friends. A guy knows when he’s dating you… he really, really knows. You are brave and passionate. When you want something you go right after it. So what if you told him you love him on your second date? It was the truth and you said it in the heat of the moment! You don’t let things like dating rules scare you off.
This love of grand passion is spectacular, but it can also scare him away. When you make huge romantic gestures, he may be off put by them. Keep it down to, like, four dramatic declarations of love a week. He’ll still know where your feelings are.
Your passionate side can also make you extremely jealous. Don’t let this get the best of you. Jealous is poison to a relationship. Between your passion and jealousy, you can come off a little zany. Try your best to not seem like a scary clinger, because there is nothing that makes a guy run for the hills faster.

Sagittarius: “I don’t know where your feelings are.”

Sagittarius, you’re much more intimidating than you may think. You have a great sense of humor and people are naturally drawn to you. You’re a very sociable sign and love to make new connections. This behavior draws men to you, but it also intimidates them. You’re the type of fun, free spirit that guys naturally want to do.
While it may be easy to find yourself in a relationship, you still need your freedom. You absolutely hate feeling constrained in a relationship, or in life. You’re a get-up-and-go type of girl. This need for freedom can leave your man feeling insecure. He may need reassurance that you’re actually into him. Also, remember to include him in your plans. Just booking a ticket to Spain may leave your guy feeling like he isn’t a huge part of your life.
Yes, we know you need your freedom, but you could lose him if you don’t make sure he knows you care about him too.

Capricorn: “You’re ready for marriage and I’m not.”

Capricorn, you are responsible and exhibit an amazing amount of self-control. You’re rarely the girl who is too drunk at the bar. In fact, that’s usually your bestie, who you then have to take care of. This disciplined personality can make you a wonderful friend and girlfriend. You want to take care of your loved ones and make sure they know you love them.
You are also very family-oriented, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You’re also a traditionalist. This traditionalism and family focus can make you really excited about marriage… like, really, really excited. In fact, you want to get married right now.
You crave checking off the boxes in life: marriage, a house, babies. That’s all well and fine, but if your guy isn’t ready for that in life, you may scare him away. Take things slow and know that there is no rush to walking down the aisle.

Aquarius: “Do you even like me?”

Aquarius, you have one of the coolest minds out there. You are forward-thinking. You are independent and will not simply believe something just become someone says it. You decide on your own thoughts. This progressive mind can also make you seem cold. You are often too in your own head to really connect with people. On top of that, you run from emotional expression. This, obviously, can make it difficult to date you.
Your guy may feel like you are cold or that you don’t even like him. He may not have an understanding of how deep your feelings are, even when you are totally in love with him. Though you may not feel a need to express your emotions on a daily basis, you should for his sake. He needs encouragement in the relationship. He needs to know that you are as in love as he is.
Naturally you run for expressing love, but you should try to tell you loved ones how much you love them every single day.

Pisces: “We’re breaking up over a problem you keep avoiding.”

Pisces, you artistic dreamer. You are very connected to emotions. In fact, you have absolutely no problem expressing how much you care for someone. You love being emotionally close to others. It is how you thrive.
When there is a problem in one of your close relationships, you avoid it. You can express how much you love someone, but dealing with an issue is not your strong suit. You need to recognize that relationships are not always rainbows and butterflies. If there is a serious issue, it must be addressed and taken care of. Overlooking something that is wrong in the relationship will just allow the problem to grow and fester.
Instead of running from the problem, you need to deal with it. Sweeping things under the rug can only work for so long. You need to talk about it; otherwise, the relationship could implode due to your avoidance.

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