If I had to pen down my personal experience with them it would drive you all crazy because I have come across scorpions who can be as good as a dream and as scary as a nightmare. So I would prefer you to know them through a neutral view. Through what studies and research reveals about them.
So what is that you are going to notice about them in the first go? Their Eyes, it’s their most noticeable feature. They will look into you and not at you. They have the most intense eyes and you can never hold their stare for more than a few minutes. This sign of the zodiac I guess is the most complex of all. The bouquets and the brickbats would have no effect on them. They will have their own opinions on almost everything and would love to stick to them. If they are on your list you definitely need to read this and prepare yourself well.


1. Cool Confident

12 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Date A Scorpio

Oh no wait lets dig deeper, Scorpions are magnetic. They have their own distinctive personality and a captivating aura about them. They definitely have clear features and strong built but the cool that they represent on the outside hides a swirling lava inside them. So you can never be sure whats going in their head. They might appear friendly but have plans to kill you (wink).

2. Graceful And Classy 

12 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Date A Scorpio

They are masters when it comes to hiding emotions. Anger, resentment, hatred or happiness whatever they may feel they won’t let it come on their face. They would make sure they appear at their best. No jerky body movement. Only grace is what you will notice.

3. Well Versed

12 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Date A Scorpio

A scorpio is well versed with today’s world and so knows the best as to how to handle people and situations. Don’t take them as a fool. They are too smart in that.

4. The Best Advisers

12 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Date A Scorpio

They just can not sugar coat things. If you need any advice or help they will let you know the best of possibilities but do not expect them to be sweet, but definitely honest. They are truly genuine and if you have asked them they will let you know the best that can be achieved. They are not false people so if you get a compliment from them, you truly deserve it and you have earned it baby.

5. Not At All Selfish (It’s A Myth)

You will find this almost everywhere that scorpions are selfish people. You need to go and ask someone who have been helped by them. You will discover that Scorpions help in the best manner. In a quiet and fuss free manner just like their personality. Once they know you are capable of something they will help you in all possible ways to achieve it. There is so much more to them, much more beyond these myths.

6. Courageous

These people are strong- Mentally and Physically. They will not shy away from anything that will take them to heights and achieve their dreams. They have the ability to be at the top. Born to lead they are best suited at the top most positions at almost every department. The magnanimity in them is their X FACTOR. It helps them in almost everything in life.

7. Extremists

Scorpions will do whatever they do to extremes. They love spiritualism and the mysteries of life. Scorpion can be a nurturer or a stone hearted soul, an angel or a devil. You will either find them at their best or worst. They are either Black or White. They just don’t understand the Grey Matter. It’s just them.

8. Rarely Fall ill

You will hardly find a scorpion falling ill. But if he does take it seriously. He might just get involved in excessive drinking drugs or abusive situations. So they need a check on them when it comes to this

Scorpions are born to win. For them winning is not important but it’s the absolute truth. Tell them they can’t do it and they will show you no one could do it better then them. Do not challenge them for your own sake please.

10. Passionate Fearless Lovers

When in love they are the most passionate souls. The other name for their passion is their intimacy with their partner. Mentally and physically they want all of you and no compromises on that. When with them remember there should nothing be more important than them. Scorpions wouldn’t accept anything else to be taken as a priority. At Least not when they are present. Have a phone call to attend? Do that later. Have some targets to be met? Later. Parents calling? Later. Do not mess with them. They should be at the top.

11. Stingy Scorpions

Would you want the poison rush in your body? No right, So just do not give them a chance to show you the other side. They are one of those you will never forgive and forget. They hold on to grudges like a Lizard to the wall. It’s their home. They will feed them but not let them fade away. They will remember what you did. So only do good and you are assured to be repaid in the best manner ever. And i am pretty sure you would not want it the other way.

12. Loves to be controlled

When in a relationship with them, you can be assured that they don’t have the urge to control. Rather they are so fiery that they want someone to control them. So you can take the charge and decide the direction. Just make sure it leads to the best destination. They are luxury lovers and want the best.

Life with them can be a Glittering Gala. Just make sure you hold on the right nerve.

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