Zodiac signs can basically tell you anything and everything about your life. Want to know what to eat for breakfast? Your zodiac sign can totally tell you that! Well, we’re actually joking with that one. Your zodiac sign can’t decide between Cheerios and Fruit Loops for you, but it can totally predict what type of guys will break your heart.
Based on your sign, your personality is attracted to certain traits. Your personality also pushes away certain types. Because of this, your sign can determine the type of guy who will likely break your heart. Maybe, you’re drawn to the Mr. Big types – older, successful and elusive. Perhaps, you like a sensitive artist like Jack Dawson in Titanic. Oh, be still our hearts for Leo. Alright, if we’re being honest, Leo in Titanic is every girl’s type. That one’s a freebie.
Being about to identify a certain type of guy who will break your heart should, in theory, keep you from getting hurt by him. If you know that you always fall for the life of the party type and that he will break your heart, you can stop the pattern. Well, that’s a hopeful way of looking at it. We could also be doomed to repeat the same mistakes forever. Who is to say? Whatever the case, below are the types of dudes who will break your heart based on your zodiac sign. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Aries: The Older Guy

Aries, you fall hard and fast for older guys. You’re confident, passionate, and brave, making an older guy much more your speed. Boys your own age are too immature for you. They don’t have ambition or drive that you do. They don’t even text when they say they are going to. An older guy is more likely to have his shit together. He’ll have a good job and high career aspirations. Even if he doesn’t actually have his life together, something about this older guy just makes you think he does have his life together.
You’ll fall hard and fast for the older guy, happy that he’s not like all the younger boys you’ve dated in the past. However, the fact that he’s older could be the downfall in your relationship. He may not put up with you impulsive behavior. You’re short-tempered and impatient. You can be childlike whenever you don’t get your way. You may like dating an older guy, but he may not be down for dating someone who can act both so very mature and yet so very immature.
Your impulsive, childish behavior could push him away, and leave you heartbroken. Sorry, girl, but older guys will not put up with your temper tantrums.

Taurus: The Best Friend

Taurus, you’re everyone’s bestie – girls and guys alike. You’re reliable, patient, and devoted. You take your personal relationships very seriously. Because of this, you usually fall for a guy you’re already friends with.
Since you have such a close, comfortable friendship, it’s easy for you to imagine having an even closer relationship with your guy. Because you fear of changing the relationship, you may not make a move for a long, long time. You’re the type to fantasize about this relationship with your best guy friend, without ever actually making a moving. In fact, you may struggle with jealousy as you watch him flirt with girls. Hey, it’s not his fault. You haven’t even told him that you’re in love with him yet.
This can have two unfortunate outcomes. The first is that he may just see you as a friend. He may not want to take the relationship to the next level, effectively crushing all those fantasies you’ve been having. Ouch. The second outcome may be that he’s not a good guy to date. Just because he’s a good friend, he may not be a good boyfriend. The Taurus tends to idealize those with whom they are close. You may see all his positive character traits, and not be looking at his shortcomings. Either way, this friendship will not translate to a relationship, leaving you heart broken.

Gemini: The Player

Gemini, you are curious and affectionate. You hate being alone and will chat up anyone you come across in your daily life. Because of your outgoing personality and need for affection, you often attract the wrong type of guy. It’s really not your fault. For whatever reason, your feelers are always on so people are just drawn to you. Your flirty personality draws other flirty personalities to you. This is fine… unless he’s too flirty.
You may attract a complete player, without even knowing it. Because you can be flaky and indecisive yourself, you may be willing to make excuses for his behavior. One day, he’s all about you and the next day he doesn’t answer the 6 texts you sent him. What’s up? Well, you may reason that you can also forget to answer text messages. No, girl. Do not make excuses for him. This can allow you to fall even deeper for a guy who isn’t fully there for you. Not good at all.

Cancer: The Guy Who Isn’t Over His Ex

Cancer, you emotional babe. You are in touch with all those emotions of yours, which can sometimes make you moody. It also makes you sympathetic towards other people’s feelings and situations. If you’re dating a guy who just got out of a relationship, that doesn’t make you insecure. You’re not even worried about the ex factor. He may have just broken up with her, but he’s totally into you, you think. You totally understand his situation.
In fact, you’re not even the type to hate his ex with a fiery passion that most girls do. You’re sympathetic and understanding. You know that relationships come and go – that doesn’t mean you should hate a girl just because you’re dating her ex. All your emotions can help you reason that he is your dude, but in reality, he might not be over his ex. Don’t like your emotional connection to people persuade you that being a rebound is okay. You’ll end up relationship road kill, which is never fun.

Leo: The Really, Really Hot Guy

Leo, you are confident to say the very least. In fact, you’re so confident that you’re sometimes a little self-centered and arrogant. You’re also warm, cheery and entertaining. Your confidence coupled with your positive energy draws everyone to you. Sometimes the hottest guy in the bar will walk right up to you. He can’t help it. Because of your confidence, this doesn’t surprise you. Damn right the hottest guy in the bar hits on you. He totally should.
The difficulty with dating someone who looks the offspring of Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling and a Jonas brother is that other girls may flock to him. Even if he is 100% faithful, you hate not being treated like the queen you are. You need all the attention. If you’re ignored, it irritates you to no end. This can cause some problems in the relationship, as you compete for being the center of attention.
Luckily, you can bounce back quickly from heartbreak. Have we said you’re confident, yet?

Virgo: The Successful Guy

You’re very practical and hardworking. Because of your all work-no play attitude, you can be fall hard from someone who is very successful.
He has already achieved such success… the kind of success that you strive for on the daily. However, you may disagree with him about how to achieve success. He may be loud and flashy, not the type that puts his head down and works. He may have used his connections to achieve his success. You’re not like this at all. You’re shy and practical. You want to get to where you want to go just based on your hard work and your hard work alone. Just remember that everyone has their own path in life. There is no reason to fight with him about how to get to the top. There are several ways.
Dating someone successful could also make you even more self-critical. Yes, you’re attracted to his success but you also feel as though you don’t measure up to it. You could end up ruining the relationship simply because you don’t feel like you’re good enough for him.

Libra: The Ex

Libra, the fact that you’re diplomatic is both good and bad. You are very fair and loving. You’re a social person, who values her social connections. However, this can keep you from completely severing ties with an ex. No matter how badly he hurt you, you’ll try to see if from his point of you. You’ll try to understand why he cheated, treated you badly, or abruptly broke it up with you. This can cause you to backslide, making you consider being in a relationship with him again.
Since you’re easily manipulated, he may be getting close to you for alternative motives, like the ol’ booty call. Don’t get into an emotional or physical relationship with your ex. He’ll end up hurting you the same way again. We appreciate that you can keep an open mind with the guy who hurt you, but there’s a line. Do not cross it.

Scorpio: The Hot Guy

Scorpio, you passionate lady. You are passionate and one of the most sexual signs out there. In fact, you may sometimes engage in relationships that are solely sexual. You don’t mind being someone’s booty call one bit. Hell, he’s probably just your booty call too. You’re also secretive, so you tend to keep your sexual escapades on the down low. Your passion for affection an ability to keep things hush hush make you the perfect booty call material.
However, you’re only human. You still have emotions and can develop them for someone with whom you initially had a sex-only relationship. Beware of this, as you could wind up being very hurt. If you want to take a relationship from sex to love, he may not want the same. Y’know, the old saying about the cow and the milk and all of that.
Since you are so sexual, you’re easily manipulated in the name of sex. If he’s a great lover, you’ll look past his shortcomings. Don’t do that. It doesn’t matter how amazing the sex is. If he isn’t texting you bad, that’s always a bad sign.

Sagittarius: The Life Of The Party

Sagittarius, you have a great sense of humor. In fact, you’re often considered the funny friend. You generally attract people who are similar. If you love to laugh and he loves to laugh, you’ll both love to laugh together. It’s the perfect relationship. You’ll fall hard and fast for the life of the party, who will be attracted to your funny and bright personality. Ideally, two people who love to laugh should work well together.
Since you are an idealist, you assume that it’ll work out and you guys will laugh happily ever after. However, you can sometimes say whatever you want, no matter how undiplomatic or inappropriate. He’ll be able to charm the pants off an entire room in a very traditional sense, while you’re more of a Samantha Jones life of the party. You’re hilarious, but sometimes too much for people. This difference in humor can cause a riff in the relationship that you won’t be able to repair.

Capricorn: The Good On Paper Guy

Capricorn, you are so very self-controlled. It’s honestly impressive that someone can be so very disciplined. You are responsible and value family and tradition. You can’t wait to get married, buy a house and have babies. You have a simple of view of life and want that idealistic little life and family.
When you date a guy who is good on paper, your eyes light up. He’s successful, has good values, is handsome. He’s the type of guy who brings a nice bottle of wine with him to a party. He may have a rescue dog or volunteer at an animal shelter. He’s perfect and you imagine a perfect life with him. You already see him coaching your son’s soccer team. If this doesn’t pan out, you can be left heartbroken. What happened to your perfect life with the guy who has a dog?
He wasn’t the one for you. Don’t let losing the perfect guy make you question your dreams of having the perfect life.

Aquarius: The Intellectual

Aquarius, you are an intellectual and are attracted to other intellectuals. You have an original mind and tend to think crazy thoughts. You will read anything you can get your hands on, especially a good conspiracy theory. If you’re with another intellectual, you’ll feel that you’ve finally met your match. He picks up on your references. You have rapid-fire conversation. The relationship is very Gilmore Girls.
Because you value thought and intellect, you have trouble expressing emotion. Some of the people you care most about in the world may not realize just how important they are to you. Remember to connect on an emotional level between your stimulating conversations. People don’t know how lonely you can be because you don’t let them know. If you fail to express your emotions, you may end up losing him.

Pisces: The Sensitive Artist

Pisces, you have such a gentle soul. You’re artistic yourself and you are drawn to the sensitive artist type. You love a guy who expresses how he feels. (Don’t we all, girl?) However, you can be overly trusting. Once he says he’s into you, you take that at face value.
You know how those artistic types can be. One minute they’re writing you a song and the next minute their making a sculpture for some next girl they met. It’s great that he’s in touch with his feeling, but just hope that he won’t be in touch with his feelings for someone else. When a guy wears his emotions on his sleeve, he is likely to feel things for others too. Be more cautious and don’t give your trust away too easily. Not all emotional guys will flip flop on you. You have to look for the good ones.

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